K Drama Life Interrupted





I am alive.  RL and my masters program are experiencing technical difficulties.

I’ve up dated My Favorite Dramas and Korean Drama Recommendations,


Oooooh look an update!


I’m sort of back. My blog still needs a renovation  but  some of my windows need washing too, so who knows when either will get done!




As a very few may have noticed. my blog activity has been nearly non-existence for months.  The good news is that I wrapped up my undergrad degree, and officially entered into my masters program.  I’m on summer break right now, and have about a month before returning to school.  However, my sister has had some health issues, and I”m just bloody tired, so I still have not gone back to blog life. Come Fall, on top of a part time job and my full time grad work, I’ll also be doing a teaching assistant-ship.  This means not only will blog life not exist, my drama viewing will also decrease. So basically, my blog is on continued sabbatical.  I have a gadzillion blog ideas, and nothing will come to fruition likely.  My posts over the last couple of years became definitely personal entertainment focused and irreverent rather than having anything to say, as my bandwidth lessened and I really had less time and energy for deep thoughts, or actually documenting deep thoughts on k drama, anyway.  I hope to post a mid year review soon, and I hope to be able to do an end of year review, but anything else will be totally random and not likely, ha.  My blog needs updating also but my windows need washing too, so who knows when either will get done!   Not only am I not blogging, I seldom read my wonderful k drama peep blogs either, unfortunately.  My twit peeps can catch me there, but that activity will likely decrease also.


Everyone, keep up the quest for that crack drama, I’ll be in random lurker mode for a while but I’ll still want to know what to watch…or not, lol.



Aaand here is a randomly cute pic of Lee Joon Gi just because!


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