Faith, Lee Min Ho, and other Reasons


It has been a while since I’ve posted, and really, I am still on hiatus, a couple more weeks of semester crunch.  But I was looking for something and found  notes on Faith as I was searching and totally went hey and hours later….  I had planned to rewatch Faith, and I will, but I do not think I have to do a Faith revisited post.  I think I will like it more on the 2nd viewing and forgive it’s vagaries in lieu of its heart.  I wish it were just a tad more grown up in the romance department, physically.  It was pretty fabulous on the way the two lead characters fell for each other and interacted.   But this list, while a little irreverent, hits my major points.  I have to say I started out not liking Eun-soo very much in the first few episodes but soon she charmed even me.

Reasons to Love Faith

A great central story

The idea of 14th Century Goryeon X men powers

A 14th Century Goryeon Warrior carrying a 21rst century police riot shield.  (Was it on account of the fan girls?)

A guy with a big flute that kills people. Ha.


The lead character is over 30.  And the lead character is a doctor.  A female lead character that is not a poor uneducated girl

Eun-soo is a talented plastic surgeon that could not walk and talk at the same time


The initial animation and special effects



Hey Psycho

How old are you?

F-U-C-K  you!

That’s your underwear


Eun-soo’s  burgeoning 14th Century Beauty Industry

Lee Min Ho and a mane of glory

Lee Min Ho with a flower in his hair


Lee Min Ho breathing

Lady Choi


Great Big Choi Young

The Royals


Being able to say Woo Dal Chi on a regular basis,  I still bust it out for fun

Female warriors


Choi Young having the ability to give new meaning to magic fingers


Reason not to Love Faith


Neutered Bad Guys

Neutered X men powers

Neutered and moronic elite guards

The worst royal palace security EVER see neutered and moronic elite guards



There was not a Flute Boy and Choi Young epic battle scene in the rain shirtless or at least in very clingy shirts.   THAT WAS A FAIL.

Eun-soo is a talented plastic surgeon that could not walk and talk at the same time.  Yes, it’s on both lists.

You know the scene where the royals and Doc and Eun-soo are sitting at a table and Choi Young and Eun-soo start bickering?  No, not that, because that was great.  Fail=not having ANY more of that.


Too many asshats lead bad guys


Asshat that wore hair clips


Creeper Asshat


Mystery Asshat that was probably an asshat from the future


faith bad2

Bad guy fourth string but very much an Asshat

Bad Voldemort on ludes action scenes

Bad special effects see Voldemort on ludes

Choi Young NOT being allowed to giving new meaning to magic fingers

Continuity issues

Too many characters that could have been awesome and were left hanging

No explanation of super powers and stuff

Dropped plot bunnies hopping all over the place, oh like the OPENING animated sequence

faithani1What the hell happened to this guy?

Budget/directing/production-when Javabeans or GirlFriday over at Dramabeans say HEY, this directing isn’t right in like the FIRST episode, PAY ATTENTION.





5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. snow_white
    Nov 30, 2013 @ 09:50:00

    “Lee Min Ho with a flower in his hair” Aww….that’s cho chweet….haven’t seen Faith and so I didn’t know about this….why is he sporting that by the way?? LOL 😀


  2. Caitlyn Burton
    Dec 12, 2013 @ 03:10:04

    I bookmarked this post and finally got around to reading it. I can’t decide whether the Pro’s list outweighs the Cons list. I think Faith is going to be one of those shows that sits on my Plan to Watch list for ever and then eventually i look at it and think “well, that’s never gonna happen”, lol. I love the photos of Min Ho though; it will probably be him that gets me watching it in the end. Pfft, I say probably. If I watch it, it will definitely be for him.

    “Too many characters that could have been awesome and were left hanging” – this is always really frustrating because you have to assume the writer didn’t just add these characters into the show without having an idea of where they were going. Or maybe they did. I guess if they were filler characters that happened to be awesome, maybe they never meant to have a proper ending.


    • randomsoju
      Dec 12, 2013 @ 04:15:12

      I think for characters left hanging–alot of things can happen-if it’s a write as you go show, then everything you said probably happens. Sometimes scenes are cut. I think that happens a lot. For Faith the writer did a Q and A and explained that many scenes in the script never made it to filming due to directing decisions and lack of time. There is a link on my links page of you want to read it it.


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