Heirs to the Coats


With the really cold weather this winter I found myself wishing for Kim Tan’s and Young-do coat closets. Especially those strappy neck thingies.  I live in a humid subtropical climate and my blood says hells no to below freezing temperature.  It was -2 F with the wind chill factor here the other day and I was like there are just not enough clothes.  And so I googled for a picture of the strappy neck thingy coats and…does anyone realize the amount of coats and jackets that Kim Tan alone wore in Heirs?  100?  Everyone was shielding their eyes at the occasional ugly sweater but it was the mens’ coats and jackets that rule in the Heirs universe.  When I was looking at photos of some of my favorite coats from the drama, I noticed something just fun.  I love stuff like this in dramas.

heirstwins2I already knew of these two and was all about it, these coats are AWESOME.

But then, I started noticing….



heirstwins6  twins5

There are a lot more “twinning” matches,   but yeah, only so many hours in the day.

Here are more coats, and this is only the tip of the iceberg lol

28-Lee-Min-Ho-Kim-Tan-The-Heirs-Korean-Drama-Fashion 70-Kim-Tan-Lee-Min-Ho-The-Heirs-Kdrama-Fashion1  100-Lee-Min-Ho-Kim-Tan-The-Heirs-Kdrama-Fashion1 Lee-Min-Ho-The-Heirs-Korean-Drama-Fashion41A lot of commenters on threads on blogs screamed this coat was a fashion don’t but I love it.  Give it to meeee.


And why no keep airport hair Kim Tan?  Cause you know, way better.

Annnd more coats….


Everyone one had green coats, and maybe more than one….

Heirs - Ep 08[(000287)17-57-51]

greenjeansThe green coat, teal sweater, and blue jeans is one of my favorite ensembles from the show.

Kim-Woo-Bin-The-Heirs-Korean-Drama-Fashion32 28-Park-Shin-Hye-The-Heirs-Korean-Drama-Fashion 71-Kang-Min-Hyuk-Chan-Young-The-Heirs-Kdrama-Fashion1 74a07e58jw1eakbbfj6v2j20bo06eq3o

I lost count of how many blue coats Kim Tan had and how many leather jackets Young-do had.  They both had a lot of baseball/letterman style jackets.  And everyone had wool and cashmere coats, and parkas.

Heirs 13 GIF 65tumblr_mwy1fm83691s8t96qo7_1280.pngbasbal1

basevcaliI really like this look too, maybe I just like Lee Min Ho in jeans?

bas4 bas3






60-Kang-Ha-Neul-Hyo-Shin-The-Heirs-Kdrama-Fashion2Why do these slouch beanies just send me?   Thud, that was be falling over at the sight of Kang Ha-neul rocking the beanie.

kangcoat2How come guy coats are so much cooler than girl coats?  I’d totally wear this.

But don’t go thinking everything was a win….

FAILe3 fail

I wonder what the count was on coats for this drama?  1000?

For more info. on Heirs coats and fashion  A Dramatic Life has a ton of photo and info.  Don’t even ask how much some of these coats cost.  I saw the cost of one and that bitch better be lined with gold.

What was you favorite coat?


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