Team RandomSoju

Team RandomSoju: no particular order

Update August 2016.  Alas I had to trade out for various reasons.

Joo Ji Hoon-This guy makes me run away and run back and peek between my fingers.  He’s slinky and sometimes a little creepy.  But gees, he can turn IT on.  He rocks me.


Jung Il Woo-Because of photos like this and he does impish glee in 0 to 60.

Ode to Jung Il Woo


Kang Haneul-Very talented guy that can go from Mr. Macho to Mr. Fragile, mind blown. And well, he’s not ugly.


Kim Bum-A friend of mine calls him “Smiley.”  He is quite charming.   I just want to squeeze him.  And he was Yi-Jung and Min-jae, so lots of love.


Kim Sang Joong-I heart Bad Daddy.  A lot.  He a mature sexy nerdy to huggy bear to bad ass of an actor.


Kim Soo Hyun-One of the most beautiful people on the planet. I love watching this guy on screen.


Lee Jong Suk-I have no idea why I love this guy.  Yes I do, he grabs me with his naughty goodness.  He just grabs me.  I talk  about him here.


Lee Min Ho-One of my first K drama crushes, and he endures with me. Other than the Kim Tan ugly sweater preppy look he’s gone back and forth with in the last couple of years, he just does it for me visually in acting roles.  I like to ogle appreciate from afar.  I’m scared to death to find out he’s a complete moron. Ode to Lee Min Ho


Rain-the gif says it all.  Women of the world thank you for your penchant to take your clothes off in public and objectify yourself to us.  Just take our money.  Don’t stop.  Ever.  If only you could do a drama that I can love.


Song Jae-rim-beautiful and way quirky, his facial expressions are awesome.

mo il hwa yum

Jaejoong- is another anomaly in my attraction thing.  I have this odd thing for him, and by all that I like, I shouldn’t.


Junsu, I think is extremely disciplined and earnest about his work and just adorable, and I appreciate him more and more as time goes by.


Yoon Shi Yoon-Love, love, love, this guy that would rather read, and put together a musical skit/scene about the song he wrote about his bloody grandpa’s bike (Barefoot Friends).  And he’s so bright and quirky but can go to intense in a heartbeat on screen.  I often think he’s quite underrated as an actor.  And he give good snarl.  I am still  a little annoyed  at the waste of this actor in TPM&I.

yoonsiyoon snarly face

Lee Soo-hyuk-Dear lord this man. This. Man.

 jinwoochecking out - Copy

Seo In Guk- Superb Trouser Swagger, and I like him in everything, he’s awesome.


Aaron Yan-Glorious, and Glorious Trouser Swagger.

Hyun Bin-I love that man.

Park Bo Gum-I want to squish him

Lee Tae Kwan-I am going to hell.


Kang Min Hyuk-His smile lights up the world.


Lee Joon Gi-I am not always a fan of his dramas.  But wow is he passionate and lovely.

And the rest of the team also in no particular order:


Lee Dong-wook

Jo In-sung

Doo joon


Actors/Idols I really like, but are not on my ‘team’:

Kim Jae-wook

Uhm Tae-woong

Jung Woo-sung

Park Ki-woong

Lee Sang-woo

Lee hyun-woo

Lee Hong Ki

Yong Hwa

Jang Geun-suk

No Min-woo

Ji Hyun-woo

Gong Yoo


Kang Ji-hwan

Ji Sung

Cha Seung Won


Kim Ji-hoon

Kwon Sang-woo

Song Joong Gi

Jin woon


Jonghyun-Unfortunately vein porn man has gone a tad too bubblegum in the visual for me.  I love that he has a certain latitude and dies some of what he wants, and I love that he has a social justice attitude, but unless he goes back to vein porn guy, he’s a tad soft for me.

I completely blame JoAnne on Drambeans OT for Jonghyun, she’s like have you SEEN this guy? And I looked. Dammit.  I looked , and could not look away.   She said he looked liked he’d growl in bed.  I said he looks like a biter.


Taemin-Alas, Taemin did not ‘stick’ with me totally.  I don’t know why exactly.

-Taemin is a new addition to my list. He’s in try out mode. There are many many 2nd stringers that deserve a spot more than him.   I find him a little too young, a little too plastic, but at the same time quite appealing.  Okay, truthfully I had this totally bizarre dream about him and he got stuck in my head.  I think he kind of snuck on the Team lol.



oh Mickey why you have to be creepy?


Kim Hyun Joong- Well, yeah.

Check out my wing women RandomSoju’s Geuraeyo Girls


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