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Randomness that pops up and I need to comment on.    Maybe future blog material?
10/07/13-HEIRS Trailers and what not:  Pink Lipstick. Lots of it. Why?   Just saying.    Kang Haneul-Yeorim vibe?  Can we expect gleeful meddling? So Kim Tan was King of Hell and the rest were his minions?   Park Shin Hye-bug eyes and whining. NO.  Lee Min Ho-hot, pretty, not sure where this character is going, broody Angel or cynical Logan Echolls? I’m hoping it’s some place awesome.  Kim Woo Bin-I’m sorry to his fans, but his hair is way Eddie Munster creepy.    Not sure what to make of the feel of this drama.   Why could they not bump this to college?  Hot Gummy Daddy is an asshat meany pants.

10/05/2013-It has been so long since I watched an American TV show I feel like an expat.  Caitlyn’s tweet on The Vampire Diaries reminded me that the new season of U.S. TV was starting.  And I am so used to reading subs that  I forgot that I could listen to some of American TV  and multi-task.  I watched TVD S5 E1 and did some proofing and footnoting.  Ha!  Cracked me up that Tyler said he was telling Caroline he was not coming to uni over the phone so she couldn’t kill him.   I have to think about what American shows I want to watch-will check out The Originals, Supernatural…Ravenwood?  I’m a season behind on Pretty Little Liars and How I Met Your Mother.  I wish I’d never watched PLL, I hate those vapid girls, but I got sucked into the mystery.

10/02/2013- I should be in bed and I have a Spanish exam tomorrow and I’m wiggin on it so the last thing I should be doing it this but here I am.  Good Doctor-Si-on love love.  And the little girl, the hospital Luv Guru, ha.    The show is doing it’s best to humanize everyone.  More later.

Not sure when I will get to watch the last 2 epi’s of Masters Sun.  I have papers to write from now through Tuesday.

Getting stoked for Heirs.  Unemployed Romance looks like it might be fun.  Mi-rae’s Choice, just Yoon Eun-hye’s hair makes me want to watch it lol.  Sigh, I may have to consign my drama viewing to minutes of dramas at a time.  I just looked at my coursework schedule through November and I kind of want to go hide.

09/29/2013-Barefoot Friends Epi 21- Oh, Kim Ji-hoon.  So likable.  Gotta love a guy that has his laundry hanging on a rack and when scolded for not putting his underwear away when expecting company, says, “They are not finish drying!”  Not only that he takes them away from the scolder and puts them back on the rack.    And I think this guy could give the Ahjussi from City Hunter lessons on home shopping.   Dood is out of control lol.

09/28/2013-I have been catching up on Barefoot Friends.  The episodes with the food are grossing me out.  Mostly because of the amount of food. I like to eat, but wow,  Kang Ho-dong, he must work out like crazy.  They are supposed to be looking at eating home-cooking as healthy, but 75% of what they are eating is pickled or fermented, or they are adding some type of dried or pickled or processed fish/seafood to the dish.   I’m a little confused on what is healthy there.

09/22/2013-I am sure most k drama fans understand that moment when the song Almost Paradise became cringe worthy because of it’s overuse and seemingly random insertion points in Boys Over Flowers, because, well almost every blog about BOF mentions how much the song is hated on.  But riddle me this:  did anyone ever actually pay attention to the lyrics and understand that the lyrics fit the drama? Yeah.

So I finally committed (forced) to watching Hana Yori Dango so that I can do a comparison on the Japanese, Taiwanese, and Korean versions of the manga.  i will however NOT be reading the original source because that is a serious commitment, and to be real, I do not read manga and I am not going to start now just to be able to review the dramas.  Yes, the historian in me is screaming go to the primary source, but this is not a historical journal article is it? Anyhoo, I will be watching a bit at a time over the winter and eventually do a comparison.  I’ve watched BOF 3 times, and some episodes more, and I’ve watched Meteor Garden twice, and MG 2 once.

09/13/13-FYI New page up under K drama entitled Dream Castings.

09/12/13:  I am officially on semi black out on reading blog posts pertaining to upcoming dramas,  specifically Heirs, on account, I personally prefer to go into the drama with fresh eyes and I do not need to know about every celeb event, sighting, photo shoot, interview, etc. etc.  Heirs is getting a lot of blog coverage, and you know what, let me know if someone drops out or a set burns down, but does Woo Bin’s new hair or color of his shirt in a set still need a gadzillion posts?  (The answer to that is NO just in case anyone is confused)   We all know dramas NEVER pan out exactly as described and often the promo stills are also misleading and give way different vibes than the actual drama.  You know when I will post about Heirs?  After the first two episodes ACTUALLY AIR.

99% of the time the comments on Viki are nothing but mindless babble, but every now and then there is a total gem.  Like the other day when people were posting how surgery scenes were gross.  Someone posted (from memory so consider it a paraphrase):  “I am eating greek yogurt and dumplings and watching this.  Suck it up.”  HAHAHAHAHAHA!  I wish I had wrote down the poster name for credit here, but hey did not happen.   I have learned my lesson, stop the epi and write stuff down!

09/09/2013-It’s Monday Night.  Let the swarm of Joo-won posts begin.  Seriously, I like the guy, but sheesh.    And I really enjoy Lee Min-ho, but I am bracing myself as the squeeing has already begun for Heirs.  I have a feeling I might have to avoid reading some of the Dramabeans comments if DB decides to recap Heirs.

09/09/2013- I love Barefoot Friends.  I really like all the players.  I am behind on viewing.  Just watched Epi 17-18. Did anyone else find UEE’s sexy dancing while singing about her FATHER just a little….weird?   I heart Yoon Si Yoon.  Why are all the jokes about Ho Dong being fat?  He is stocky, but not fat.  The man has a nice body.  And I adore his laugh lines.   Kim Hyun Joong, he’s just so uncomfortable with other people sometimes.  I can relate.

I think I my honeymoon period with K Drama  is over.  It spanned 3 years, so not too shabby.  But I am SO over the lack of dramas that I could give a fuck about for 2013.  I am much more choosy about what I watch.

The more I blog, the less I comment on various comment Drama review or commentary blogs.  I’m like, save it for my own blog, haha.  Well that and the recent influx of sque-ers.

08/29/2013-Started back to uni on Tuesday. *brain is wiggin out*   I was evidently very stoned or something to think the accelerated masters program was a fabulous idea.  Here’s hoping I survived this semester.   I took tomorrow off work and will have a four day weekend.  Sounds great right?  I have to read a bio on Martin Luther and write a paper, and read about 300 pages of other stuff for that same class.  Do homework for one class, and readings at minimum for 2 other classes.  One class, I haven’t even looked at the syllabus yet!   I plan to spend tomorrow morning with calendars, my agenda, and my syllabi plotting out my life for the next three months.

My B-day is this week so I do plan to pretend I am not wigging out on school work and have a zillion things to do to be a productive, responsible adult, like clean my apartment and wash clothes at minimum,  and at least treat myself to my favorite sushi and settle in to watch this weeks Who are You and Masters Sun episodes one night this weekend.  What a total hot mess of a sentence, ha!  Anyhoo, my favorite sushi place puts me in the vicinity of my favorite beach so if I can fit it in, I may try go to the beach first and take one of my readings and go for a walk and then sit on the beach and read a bit.

I watched this weeks Good Doctor’s episodes.  This show is mediocre at best.   Some great little sporadic moments, but some of the acting of the secondary and tertiary characters is kind of lame.   After this weekend my drama viewing and commenting will be sporadic at best do the horrible things I have to read for college.

My B-day is this week so I do plan to pretend I am not wigging out on school work and at least treat myself to my favorite sushi and settle in to watch this weeks Who are You and Masters Sun episodes one night this weekend.

Saw on Dramabeans that Jung Il Woo is considering a family weekend drama. *blinks aways tears of frustration*    He is way too good at stuff like kimchi face sucking to be wasted on a tame little sweet romance among family antics.  I am starving for a drama with heat, sometimes I feel we get two steps forward and three steps back with k drama.  I need hot sexy mindfuckery drama crack stat.  All that said, I will not really be able to watch anything real time, but I am okay with that if it gets on the air!

08/25/2013-I have been watching bits of T Drama Just Yo as filler viewing when i want something on but no brain wave activity needed.  The acting by the lead actress is so bad, I just gave up.  So I thought let me try something else, started watching T-Drama Love Around.  Wow.   I’m on the 3rd episode and loving it.  Annie Chen is just awesome.

08/19/2013-Good Doctor Epi 5-CLEARLY the writers do not understand the lyrics of Knocking On Heaven’s Door.  It was written circa 1973 by Dylan for a Western genre movie about Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid.   The song lyrics, are only about 8 lines of verse about a lawman that is weary, just done with life, and expecting to die.   And all I can hear in my head now is GNR cover,  Axl Rose, Hey. Hey. HEY HEY YEAH!  Which totally ROCKED.  Thanks for the earworm! Here’s a live version of the GNR cover from back in the day of dirty rocker boys, huge scary concerts, before auto tune,  and everyone toured and sang live ALL the time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_anK1XKaXRQ.

-The Good Doctor E2-Okay, so the scene where Si On is imagining his dead hyung comforting him made my cynical bitch self cry.  Anyone that has lost someone that makes them feel safe can relate to that scene.
-Who Are You E4-So…do Yang Shi-on and Cha Gun-woo remind you of Daphne and Shaggy or what?  Just saying. And finally, woot, Kim Jae-wook up in here!

08/05/2013-The Good Doctor-Good first episode, I liked it, liked the characters.  I was hoping for more of a Spencer Reid Asperger’s type character for Si On I will have to say.  Medical stuff translations in k dramas always leave me scratching my head.  I do not know if I want to spend my escapism time watching squicky surgery scenes so I am on the fence on whether I will follow this drama closely.

07/31/2013-Confession:  I am such a dweeb. I like to view my blog page to watch the slideshows and see the various actor and actress combinations.  Food for thought for dream drama casts?

07/31/2013-Who Are You Episodes 1 and 2:  Taecyeon’s character is like a 12 year old in a grown up body.  What a dorkanonna. I think they were going for a Seeley Booth type of exuberance, but the dude comes off more as a total goober head. The medical stuff as usually for a k drama defies logic.  Girlfriend is not only 6 years in a coma but up and back at work in 3 months, and evidently Korean psychiatrists have magic pills that work as soon as you swallow them! Sign me up for those.  Suspenseful enough to keep my attention.  It has a bit of a Buffy vibe, but with out the intellect.  Come on drama makers, if you are going to create a female detective as your lead, give female detectives worldwide props.   But no, lead female character is a damsel in distress In the SECOND EPISODE.  That  does not bode well. Neither does stealing a superiors gun (him) and trying to intentionally execute a murder suspect (her) and they get six months of docked pay?  Does anyone else find the lead actress’ nostrils distracting when you watch her?  Do I want to keep watching this?  Want more Kim Jae-wook, Hulk Smash!

07/20/2013-Discussion topic:   Do artists and writers always intend the hidden or deep meanings that viewers see, themes, metaphors, etc.? The answer is quite often yes, but there is always someone on a discussion board that is pushy, knows everything, and likes the sound of their own voice even if they are typing their thoughts an “authority” and always has more to add to anyone else opinion, like explaining that writers have “rules” to indicate whether something is intended or not.  Well, that is all good and fine, but not everyone colors inside the lines and sometimes writers just like to make their own fun.  And also, this is a post modern analysis world, anything can be “like”  anything in the eye of the beholder, or left open to interpretation intentionally by the creator.    There are two quotes that I find keep things in perspective, because not everything, whether art, literature, film,  is intended to have special meaning by the creator.  And really, I HAVE to have something to ground me because I will over analyze the instructions on a shampoo bottle.

“Week before last I went to Wesleyan and read “A Good Man Is Hard to Find.” After it I went to one of the classes where I was asked questions. There were a couple of young teachers there and one of them, an earnest type, started asking the questions. “Miss O’Connor,” he said, “why was the Misfit’s hat black?” I said most countrymen in Georgia wore black hats. He looked pretty disappointed. Then he said, “Miss O’Connor, the Misfit represents Christ, does he not?” “He does not,” I said. He looked crushed. “Well, Miss O’Connor,” he said, “what is the significance of the Misfit’s hat?” I said it was to cover his head; and after that he left me alone. Anyway, that’s what’s happening to the teaching of literature.”-Flannery O’Connor

“All art is unstable. Its meaning is not necessarily that implied by the author. There is no authoritative voice. There are only multiple readings.”  -David Bowie

07/17/2013-I just saw the photo spread of Kim Ji Hoon in Men’s Health.  Good thing for Enrique that Jin-rak’s apartment was not across from Dok-mi’s window.  Just saying.
07/14/2013-The use of douche-bag as an insult and why it is not cool:   In my “real” life, when I hear someone use this word as pejorative, as an insult,  I ask them if they know what a douche-bag is in regards to a physical article, not an insult. In other words, do they understand the source of their insult?  Increasingly it is a young female that I hear utter the term.  Not one person that has uttered the pejorative and I have asked can define the original article.  They are shocked when I explain the use of a douche-bag.  For those that do not know, a douche-bag is a rubber bag with a hose and a nozzle.  The bag is then filled with a liquid, usually a mix of water and vinegar or a premixed commercially sold solution.  The purpose?  For a female to insert the nozzle into her vagina, to “cleanse” it.   This practice was popular with many American women pre-1980’s.  However it increases the chance of introducing bacteria to the vagina and strips the vagina of it’s natural secretions causing chemical imbalances.  Thus, when one uses the term douche-bag the inference is that the person you are insulting is a woman with a dirty vagina or an infected vagina.  The term was first heard at least by World War II-I often wonder if it was tied to STD’s and soldiers, but I do not know, hey there is a thesis for a grad student.   Marketing ads targeted women as being “unappealing” to men because their vagina’s were unclean.  Yes, I am totally serious.   In the 1960’s it was used as an insult stemming from college fraternities assigning it to unattractive, or boring (read would not party) sorority women.  “Douche” gained popularity in Canada as a pejorative in the 1980’s for men that were jerks.   If a douche-bag as an insult is associated with women being unappealing, unclean, unattractive, and boring, and you use this word as insult towards a man what are you saying?  It demonizes women as unclean and infers that a male is a dirty female, thus again, making it an insult to be female.  So, really think about the words you use. Simply put in using this word as a pejorative one is perpetuating sexism and inferring there is something wrong in being female.  And that is NOT cool.


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    I heart you Random Soju,i really really heart you


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