10 Favorite Scenes/Frames of Korean Dramas

These are those moments when you are watching a drama that just freeze in your brain, time stops, or they just hit you a certain way.  When I decided to compile a Top 10 list of Favorite K Drama Scenes/Moments, I immediately thought of about seven or eight scenes.  However, when I actually sat down to write this, and began compiling images, I realized some moments were not easily captured in screen caps, and I could not do a visual list with some of the more subtle moments.  For example, Su-ha’s expression in trying to force out “Noona” when Hye-Sung makes him call her that in I hear Your Voice, Yoon Ji Hoo’s eyes  that spoke volumes on the stairwell when JanDi realizes that Gu Jun Pyo was more important to her than she realized in Boys Over Flowers, and Choi Han-gyul’s  bewildered expression when the other coffee house guys are jokingly arguing that Eun Chan belonged to each of them (MY Eun Chan) as he hits some moment of realization and mutters,  “Why is (he) yours? I think (he’s) mine.”  And then I realized I had a LOT more scenes come to mind than would fit on a Top Ten List.   Like every bloody scene that Lee Min Ho is in with City Hunter burned into my brain.   None of the these scenes are kissing or erotic/romantic scenes.  That’s a whole different post.  What I learned from this exercise:  While I appreciate the aesthetics, artistry, and cinematography in efforts such as That Winter, The Wind Blows and Arang and The Magistrate, most of my vivid memories of scenes deal with people, I am people, and moment, and dialogue driven.  I also found a lot of my standout memories included comic elements.  And a lot of my immediate thought of scenes involved Lee Min Ho.    Go figure.  I chose to not dwell or think too heavily on a list.  I jotted down the first ones that came to mind.  It was more that ten but I narrowed it down. So,  here are my Top Ten, (with maybe a few honorable mentions thrown in for fun).  I’m not ranking them, they are in no particular order, and I do not own any of the media, they all belong to their original sources.  We are all so grateful for sharing on the internet, what was life like before the net, really?

1. Boys Over Flowers-Gu Jun Pyo at the bath house with JanDi’s Dad and brother, getting his back scrubbed for the very first time.


2. The “bros” of Sungkyunkwan Scandal in the tavern.


3.  This was the first one that came to my mind.  Faux-bromance.   Sungkyunkwan Scandal.  Just gorgeous.


Extra-(The faux-bromance made me thing of the unrequited love bromance of Reply 1997)


4.  Operation PiggyBunny.  You Are Beautiful.



5.  Buchai in the boat having the time of his life, City Hunter.


6. THIS.  City Hunter.


Extra-happy making.  To the Beautiful You was totally of no value other than really pretty and  THIS guy lighting up the world:


7. Do not make a guy in a Panda hat feel stalked.  Flower Boy Next Door.


8. The “Joseon Power Rangers.”  Rooftop Prince.


9. Eun Bi armed with her trust plunger storming the castle to rescue her Prince in Flower Boy Raymun Shop.

ramyun 16 95

10. Joseon Scholar Boong Do rolling up dressed like THIS. Queen Inhyun’s Man.  I swear the slouch beanie just sent me.


and finally one more extra of awesome from Flower Boy Next Door



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