Korean Drama Blog and Forum Commenters Styles

K Drama Blog and Forum Commenters:

The best way to peacefully live in the online K Drama world is actually is to lurk on the boards and blogs and maintain your own counsel. Watch what you want to watch, like what you want to like, and seek out the boards for information.  But if you want to dive in, you will “meet” some cool people, and some crazy people, and people you just don’t get along with, just like real life. You kind of just have to feel your way and learn to avoid the really extreme versions of these types, which is what is in this blog, so take this blog with a grain of salt.  Unfortunately sometimes  the cool people have to be sussed out, and many of us k drama fans are bits and pieces, amalgamations of little parts of the “types.”

I have been involved in several fandoms over the years, but I’ve not been privy to any other group with the level of obsessions and delusional ownership and competition that K drama and K pop generates. The best advice I would give is:

  • When one continually become angry about discussion when  visiting a blog or forum, walk away from that venue.
  • Do not engage in an argument-you will NOT convince the other person. If you must, state your opinion and let it be at that.
  • When you do find cool people, you will eventually connect with them outside the blog or forum and online friendships can develop.

These are the many types of commenters that you will come across in blogs and forums.  Again, take note that these are the extremes.   Most people will not be the extremes, but there is a least always one lol:

Aegyo Gurl-Sucks up to her unni’s and vomits rainbows and aegyo all over your face.   Cross reference with THE Fangurl and The Attention Whore V1.

The Aegyo Sucker-Buys into the cute or naive fangirlishness of Aegyo Gurl -tells them how cute they are and encourages the silly and the obsession. This is the person that defends The Aegyo Gurl, THE Fangurl and The Attention Whore V1, when someone else says hey; you are kind of annoying can you tone it down a bit?   Often a Queen Diva or high ranking minion.

Age Gap Haters Version 1-Generally “disapproval” applies to younger male older female pairings. Some say this is a cultural thing. I personally call bullshit. What they really mean when they say they don’t “like” age gaps is “I don’t like my oppa with some one that is older because they just aren’t as cute or young as me, or not an actress I approve of. “ These same people often have no problem with the same or larger age gaps existing in older male younger female pairings, and think it is perfectly fine to lust after a guy old enough to be their father.   Just to be clear, some of these “age gaps” are 2 years, 4 years.  These people tend to be unable to separate actor and character.

Age Gap Haters Version 2-Conflates actor age and character age. Complaint is often about an actor or actress playing someone older or younger than their real age, because they happen to be paired in the drama with an actress or actor older or younger than their real age.  These people tend to be unable to separate actor and character.

levil 7

The Ambusher Version 1- Hates an actor or an idol, or hates a producer, director, etc. Waits for someone to say anything good about (insert celeb here). Pounces and lambasts the unsuspecting commenter on how they are a silly young fan girl that cannot see the flaws of their ‘bias.’   Same thing will happen with a hated drama. The Ambusher V1 almost ALWAYS pulls the I have a right to my opinion card (and makes sure to continually diss the other commenters opinion) when the commenter happens to be a smart cookie and pushes back with reason. Cross-reference with The Entitled Bully V1.

The Ambusher Version 2– Waits for someone to mention their favorite drama OR most hated drama or even finds the most obscure reason to discuss their ‘passion.”  Writes a dissertation on the drama that really says nothing because the ambusher is bat shit crazy. See The Nutty Professor and The Attention Whore V2.

The Attention Whore Version 1-This person always posts personal drama, or is dramatic, and is often a comedian, or over the top with aegyo and emoticons. Cross reference with The Aeygo Gurl,  The Fangurl and The Bandwagon Jumper.

The Attention Whore Version 2-It’s all about their opinion.  Some of them write dissertations and defend their dissertations. You will ALWAYS be wrong. Do not engage=bat shit crazy is in the house. Cross reference with The Nutty Professor.


The Bandwagon Jumper- Attention deficit and highly likely to be flaky. Highly susceptible to peer pressure. See The Sheep.

The Bigot-Thinks idol actors suck and take the jobs of real actors. Cross reference with The Squee Harsher and The Ambusher.

The Clique Member-is a regular and has a group of friends within the forum. This is not necessarily negative, but sometimes they unintentionally make visitors feel out of the loop. However, many are open to new friends, but do not expect to join The Clique immediately.

The Comment Hijacker-These commenters intentionally reply to other commenters that are early in the queue but really are only posting their own comment so more people will see their comments.

The Consultant-My special favorite. They make comments about the blog site or forum. At first they are sweet and nice about it. Gees’ can you please recap this, or talk about this? Basically, it’s a demand for content,  it’s commentary to “fix” the blog, a this is what you need to be doing on your blog. Then they start making demands and crits or personal attacks. Let me jump right on that said no blogger ever.


The Crotatoan-There are people that feel some sort of need to compete to be the first commenter.   Not sure what they are doing with their lives, but go for it? Cross reference with The Jock/Salesman.

The Domain Expert-A fangurl (not necessarily THE Fangurl) that “knows” the celeb and offers interview comments etc. as fact.   Celeb A likes getting caught in the rain because he liked it on Reality Show B. Okay then. You can bet they have an Instagram and/or Tumblr account and will post airport photos. Cross reference with THE Fangurl and The Sasaeng/Netizen.


The Enthusiastic Enrique -Oh my god! I love everything! I’ll watch paint dry as long as my oppa is in it! It’s awesome because the guy is so hot, but I have no actual idea of anything else! OMG that is SO cute! I think the lead couple have amazing chemistry! What do you mean it’s the only the first episode and they haven’t met yet? Have you seen the promos stills? They look good together of course they have amazing chemistry! What do you mean it was a forced kiss? She’s so lucky that oppa likes her! Who cares about misogyny! It’s just a TV show! Oppa is so cute! There WAS a happy ending because they were together in the end, it was NOT open ended!   This commenter can sometimes be THE Fangurl or The Bandwagon Jumper, but sometimes they are just extra dose of sunshine people that just love to squee.

The Entitled Bully Version 1-Makes comments like god save us from fangurls and their bias. See the comment in The Fangurl about being careful about snurling. Cross reference with Squee Harshers and Ambushers.


The Entitled Bully Version 2-This type of fan “Owns” the fandom or the celeb.  They encourage your admiration but get behind them in the line, and don’t get TOO infatuated with oppa! Cross reference with THE Fangurl and The Hills Generation.


THE Fangurl- You know, fangurls and boys get bad raps. But THE Fangurl that is screaming that’s HER oppa or that’s HER husband, and thinks the guy walks on water, and will defend him and NEVER stop defending him, these are the ‘fangurls’ that give the rest of us a bad names. But before you snurl up your nose at these obviously immature or not the brightest bulb fans, or attack someone for being overly enthusiastic about their bias, just remember that odds are if you are on a K drama or K pop blog or board or thread, YOU too are a fangurl. THE Fangurl ranges from simply being a young silly girl, to an ignorant pushy bully. Sometimes run in packs. Cross reference with The Domain Expert.


The Fangurl in Denial-This is another person that makes the “save us fangurls” comments  other comments about “delusional fangurling.”  Unless it is of course about their bias or favorite drama, because then you know those are perfect of course!  But they don’t see themselves as biased, they think they just right.   Cross reference with The Entitled Bully V1 and The Attention Whore V2.

“The Hills” Generation: Joo Won has romantic date with Moon Chae-won? NO. The CHARACTERS in a DRAMA had a date. Joo Won is NOT Si-on from Good Doctor. This commenter often also seems to think that characters kissing in a drama might also indicate the actors might be in a relationship, or say, ‘I want them together in real life.’ These commenters use the actor name when commenting about the CHARACTER, unable to separate actor and character. This is the fan that probably scares the crap out of celebs. They scare the crap out of me.


The Idol Worshipper-It’s all about a certain oppa, no matter if the oppa is a tertiary character. The drama could be a giant pile of crap, but it’s wonderful simply because oppa is in the drama. Cross reference with The Fangurl.  The Idol Worshipper is basically a harmless squeer but the potential is there to become obsessive and possessive.


The Laggard-Complains about product endorsement. It’s going to happen-I watched a 1953 TV show episode the other day that was entirely sponsored by Hazel Bishop and wow was it in your face.


The Lazy Susan-Uses the blog thread or forum as their own mini blog.  Posts discussion about politics, daily life, or their comments are actually drama reviews or interest articles. Cross reference with The Attention Whore and The Nutty Professor.

The Inside Trader-Claims inside knowledge of K drama industry or film industry. May claim to know celebs. Cross reference with The Nutty Professor. DO NOT ENCOURAGE by replying.


The Jock/Salesman-EVERYTHING is a competition, first comment, discussion, and a major goal is often self promotion of their own blog or a friends’ blog. They are ALWAYS right. Sometimes The Queen Diva or high ranking minion.

The Learning Curve aka Bless Your Heart-The people that constantly ask for explanation of why something is happening in a drama. Honey, I can explain it to you, but I cannot understand it for you.

The Knowledge Mooch-This is the person that doesn’t take notes in class and texts you to ask you stupid questions like is homework due tomorrow. We’ve all seen the comments…So, I heard about this drama mid run and started watching but do not want to go back and watch from the beginning, so can someone summarize this for me?   No bitch, either watch it yourself or read a damn recap.

The Mean Girls-Sometimes The Queen Diva and her minions are just a gang. Cross reference with any of the bully like stuff.


The Nutty Professor-Self proclaimed expert on EVERYTHING. Usually bat shit crazy. DO NOT ENCOURAGE by replying. Cross reference with The Attention Whore V2.


The Psychic Vampire -This commenter goes on every episode recap to complain about how much an actor sucks, how much the drama sucks, and how much better it would be if they had cast their bias instead, or did this, or…blah blah…. They reply to other commenters telling them why they are wrong, or just to reiterate their own opinion. See Comment Hijacker.

The Queen Diva- Regular commenter on a thread or site, that has minions. This is not always negative; sometimes The Diva is a benevolent monarch. Can be leader of The Clique. The Queen Diva is often THE Fangurl tempered by time and generously sharing more openly, as long as she’s the Alpha.  Cross reference Aegyo Sucker.

The Sasaeng/Netizen-New drama cast is announced. Inevitably you have a bunch of people that think their opinion is VITAL to the making of dramas and make demands such as No, I do not agree with this, this drama will not be good with this cast, this is who should be cast…. Cross reference with THE Fangurl and The Entitled Bully V2.

The Sheep-It sometimes becomes cool to hate (insert drama). These commenters often belong to cliques.   These are the same people that were glued to their sets real time watching Boys Over Flowers and bought everything T MAXX had to sell and then someone told them that they should not like BOF.  See Ambusher. Also cross reference with The Psychic Vampire.


The Snog Police/Drama Police-The omg the actress cannot kiss/doesn’t want to kiss/hates men commenter. Note, this is almost always directed at an ACTRESS. They blame the cast for everything that happens in the drama also, including the plot! Cross reference with The Hills Generation.

The Squee Harsher Version 1-Someone comments on a new drama that they love the lead actor, happy to see their bias in a new show. The Squee Harsher replies to explain to the squeer why their bias sucks and is not right for the drama. The Squee Harsher is a bit different that The Ambusher, but they in fact can be both.  A Squee Harsher can also be a Psychic Vampire or Thread Hijacker.

The Squee Harsher Version 2-Replies to a comment because they want to completely negate another person’s opinion.   It’s not being offered as part of genuine dialogue. The reply should actually be submitted as their OWN comment voicing their OWN opinion because they don’t care about the original comment.   Squeak Harsher V2 is sometimes a variety of a hijacker or ambusher.

The Thread Hijacker Version 1, aka TROLL/Pot Stirrer-The thread is an announcement of a new drama starring actor/actress A. The Troll posts a comment about how actor/actress B or C is a better actor/actress or better looking.  Actors/actresses B and C have NOTHING to do with the new drama. WTF? Inevitably, some moron agrees with them. WHY are you feeding the trolls?

The Thread Hijacker Version 2, aka Shameless Spammer-Episode recap-someone posts a comment about a different drama to initiate discussion because no one is recapping that drama. Generally with a comment starting, so and so drama is so much better than this, or no one is recapping so and so drama so I HAVE to post here….   Do NOT FEED THEM either.

The Trope Monkey-their passion is trope hate of all tropes. Has no answer when one asks how to make a plot with no plot devices.

The Verbal Diarrhea-Says whatever they think, period. Cross Reference with The Entitled Bully, but sometimes are just blunt people, and say what they have to say and move on.

The Yoda-The actual rational person that respects others opinions and has some modicum of objectivity. There is usually only one or two. Pay attention to what The Yoda says, she/he is usually right and makes intuitive observations. Do not confuse The Yoda for a Queen Diva. The Yoda is rarely a Queen Diva. Also be very careful not to get sucked in by The Nutty Professor that may seem like The Yoda.  How to tell the difference?  The Queen Diva will often be possessive about a bias or have minions that join in the conversation.  The Nutty Professor posts a lot, and has long winded posts and will reply to most comments.  The Yoda is more random a participant and generally says what they have to say and moves on.


The Faux Yoda-This is the person that seems rational and will step in and call for a cease fire, and then rip someone up in the next thread for dissing on their favorite bias or favorite drama.

Amidst all the wacky there are nice and cool people to get to know even some that have a little of the wacky stuff in them too,  because none of us are perfect.  Eventually one does make friends, and relies less and less on the blogs and forums for access to other fans.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Caitlyn Burton
    Aug 25, 2014 @ 14:03:19

    That’s such a long list! I never thought about all the different types of drama commenters but geez there’s a variety, isn’t there!? I definitely have part of the Attention Whore V2 in me, and i’m entirely the Laggard, lol. And occasionally The Domain Expert and the Bandwagon Jumper. I love that Jensen Ackles gif! “You know that he’s not real?” I remember when I was watching You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin and whenever I’d see Jo Jung Seok and IU together, I’d just think “Aw man, you two are so adorable together”. I was almost actively shipping them as a real life couple, ha ha. I just think the both of them are like that with everyone though, so put them together and it’s like an overdose on naturalism.


    • randomsoju
      Aug 25, 2014 @ 14:48:40

      That list has been in the works for over a year on paper, and longer than that in my head, so yeah it ended up being more detailed than i expected! We all have bits of some of them in us, but it’s the extremes that the list addresses, and you are so not an extreme lol, you are a normal fanperson. I do not think you are an Attention Whore at all, you are too nice and respectful of others! I laughed typing The Laggard because I knew you’d be like oooh that’s me lol. I think you are are mild to medium Enthusiastic Enrique-you see the positives more than negatives, but not in an obnoxious way, and that’s a good way to be. I’d say you are a perfectly normal Fangurl with some Domain Expertise on your bias(es). You are balanced lol.


    • randomsoju
      Aug 25, 2014 @ 14:53:01

      You know, I originally started this list not because I saw this behavior in others but some of it in myself, and I did not like some it and wanted to temper my extremes. I started paying attention to other commenters after that I guess.


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