Just to be transparent, I do not accept random requests to add links on my blog.  The links I post here are links that I either enjoy or recommend for reasons.


RandomSojus’ Stuff – This is just a tumblr for my memes and visual stuff


A Koala’s Playground

A Korean in America  – This a a Korean American guy that watches and blogs on KDrama, so it is nice to see a male opinion.

A Modicum of Courage

As I Watch

Ask A Korean

Blue’s Electric Ground-Index/Korean Culture

Dramabeans -make sure to visit the ratings page if you are sourcing dramas to watch

Eat Your Kimchi

Outside Seoul

Outside Seouls’  Drama Grading Index -another source for suggestions for dramas to watch

Maangchi – great website source on Korean cuisine

Musings of a Twisted Mind

Noonas Over Forks

Remember The Ladies

Scattered Joonni-Faith-Q&A From the Writer

Crazy for KDrama-Me Too Flower Review

The Problem of the Unproblematic

The Talking Cupboard

Underground K Drama

Young Ajummah





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