I Hear Your Voice Episode 18 (Final) Thoughts


The bad guy went to jail.

No one hated anyone.

They live,  happy.

The end.
This was a nice and simply lovely wrap up to a really darling drama.    It was not drama crack for me, but it was quality almost crack, and sometimes in the long run that is even better.  I will watch it again in time because it is full of layers that one cannot take in on a first run.  The use of color for one thing begs more attention.  In this episode  (as in others) for instance, the use of black and white in the characters clothing during the period of time when decisions about what to do, what was the right thing to do,  when Nerd Lawyer was deciding to represent Scary Ahjussi, the garage incident came to light, through to Mean Girl deciding not to prosecute Su-ha.  Also the mirroring and parallels, dare I say “twinning,”  with the lead couple from the most blatant such as the romanized initials (SH, HS), to the just a little bit  silly matching head wounds. I am sure if I spoke and/or read Korean the layers would just be even more rich and interesting.

I am not going to beat up on the flaws, because what this show did right far outweighs the flaws.  I know I am still basking in the afterglow, and I take that in consideration.  One thing I know was that this show gave us something we have not really seen before; lead actors that portrayed a physical comfort level in the lead couple that was refreshingly simple and easy.   This drama gave us just enough of all the elements to keep us happy, from excitement to touch the heart.  And it did something else we do not normally see;  it did not torture us with loop up on loop of angst and denial with the lead couple. We all love Su-ha, but  we must not forget that Hye-sung was a stellar lead female character.  She broke the K drama rules.  She admitted her feelings and accepted them.  She had to stew and mull over her thoughts but in the end she faced her feelings.   (One day I want to really look at Hye-sung and Eun-bi from Flower Boy Raymun Shop, because I find them both quite interesting, and having some similarities)  It gave us a second lead female that was a mean girl, that grew up and became a real person, not just redeemed because someone decided to forgive her in the end.

It gave us Scary Ahjussi, who was really just spot on.

And one of the best Mom’s ever.

It gave us the Star Wars references, which are just fun.   And of course, Su-ha successfully resisted the dark side of the force and decided to use his powers for good.   I’m all for Luke getting A girl,  just glad the only sister thing was the “noona” romance, because Luke getting the girl in reference to SW, is,  you know, squicky.

And it gave us some really beautiful visuals with the scenes, locations , and clothing.  That sometimes was lost with sinking into the characters and the physical presence of Lee Jong-suk.

Speaking of Mr. Pouty Mouth-

We did not get one final moment with THE shoulders in a tank top, but the black tank top made an appearance all on its own.


Just in case anyone has forgotten the awesomeness:


And just once more


We also were treated to Su-ha’s stank face regarding Hye Sung’s sometimes questionable taste. Almost as good as the forced out “Noona” face.  That was worth watching the last episode for all on its own.



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  1. Caitlyn
    Aug 02, 2013 @ 22:09:38

    I agree with everything you said and don’t have anything to add to it, lol. Especially this- “lead actors that portrayed a physical comfort level in the lead couple that was refreshingly simple and easy”. Their natural closeness was one of the best things about the drama.


    • randomsoju
      Aug 03, 2013 @ 00:07:30

      Yes, it was a big part of this drama. As I said, I am still basking in the afterglow, but this show to me seems to have broken out of some of the k drama rules, kind of like Coffee Prince did but in a different way. Only time will tell, but it just felt different, had it’s own thing going on. Kudos to the writers, directors, producers, noona killer makers.


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