I Hear Your Voice Episode 17 Thoughts


-The Hero asked for HELP.  From the guy that wants his girl.  *looks around”  Did that just really happen?   I almost forgive the writer for last episode when EVERYONE forgot that Su-ha and Hye-sung were being stalked by Scary Ajhussi and were not wigging out when Hye-sung went AWOL.

-Dear Costume Design or whatever you are called, those who dress the cast:  You rock.  The clothes in the show just work.  Good job. Blue shirt was awesome, and thanks to director and cameraperson, we know Su-ha was wearing THE black tank top underneath.  Tank top teasers!

-Nerd Lawyer-awesome job in letting Su-ha scream his brains out and ride all the way to the hospital thinking Hye-sung was dead.  Are you training to take the place of Scary Ahjussi in torturing him?

-So…extensions usually suck.  This one has not been too bad, even though this epi was typically full of flashbacks and loops on what happened last episode.  It came this close to losing me and jumped out of loop just in time before I lost patience.

-If Su-ha goes to jail, there will be a reckoning.  Scary Ahjumma here will make Scary Ahjussi look like a happy puppy.

-This cast has been awesome.  Except the mean girl.  I am not a fan of this actress.  I have had issues with Nerd Lawyer/Hot Cop schizo characterization, but all in all the actors have been good. Lee Jong-suk…he is just wonderful.

-Speaking of Nerd Lawyer.  I understand the messages of this drama and I also understand that Korean Dramas are all about providing some sense of redemption or at least forgiveness to the antagonist in the end.   Scary Ahjussi has been given ENOUGH empathy by these characters.  If Nerd Lawyer/Hot Cop ends up defending Scary Ajhussi, oh, just enough already.

-What was up with the Star Wars pokes in this drama?  Is that still going to play out in the last epi or are they pulling Scooby Doo Red Herring on us?

-Despite some of the pacing problems in the second half of the run and the bad legal stuff, this show has continues to be a decent product, a least keeping me invested.  I hate to see it end but at the same time the extension perhaps was one episode too much.  Is it too much to ask if we have a tank top scene in the last epi?  Probably more likely than an open mouth kiss, eh?


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  1. Caitlyn
    Aug 02, 2013 @ 22:06:14

    When Su Ha and Min Joon Gook fell off the building and it was like “wait, what!?” and then they land on the cops airbag thingy, i literally cracked up laughing. I don’t know if that was supposed to be serious or not, but it was so unexpected that it totally killed me.

    And when Su Ha was screaming for Hye Sung and thinking she was dead, I was thinking the same thing. Why is no one telling this kid that she’s alive? Geez.


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