Random Commentary Dec. 2014 to March 2015




March 1, 2015


This is way  late because I suck, but thanks shout out to NoonasOverForks, as I won their Birthday Contest!  Woot Woot!

And on to random drama thoughts:

Spy-This has fell by the wayside for me.  I’d like to watch it, maybe later.

I need to wrap up Swedish Laundry.

Heart to Heart-This drama’s OST is so awesome.   This drama has been so refreshing different in some way.

HJM-I’m watching it.  I love Hyun Bin.  That’s about all I’ve got

Kill Me Heal Me-Still rocking my socks.

Blood-The drama over this drama is insane and incredibly ignorant.  The crazy people that either hate GHS or love her is frightening.

Hogu’s Love-Oh this drama.  With gender subversion and after school special topics, this so wins and I hope it stays on the high road of poking at social and cultural topics.

I’ve heard there is a lesbian kiss in Seonam Girls High School Investigators.  This drama was on my maybe I’ll check it out list but evidently it’s  going to check off one of my wish list items for 2015-a lesbian character in a k drama.

We are seeing a little more interesting stuff going on with female agency and characters in k drama this year.  Healer was kind of a beta male and Young Shin was more dominant,  and the female characters were far more compelling than the male characters.  Do Do hee in Hogu’s Love, so far, different, even though the pro life message is still pretty obvious-which I think is kind of needed there as what the social issue is, is that Korean women are screwed.  They are not supposed to have sex outside of marriage, but if they do, they can’t get pregnant, but birth control is not approved of, and if they do get pregnant, they are not supposed to keep the baby, but abortion is a big cultural no no too.  We have the prison ladies drama- Lengendary Witch, and Maids, and now Unkind Women (hate the name). Spy, the mom is the real lead character, but don’t tell anyone, shhh. In Heart to Heart Hong Do and Yi-seok had a one nigh stand, Hong Do put on her panties and went home , and was like dude, it’s not like we are in love are anything.


February 18, 2015

Wow, Blood E1&2 were really, really, bad.  And it had nothing to do with Ahn’s acting.   The drama is a hot mess of bad writing and directing and extensive Twilight visual ripping.  Seriously, is Summit not going to call this out?  I cannot believe this is the same writer and director team from Good Doctor.

I was stunned by the amount of hate Gu Hye Sun generated.  I knew a lot of people  did not like her.  I had no idea  they straight up hated her.   So much so that she was conflated with the character I think and some comments I’ve seen in internet land were kind of irrational,and well, nasty.   I don’t get it personally.  I just don’t understand why anyone would watch a drama with an actor they hate.

I thought her portrayal of Jan Di was hysterically funny  ( until mid way and she cried the rest of the drama).  Laughing at Jan Di and Jun Pyo really got me into K Drama.   So I do not get that BOF hate either.   I saw her in that airplane drama and thought she was okay.   The drama was kind of crappy though.   What was the other one?  A music one.  That had some good characters and actors but the drama was kind of blah.

Anyway, the hate is wow, just disconcerting.

I am not sure if I  can take the badness of Blood nor all of the GHS negativity.  This is just not going to be a priority nor something I will follow discussion on, that’s for sure

Hogu’s Love-I like that Hogu is the stupid but bright girl instead of, you know, the female character.  Looking forward to see where this goes with UEE’s character,  i was glad to see a different female lead character that is not the innocent little girl.

KMHM-Still enjoying, and Ji Sung blows my mind.

HJM-Is okay.  I love Hyun Bin.  Just to be clear, I LOVE HYUN BIN.

I wish both of these dramas had stronger  and more likable secondary characters.    I almost feel HJM has the better secondary characters.


Healer wrapped, yes I watched it, well I watched the main lead scenes. i was never quite as enamored of it as many other people.  I thought Park Min Young really stepped up her acting game, and  was wonderful, en though her character did some cracktastically stupid stuff and still somehow came off okay.  Somehow.   I liked a lot about this drama, but it never got me, I never felt the intensity others claimed.  I felt it rather felt it non eventful in that the threat, why weren’t they dead if the baddies were badass?  No one was actually invested in Healer  V1, so there was little emotional payoff there.   It just never quite got there for me.   The first half I certainly found a lot of the stunt and action stuff laughable and there was nearly as much I disliked as much as I liked.   I think I will remember Chae Young-shin and Min-ja much longer than anything else.  It’s a rare drama when one likes the female characters much better than the males, because generally male characters are more dynamic and have better char dev.

And what the fuck is Healer supposed to mean and what is night courier cause that stuff never made sense. Just saying.
Unfortunately I have to watch it again up through episode 14 or 15 i think maybe just the odds—Dee and I looking for a particular camera view.  I’ll leave it at that.

Dr. Frost-Whatever that ending was,  just whatever.

Heart to Heart-I don’t know why every bloody drama has to have a childhood fate.  So sick of it.


Swedish Laundry-I need to wrap that. I really dislike Bom’s family.  They were bad, then got okay, now they kind of suck again.


January  23, 2015

KMHM Episodes 3 to 6-  Shuk and I watched 3-4 together, and wow, did we laugh out loud.

Shuk called Do Hyun  Mr. Personality (Pun) and I call him Goody Two Shoes.  I called SeGi Spike 2014, on account he reminds me of Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer,  He’s the truth teller.

The use of color is interesting.  Especially in episode 3, the use of green and a bit of purple in, especially in regards to SeGi.  The Hulk face coming out of the wall, ha.  Hulk colors are green and purple.

Origin-Point of origin in a fire.

Orion-The Hunter, the killer of beasts (I had to look that up).

The toys-were they Do-hyun’s as a child?  Was Segi trying to make her pick a toy she’d played with Do-hyun as a child?

Those were my thoughts throughout the episodes.


Both Shuk and I were confused by some sub issues I think.  The family relationships (Do-hyun’s) in particular.

We both riffed on the what ifs of  how Oh Ri-jin fits in being at his home with the fire but the family connections stymied us a bit.   How was it going to work if both Do-hyun and Oh Ri-jin are both Cha heirs?     Shuk surmised that  Ri-jin is the daughter of the first wife and the legitimate heir.  Do-hyun is an illegitimate child of a mistress, but he is in fact not the biological child of Cha Jun-pyo, (the mistrss has got away with a lie).   When the fire occurred, the crazy grandma took the opportunity to get rid of  the female heir and put a male heir in her place.

It’s a good theory.


Gosh this show is fun.


Hyde, Jekyll, and Me-Wow, is Hyde-Bin (That’s borrowed from JoAnne I think or possible Shuk) unlikable or what?  The beginning of that show threw me for a loop.   Not a great start in the first episode.

Jekyll, Hyde, Me, and Blade Man seek Best Love in the Secret Garden with Kim Sam Soon whether under The Master’s Sun or at Twilight.

Why is everyone so afraid of Robin?  Like afraid afraid, danger danger.   Is Hyde really Hyde? Is Robin suicidal?

I see what you are doing there, drama.

And to writers and show makers.  I think it is kind of brilliant to take what Heirs did in making the first lead and second lead really the same character just slightly altered by circumstance, a step further.  By using the split personality to allow the first lead and second lead to be in the same body,  you have effectively given drama fans what the keep saying they want, both leads, put the two leads together to make the perfect guy.  Well played.

The damsel stuff is not selling Cirque (that came from Shuk lol) as a Cirque de Soleil performer.  The woman would be so strong, she’d have wrapped her legs around the strangler and crushed him like a python.

And yet she was strangled to near death and had not a mark upon her neck.

Not sure about this drama yet.

January 14, 2015

Healer came back.  OMG really, can I just friggin move on?  The date was over and it didn’t work!  Everything is annoying except the two leads scenes together.  Healer dood is a mouth breather too!  BUT.  NO.  I had to read something and  that damn cliff hanger in 12-the net chatter sucked me back in.  I have not had this much trouble breaking up with anything since I was 17 and  it took  me 3 months to break up with my boyfriend because he was always drunk and just showed up the next day acting like he did not remember.   Yeah, I was a sucker, I finally had to call him when he was at work and do it over the phone.

I had to laugh at all the squeeing over a hand clasping scene in E11.  I’m sorry, but it really was not all that.  What would happen to the fans if they actually made out or gasp, got really frisky?  Wow,  ER’s would be busy!

And you know I still found myself skipping through everything but the leads scenes.  One of my twitpeeps said this was her fav drama since Queen Inhyun’s Man.   That is a good parallel I can relate to my own viewing experience albeit in a different way, as in that it’s all about the two leads, and damn the rest.  Healers leads are in NO way exhibiting the energy and chemistry of the lead characters in QIHM.  Healer actually has better secondary and tertiary characters that QIHM.  QIHM was rather filler in between great lead characters and chemistry.  Healer’s characters are not as good in either way, but you want to root for them, and Park Min-Young is quite alive in this role.   I do not even remember the other characters in QIHM.  I do say Healer is a little better with Min Ja and Healer Aghassi in Training, and Dad.   So basically what I am saying is I am bored with anything but the leads.  I don’t care about anyone else and I don’t want to watch it, I fall asleep or skip through.   That to me is not a good drama.  And that is why I’m trying to break up lol.  I expect starting back to uni will help.

Pride and Prejudice went out with an ambiguous whimper.   It went in circles way too long, and ended up with a leave you wondering what happened to everyone ending, which is just stupid with one season shows. The female lead character was just awful.  And the big kiss scene, Dong Chi was a poster child for the definition of sucking face, ha.

Persevere Goo Hae-ra is going to be a no.

I’m abstaining from watching Kill Me Heal Me 3 and 4 this week.  Shuk is coming over on Sunday and we are gonna watch together.   I THINK I can avoid temptation  to peek lol.  Maybe I should go Twitter dark the rest of this week ha.



January 10, 2015

Back to uni on Monday.  Not looking forward to the semester, but the good news is unless something goes way bad,  I will wrap my UG and graduate in May.

Current thoughts on K drama:

Dropped Healer definitely now.   I really like Park Min-Young in this role at first, but Ji an is rapidly getting too stupid for me.    I fast through everything but the lead scenes, so I have to let it go.

And why am I watching Pride and Prejudice?  Nothing happens for ages then something bizzaro legal world happens.  WTF is going on?   I think I picked it up because there was a big lull in my k drama viewing, and it just kind of happened that I watched it even though I’ve dropped shows with actors I really like, such as Pinocchio with Lee Jong suk.  I liked Dong Chi, and I really liked Kang Soo.  Son in Law Lee is a hoot, and  Head Prosecutor Moon’s hair is it’s own character.  But I really really dislike the female lead character.  Even more than I disliked the lead female character in Pinocchio.  You, know sometimes I’m okay with stupid female characters when the female character says, hey, I’m kind of a moron, deal with it.  But in this case with P and P,  the SHOW is trying to tell me this stupid woman is smart…but  then she has to have a man explain everything to her.   One more episode, I reckon I’ll stick it out.

I’m kind of watching Doctor Frost and Swedish Laundry, but not priorities.

New dramas:

Kill Me Heal Me E1&2-Wow, heavy filter on Hwang Jung Eum.  With that and the bangs maybe we will not have to deal with her forehead implant being obvious.  I do not hate this actress, do not get me wrong, but she is excessively plastic and resorts to over acting because of it.  Her character is a screamer and it’s not going to be funny after about 3 episodes.  Okay, it’s not funny to me now. I like that at this point the character is not a door mat.   the Lots of English in the first episode and the F BOMB.   The twins are kind of creepy together somehow, like the 2nd lead is an actual biological oppa, and has a crush on his sister.  Ji Sung is fun, but the fight scene was over the top.  I am not really sure we are supposed to be trusting what we are seeing since this is a split personality thing.  I understand the eye color shifts and the tats and stuff are supposed to help the audience visually id the different personalities, but you know, this is Ji Sung, not some random newbie actor.  You are not trusting your awesome actor to use silly crutches like that.   I’m still unsure about this drama but Ji Sung is so is bloody compelling.


Heart to Heart E1-Moody, a little weird.  I kind of liked that part.   The lead male character is not likeable and a little scary.  Choi Kang Hee, sigh, I think they are using a heavy filter on her too.

Spy E1- Bae Jong Ok is one of my favorite actresses.  She can play low rent to sexy to classy and everything in between.  I love Jaejoong.  This drama seemed a little slow, but I liked the dynamics with the parents.   I don’t know if the NK spy girl that turned herself in is  and actual cast member but she had more going on with Sun Woo than his girlfriend.  I don’t know where this drama is going.

Persevere Goo Hae-ra is not subbed  enough yet.




January 1, 2015

Modern Farmer wrap up thoughts:

Loved the whole family comes in different forms vibe this drama had.  it was an uneven drama, really loved the crazy mixed with warm vibe though,  The romance was no where, I do not know if it was because Hong Ki is an idol,  the age difference between the leads, and/or fans complaining about the age difference.  It’s very sad to me that this drama was very much about acceptance of differences and faults in people,  and non traditional families,  and yet they cannot even have a lip press with the leads.

What happened to Man Gu’s wife and son?

What happened to the loan shark and Min-ki’s debt?

What happened to the dog?

The show had heart, and somehow got by with Man Gu’s family even though they disappeared, so I am kind of counting that a win?



December 31, 2014

Spending New Years Eve snuggled in my bed with me quilt, comfy toes, and Sunbae the Cat, because it’s bloody cold.  the neighborhood assholes started with the fireworks  around 7 pm, so  that’s fun.  Not.

Anyhoo, auld lang syne and all that.

Well, I’ve watched Bad Guys this week and wrapped it up tonight.   I enjoyed watching Jo Dong-hyeok move, because, you know, because he’s so liquid, enjoyed Park Hae-jin be intense poker face as usual, and Kim Sang Joong Bad Daddy be his usual bad daddy-ness.  I liked the mad dogs over gangstas thing.   Mostly I kept thinking someone should kill that annoying biotch of a cop character.   Because she was useless.  A bad actress in a terrible role.  Please please please drama makers if you are only going to have one female cast member, please create a character of substance or at least value that adds to the show.

Jo Dong-hyeok has beautiful eyes.  They should have written the obvious injury to his right arm.hand into the drama instead of pretending it did not exist when it was obvious he was taped up.   I have never been particularly fond of Park Hae-jin but I found myself wanting to lick his little scars in this drama.  I’m  blaming it on the damn hoodies and black jeans.    Did I say that licking part out loud?

I’m not sure that the showmakers understand what a psychopath vs. sociopath vs. psychotic break is because good gad that was mest up stuff.  GOOGLE IS A WONDERFUL TOOL FOR WRITERS. Just saying.

The drama was problematic for me. The fight scenes with them battling off 20 guys and getting beat with bats and stuff and not only walking away but only mildly injured were just too friggin silly.    I love how these serial killers and hired wet work guys could take out everyone but Team Bad Dogs.  Not.   If Mad Dog Oh snarled that crooked lip thing one more friggin time he’d win the Hwang Tae Kyung Gross Misuse of a Character Development Mannerism.  Sometimes the stubble vs. no stubble continuity issues made me want to slap that shit right odd there faces.

I want to know how Lee Jung Mun learned how to be a fighting machine, being a GRAD student before his unfortunate incarceration.

The taser baton,  I  was like oooooohh look at that cool toy.

I knew who the big bad was going to be the first minute his character was introduced in the drama.

I absolutely did not like the silly misleading cliff hangers.  That’s cheap and lazy and boring.

The drama totally lost moment in episode 9 by changing up the pace and this drag and almost full stop just really screwed up the drive ending of the drama.   I am not sure if I loved that they totally threw away a limb for limb battle between the big bad and one of Team Bad Dogs  or it was just so anti climatic  I was beyond caring.

I did really like the there is no redemption theme, only doing something right/good simply because it needed to be done.    The sinners or saints juxtaposition was good stuff too.


Healer drives me nuts with the cheesy music and the Healer’s ninja/wuxia abilities of jumping around impossible lengths and heights.  The showmakers obviously have never actually seen elevator cables.  They are reducing Young-shin  to the cute damselly little sister role, and you know, I liked the cute but kind of sexy enthusiastic wacky young woman from the first couple of episodes.  So blech.  I only want to see the two leads, her Dad, and Min ja.  The whole Moon Ho stuff, me no care.  I’m thinking this is a drop.


December 2014-

Yes, so if anyone noticed, there is no commentary from September to December.  I had to let go of the blog and concentrate on surviving the semester.  The next semester may be the same.

I changed the title for this to Quarterly instead of week or daily because of my truly random blog interaction now a days.

I did not do a review post on It’s Okay, That’s Love.  At this point, I’ll try to cover that in my end of year review.


Which brings me to that is what I will be working on now, the end of year review.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Caitlyn
    Jan 11, 2015 @ 16:50:51

    Yeah, KMHM, I’m not happy that she’s a screamer. Because I loved the first two episodes and I love Ji Sung and I like Park Seo Joon and I look forward to seeing how his relationship with his sister progresses. But Hwang Jung Eum is uber plastic and the screaming puts me off. I’m just hoping she either calms down, or I just get used to it. Not that it’s enough to make me drop it, cos I’m fully hooked already, lol. The opening sequence with the Korean friend telling Ji Sung how perfect he is, and then the different clubs at school all recruiting him, that was awesome. The eye colour and the tattoos, are we just to assume that the other characters can’t see that then? That it’s only the viewers?


    • randomsoju
      Jan 11, 2015 @ 18:04:00

      Unless this is going a supernatural route how would tattoos just suddenly appear or disappear? They are either there or not, right? The question is, is the tat there or not? And if it is there, that means Goody Two Shoes is delusional and is pretending it is not there or Spike 2014 is pretending it is there. That is why I’m not sure we can trust what we are being told by ther personalities. It’s set up to make up think that Good Two Shoes is the “real” person, but what if he is not? The eye color thing I’m more forgiving of because in my limited understand with split personalities, that weirdly can almost occur, nor drastic like this but a difference, because “life” in a body animate eyes, and technically the “life” in a different personality makes eyes different. This role is really spotlighting Ji Sung’s acting ability, because we can totally see the different personalities. Even when Spike was pretending to be Goody, you could tell it was Spike! Brilliant.


      • Caitlyn Burton
        Jan 14, 2015 @ 17:36:15

        I did find the comments like “Is he turning into a werewolf?” pretty funny, and accurate, lol. He said he woke up at a tattoo parlour and a tattoo was already being done at that point so he must have at least one. I think Goody is the real personality because presumably everyone has known him since he was younger and he’s always been like this, but if it did turn out to be one of the others, it wouldn’t surprise me. Not Se Gi, because Se Gi is protecting Goody, and not Perry. But he might have another more normal personality that could be the real him. Ji Sung is amazing. I’m really looking forward to seeing how he portrays all the other personalities.


  2. Caitlyn Burton
    Mar 07, 2015 @ 13:53:39

    I kinda feel sorry for Spy, it’s not even at 4% in the ratings. I dropped it but not necessarily because it was bad, I think it just wasn’t the right show for me. But apparently most of Korea felt the same way, lol

    Everyone says Swedish Laundry is pretty good so I might download it and watch it as my commute show. And skip past her family, if they’re that annoying.


    • randomsoju
      Mar 07, 2015 @ 21:27:50

      Well even if it is on Friday nights, there has been a lot of other drama stuff going on too. IDK why it didn’t pull in more interest, between Jaejoong fans and ahjumma’s maybe watching it as was really all about family. SL-they treat the girl like a slave, they aren’t all bad, but it was hard to come out of it liking any of them.


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