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 September 11, 2014


Here there be spoilers for It’s Okay That’s Love, be forewarned.


Pinocchio is confirmed with Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye.   I’m not sure how I feel about this.  I’m going to make a brief pros and cons list here.  I do things backwards and start with the Cons:


Park Shin Hye by design whether of her own volition or by her management,  tends to cast into drama characters that do not have sexual agency and into dramas with a teen demographic:   You’re Beautiful was a hoot, except the female character  pretty much sucked, and it was extremely teeny bopper.  Flower Boy Next Door was an awesome show in so many ways, and Dok-mi is probably one of her best drama characters and one of my favorites,  but it was not set up for a hot and heavy passion atmosphere. Heirs.  Sigh.  Eun-sang had potential but between the writer and the director, Eun-sang had no chance to be anything but a chew toy between the  male lead characters that were exactly the same guy really, and again, Heirs was a drama with a  target teen demographic.   I use Park Shin Hye as an example when I discussed K Drama kisses here.

Based on Park Shin Hye’s previous roles, this drama may have a teen demographic.

The writing/directing team produced I Hear Your Voice.  While an exciting and charming drama, and with  the lead female character Hye Sung being a great character a step forward in many many ways,  it did drop some balls and one being that she did not really exhibit sexual agency.

Re-teaming the writer and director  from I Hear Your Voice could be a high expectations clusterfuck.

Re-teaming the writer and director and lead actor from I Hear Your Voice could be a high expectation clusterfuck of epic proportions.


Lee Jong Suk is magic.

The writing/directing team produced I Hear Your Voice and while it had plot holes and issues with the legal content, it was a magic drama.

Re-teaming the writer and director  from I Hear Your Voice could be high magic.

Re-teaming the writer and director and lead actor from I Hear Your Voice could be high magic of epic proportions.

This could be Park Shin Hye’s opportunity to take a step forward into a more mature drama.   She sparked a little in Heirs early on, enough where you could see her potential, but it was stamped out during the series run.

While this may have a teen demographic, Lee Jong Suk does sexual tension and eye and mind fucking extremely well.


Based on my pros and cons list at this time I come down on the side of I am going to hope for the best and will watch this drama.  I will however proceed with limited expectations regarding the female lead character.   Writer and Director, please prove me wrong.


On to It’s Okay, That’s Love. Again, spoilers sweeties.


I just wrapped it, and wow, lovely drama.  I will do a post on it later.  I did not love the end game preggers thing, and I will save the why for the post.  I however relegate that to a big deal I will accept as a small bad in a really super drama, and it’s not really unexpected content in k drama land.




September 9. 2014


I was just checking over my list of 2014 dramas and it is a SAD list so far.   I made it a goal to drop dramas that don’t do it for me, and I seem to be doing a good job lol.

Let’s Eat, Can We Love, and It’s Okay That’s Love are the top 3 candidates for fav dramas of the year.    I seriously hope the last quarter of 2014 gives me something wonderful.

2014 Drama Status:


Prime Minister and I
Miss Korea
Cunning Single Lady
Glorious Day
The Woman That Married 3 Times
Fated To Love You
Golden Rainbow
Angel Eyes
Emergency Couple
Marriage Not Dating
Secret Love Affair
I Need Romance 3
Secret Hotel


Completed Dramas:
Trot Lover
Bel Ami
You From Another Star
You Are  All Surrounded
A Witches Love
High School King
Let’s Eat
Grandpa Detectives
Bride of the Century
Can We Love


In Progress:

The Night  Watchman (tentative)
It’s Okay That’s Love
Hi School Love On


Dropped Age of Feeling, but watched Mo Il Hwa scenes

Doctor Stranger-Skipped the 1rst epi, watched the second, wanted to throw up, went back to it, about half way through I generally only watched scenes with Hoon or Quack.



September 6, 2014-

I caught up on It’s Okay,  That’s Love.  This drama has really been a nice change, thank goodness for something I liked in a sea of meh. I cannot believe I’m really only following one drama and only two episodes left.

I’m just not interested in The Night Watchman despite my love of Jung Il Woo.   The supposedly hot blacksmith guy that people squee over on Twitter does nothing for me.  I do find the Yunho character and the tribal girl interesting to watch, and that is saying more than I expected about a Yunho character lol.  Not sure if I will wander back over or not.

I am behind on Surplus Princess and Hi School Love On.   They are up in the air on continuing.  Liked them, just not motivated.  My course work will be heavy this semester so not sure if I will get back to them or not.

Tried My Secret Hotel.  More murder mystery, less lead male that kind of sucks and lead female crying every five minutes.  I’m not continuing.

Might check out Reset simply based on Caitlyn’s tweets lol.  I’m not a huge fan of Chun Jung-myung.  I like Kim So-hyun but I was iffy on this.

Will check out She’s So Lovable, not sure about this drama, but hey, it’s Rain, and L, and hello, I have to at least give it a few episodes.   What I am sure about is that it is not likely to be hot.  At all.

Ironman?    wtf.  Probably not.

Pinocchio? Park Shin Hye pretty much guarantees its a teen demographic and it will be wrist grab lip press romance.  I’m wary of a drama  where articles say the writer wrote it with PSH in mind.     Let’s see if Lee Jong Suk is cast or not, because he is generally fun to watch.

Wow, lots of meh in reaction to current and pending dramas.  How many YEARS now?



August 23, 2014


Well, I evidently decided to take a break from K drama  for August.  I just realized that lol. I’ve been watching Canadian TV shows for some reason.

I wrapped up HSK and Trot Lovers, did do a wrap post on HSK.

Trot Lovers wrap up thoughts-

It was innocuous, mild mannered, and tropey.   The characters were entertaining but nothing much at the same time.  I kind of felt the main characters were actually just extras in a plot that mostly had to do with their parents histories.   ZERO chemistry between the leads, or either they just kept it cool.  Which is a shame because both of the actors can bring some heat.  Jung Eun-ji could be very earthy, if someone would let her.   I really think it was a waste of the potential of both Ji Hyun-woo and Jung Eun-ji.  While I liked the Trot inclusion, it really went no where.   I liked the quirk of the 2nd lead male character even though the actor is not someone I care for.    I liked a lot of the secondary characters.


On my to do list:

Continue with It’s Okay, That’s Love-this has the potential to be on my Best of the Year list

Go back to The Night Watchman now that Jung Il Woo is on.

Catch up on The Mermaid and Hi School Love On

Check out Secret Hotel


I go back to uni next week.  Lots to do, and coursework is going to be a challenge this semester.  I waited until my last year to tackle my Science gen eds, and I also have 2 language courses to complete Fall and Spring semesters.  I am taking my grad level coursework with an unknown prof.    I’m not looking forward to my last two undergrad semesters, but I have to hunker down and get it done.

There is a k drama regional meet up  with a couple of people coming in from other areas.countries this week, but unfortunately I have other plans. other plans are rocking cool too, but hate that I am going to miss out and not to get to meet a few cool people and see my regional peeps again.  Hopefully I will be able to catch up with my regional peeps though soon.  Shout out to SqueeCon 2014 Peeps!  Have a great time and shoot some soju for me!


August 4, 2014

I just watched E1  of The Night Watchman’s Journal.   A big hot WTF.    Someone let me know when Jung Il-woo shows up and I’ll tune back in.  I hope The Mermaid comes out with a strong engaging start-I’m looking forward to some quirky fun with my goofy Song Jae-rim. Then there is Secret Hotel up coming also.  Not my favorite cast, but like the premise.   otherwise I’m kind of screwed on dramas going into late summer/early fall.


I’m currently watching:

High School King-I LOVE Seo In Guk in this.  He’s just been a joy to watch.   Lee Soo-hyuk is ot having much to do in the least couple of episodes, and boy do I miss him.  This guy has just blindsided me with awesome.  He’s definitely won a place in my favs.

Hi! School, Love On-Still cute, still okay.

Trot Lovers-Still at okay status despite the detour in amnesia land.

It’s Okay, That’s Love-Really love this drama so far, it’s just heads above most of the dramas I’ve watched this year.

Finished- Grandpa Detectives-I’m glad i did not drop completely and went back to it.  It was simply a sweet ride.  Really enjoyed the entire cast.  It was not rocket science, and a little hockey, but I enjoyed it very much.







July 26, 2014



HS Love On-it’s cute, it’s okay.  I’m not expecting much with idols and a 14 yr old.

High School King- It’s also cute, love the male leads, love most of the characters.   I’m still not crazy about the female lead character but she’s definitely got some agency.

Trot Lovers- This drama is middling to fair.  I like both the leads tremendously, and enjoy the characters but it’s not cracktivating.   The leads ( none of them) have any chemistry.  Byeol has great chemistry with everyone but particularly with Joon-hyun.  *facepalm*  it looks to go down the melo trail now.  UGH.

It’s Okay, That’s Love-Well it’s certainly started out of the gates with a strong stride of awesome.  I think the first episode was better than most of my viewing choices in 2014 so far.

Grandpa Detectives-I am behind.


Fated To Love You-I gave it a go, and each time I started to drop, it sucked me in with a a bout of good. But ultimately, I did my pros and cons lists to sort out my thoughts and the cons are DEEP, starting with my major dislike of the plot premise.  So I am doing what I promised myself I would do, walking away from dramas that are not going to make me happy.  I really really dislike all the negative comments about SeRa  choosing to make her career a priority.    I commented on an awesome comment by Samsooki on E8 recap DB thread and some random person told me I was ‘cute’ for my comment that Gun could work remote if he had to if he needed to travel to see SeRa.   I.E, I’m a moron that obviously did not understand how business worked.  Right.  I’m just some young hair twirling fangurl goober from the sticks.  Not.  I worked for 10 years for a Fortune 500 company in a corporate HQ.  Honey, I KNEW men like Gun.


Fall In Love With Both of Me-I should have walked away from this a long time ago but Aaron neck porn is potent.

MND-I wanted to like this drama and I do, but the male lead actor really just is so not appealing to me. I dropped it 2 epi’s in, went back to it during a lull in something to watch, but ultimately I need to let it go I think.   I like the more fresh modern touch to it for sure.  I think I may go back to this for filler episodes if I need something to watch later.


I’m interested in The Night Watchman but it smells of wtf.  Jung Il Woo, woot woot.  As I told Caitlyn on Twitter when she was cringing over Yunho casting, we may just hve to pretend he’s nekked to get through the scenes.  The big hope has been that his acting has improved tremendously.  I mean, look at some of the other idols this year.  Yong Hwa for example.  And Kim Hyun Joong had stepped up his game in Age of Feeling.   Yeah I know, maybe hoping to much.

The 3 Musketeers-I think it is going to be way too much sageuk for me.  We’ll see.  It has Yong-hwa and that little cutie dongsaeng from Bride of the Century.

I hear Rain is a go for a drama in the Fall.  Not sure the plot other than music related and the lead female character is the poor girl trying to make good.  The writer did Scent of a Woman and Dr. Champ so we are talking some kind of life threatening issue for one of the characters.   However both those drams were good, and  mix of romance, comedy and melo in a decent balance.

Nodame Cantabile-I will check it out in the Fall.  I’m tempted to skip it due to all the friggin noise about the casting plus the Joo Won crazy fans that think no one is good enough for their oppa.  If an actress older than Joo Won is cast, oh good gracious, let the whining ensue.  And seriously, fans of the original just need not watch it.  It’s going to happen and it’s going to be different than the original.

I do not even know what to say about Iron Man lol.

Secret Hotel-cast is not my favorite but spooky plot might me fun.

The Mermaid-Song Jae-rim.  That is all.

Bad Guys- Maybe, not enough info yet.


July 2, 2014:

I check my Twitter this morning.  I have 1 follow request.  I eyeball the requester, see they are k drama, and are hooked up with some of my other followers.  Nothing looks cray cray.  I accept, and in return, follow the new person as courtesy.

Then I check my feed.  It is ate the hell up with Jang Hyuk and Fated to Love You.   Like 95% of my feed, from various tweeters of photos of JH.  While I appreciate fan girl needs, sometimes it gets excessive.  Ya really do not need to tweet 5, 10, 20 times in a row on your bias or a new or favorite drama.  I take into account that Fated To Love You is starting it’s run.   But I don’t want to be spammed to death all day.  I use Tweetdeck to cut down on tweets of people or dramas or subjects that are being spammed.  This allows me to retain my twitter communications with other fans and not unfollow or mute all communications from a person simply because they have spazz moments or are excessive live tweeters etc.

I am not a Jang Hyuk fan.  I call him Lizard guy for reasons that seem obvious to me.  That does not mean I have anything against him or even that I might not watch this drama. I certainly found THE BULGE event trendworthy, that was just awesomely funny.   But I just say no to spam.  I start adding Jang Nara, and #FTLY, etc. to my content exceptions in order to filter out the Jang Hyuk and Fated To Love You tweets during this apparent high volume time.  But they still keep coming.  I tweet my frustration about how many words do I need to add to filter out this guy?

So NEW follower replies that maybe I should not follow people that have JH avatars (if I do not want to see JH stuff).  The new tweeter, that JUST SENT ME A FOLLOW request, and that I followed as a courtesy is going to jump at me?   So I reply, “or maybe not follow out of courtesy the people that follow request ME?”   Good idea!”   And promptly unfollowed the person.  I’m assuming she did me the favor of unfollowing me also.

You know, people express their dislike about my favs all the time or diss dramas that I like.  I respect that they have their opinions, and agree to disagree.   I do not think it is wrong to voice opinion on ones own blog or tweets or commentary or forums or other blogs either, in the manner of discussion or sharing likes and dislikes.   Discounting trolling bullshit of course, which includes going onto a drama blog post about an actor/actress/drama that one dislikes for no apparent reason other than to comment that they don’t like the person or the drama (wtf).   Which I did not do.  I expressed my frustration of not being able to control what I was seeing on my Tweetdeck, which includes copious amounts of spam of pictures of a person I do not care to look upon.   Copious is a key word here.  I’m not talking a random squee, I’m talking scroll scroll scroll scroll still more scroll.

I mean really, do people really have the mentality of 12 year olds that everyone they know has to like the same thing they do?



Trot Lovers-I have enjoyed E 1-4 very much.

High School King-I find the female lead rather off putting but I am enjoying the dynamics of the show. It’s nothing new really, but Seo in Guk is quite engaging as is Lee Soo-hyuk.   The second lead female just seems part of the woodwork so far.  I find the leads an odd pairing.  I have no problem with age gap stuff, but I am not sure what is going on here exactly.  It seems that Seo In Guk’s character is very much a teen, a young kid, not really the wise beyond years mature character of a Su-ha from I Hear Your Voice. or even a player wise ‘maturity’ of a Cha Chi Soo from Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.  The lead female is the typical goofy ass innocent good natured screw up female, except she has extremely weird facial expressions, as if her lips do not work right. she’s not quirky cute like IU’s character in Pretty Man.  I mean really, she makes Jandi and Eunbi seem like they are cool lol.  She’s not very likable due to be extremely dense and weird, even though we can sympathize with the downtrodden clerical girl trope and raising her sister dealio.  But she does not come off as someone that would ultimately be okay with finding out a romantic interest is a teenager.  She’s had to raise her sister, I have a hard time seeing her thinking, yeah, I can deal with this kid as my boyfriend.  Yes, I know there will be a time jump.  However, this drama seems ripe for a good old switch and bait surprise 2nd lead gets the girl of any drama that I’ve watched.

I started playing a drink every time Heechul touches his hair game with Grandpa Detectives, and dammit if he did not chop off his crazy hair.



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6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Caitlyn
    Jul 03, 2014 @ 17:18:16

    “replies that maybe I should not follow people that have JH avatars”- Okay, this amused me. I like that idea, of not following someone simply because of their avatar. How are you meant to know that someone is a potentially annoying nut just because of their avatar?

    I’m glad we’re of the same opinion of Jang Hyuk, although clearly we’re in the minority, lol. Lizard Guy is totally spot on. I don’t like looking at him, quite frankly, but I do want to enjoy Fated to Love You so I’m hoping I will just get used to him. I’ve never seen him in anything else before.

    The main girl in High School King, her facial expressions are really making me struggle to like her at all, which is annoying. I like the show in general, and I love Min Suk’s family and how Min Suk is around them, but until the main girl stops looking and acting like that, I won’t be as into the show as I could be.


    • randomsoju
      Jul 03, 2014 @ 20:27:47

      I have no idea if the person was annoying or not, it wasn’t that person spamming me, I’d just approved them! I think they had some type of knee jerk reaction. But obviously they definitely had that’s MY oppa immaturity vibes. Unfortunately that person will not know that I was just overwhelmed with her oppa on my feed and I will never know if it was a knee jerk reaction or not cause this homie don’t play that.

      I’m thinking no one is really looking at his face. Kinda like Taec lol. Yeah, I’m going to give it a shot, but I already want him to wear a City Hunter mask. Another thing I’m concerned about is the second female lead actress, Wang Ji-won, I REALLY like this actress, but she doesn’t seem to ‘fit’ in the the cast for some reason.

      Yeah, we are on the same page with High School King then, it’s really difficult with that lead actress. I find her not just annoying or silly, but friggin creepy. I just keep thinking how Kim Seul-gie would rock that role. What do you think of Lee Soo Hyuk?


      • Caitlyn
        Jul 04, 2014 @ 22:24:16

        I like him, although I can’t quite tell where his character is going. Like, he’s kind of being a bad guy but at the same time, he’s not really. If he gets over his daddy issues, he could make some actual friends.


        • randomsoju
          Jul 04, 2014 @ 22:41:41

          The character reminds me a bit of Jaejoong’s character in Protect the Boss just more angsty. Is he a illegitimate son or something? I might have missed something. I agree, but I’m not sure if it’s going to be a bromance or the Secretary Dorkanoona that makes him look at his self and say wtf am I doing?

  2. Caitlyn (@miss_kayti)
    Sep 12, 2014 @ 17:25:21

    I can’t even remember what I said about Reset, ha ha. I thought the first two episodes were fine, but i’m gonna see what happens in ep 3 and decide whether i’ll continue with it then. I don’t know if it’s being regularly subbed, actually. I know the first two eps came out quite slow, so i’m not sure if there’s gonna be a wait between episodes or not.

    Regarding Pinocchio, I am also going to hope for the best. I mean, the IHYV team does make me relatively happy, and Lee Jong Suk obviously likes them, but I can’t put all of my hopes just on that. And i can’t base it all on LJS because hello Dr Stranger… And PSH is a worry. But, i’m gonna think positively! I do quite like Lee Yu Bi too.

    I’m looking forward to your post on It’s Okay That’s Love. I ended up really enjoying it and really appreciating Jo In Sung. I think they should’ve done the ending better but I’ll just comment about that when you write your post, lol


    • randomsoju
      Sep 12, 2014 @ 21:24:25

      I am very glad you posted because hey, woot but also because I saw what I wrote and it appeared I was drunken when I wrote that update. Not so, but obviously tired lol I’m fixing it lol


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