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Don’t say Yoon Si Yoon did not warn you.

October to December 2013

12/02/2013-Had the urge to pen a smutty but no time and just felt like writing a little.  It’s been a very, very, long time since I have written anything fiction, let along fanfic stuff. I got off that ride a decade ago.  But this  happened.  I have had three in my head, one was Hot Mama and Kim Won pairing, another was Rachel and Hyo Shin starting some trouble.  I usually just write these things  in my head and then they go away,  but this one happened:  Cherry Binggeure

11/30/13-Lee Jong Suk and wowing us again. I hate cigarettes, seriously I am one of THOSE reformed smokers.  But I am suffering through watching this.  Also adding it to the LJS seXFactor.

11/06/2013-Blog stuff is on the back burner as I head into the last stretch of the semester as much of my attention is devoted to matriculation.  Anything I have time to briefly comment on will be in tweets feed on the sidebar.  Happy viewing peeps.

11/03/2013-I totally just realized who the guy is playing Chan-young and why I want to squeeze him.  The cute puppy gangly puppy has turned into a noona killa.  I crack myself up at my cluelessness.

I had a thought which is probably wrong because hey this is the supposed lead male character.  But, what if it turns out the reason Garbage doesn’t really seem interested in girls is because he is gay?  Yes, he said something about dating a girl already,  but so what, hello beard. I was thinking about the scene where he comes onto the soccer field an the big booby girls run up to him and he’s whatever biotches, and then I thought that would explain his complete lack of propriety in constantly touching Na-jung.   Because you know, as the king of fauxcest said this year, “oppa is a man too.”   Not to mention that the ‘rents are totally okay with their extremely up close and personal relationship.  You know, because no matter if they grew up together, ‘most parents are all up on that kind of interaction once hormones set in.   I”m waiting for him to show up with Tampax and a prescription for cramps pain.

10/29/2013-Wow, the majority of the comments on the Dramabeans thread on Pretty Man cast photos  are negative commentary about Jang Geun-seok’s hair length and that he is too “feminine.”    I keep seeing a trend lately on the threads, a LOT of people that seem to come to a thread for the purpose of bashing on actors or writers, instead of people interested in the drama whether for simple viewing pleasure, fans of cast members,  or those that are into filmmaking/theory/crit analysis.  I do not remember the threads always being like this.  it seems to have escalated this past year.

10/27/2013-Unemployed Romance epi 4-You know, when it’s only a 10 epi run, I don’t think a whole episode devoted to a retrospective of the past is best use of time.  If the next episode is like that too…skip.  I’m not interested, I want to live in the present.  They could do a two minute exposition and explain why they broke up or whatever.  Again, only 10 episodes, hello.


Soooo…I watch this No Breathing youtube vid and it’s got Yuri singing a song for the movie, and well, I am okay, let me turn the volume down because just no, there is a reason I do not listen to most girl group singers  and I have no words for the wtf moment at 1:26 with her tongue thing she does while singing.  Totally weird.

meanFunny, that’s the same look I had on my face.

I really did not post this pic just for the puppy boobies, and the rock hard party nipple.  Okay maybe just a little.

On a more positive note, Seo in Guk appears a totally lovable goof in this and Lee Jong Suk appears to offer up his plethora of charm.

-Watched some Vampire Diaries today while procrastinating about important stuff, like a presentation.  Damon.  That is all.

-Caught up with Dean, Sam, Kevin friggin Solo, and Cass.  Misha Collins eyes slay me.    I love this show.

10/24/2013-More Kang Haneul please.  Exactly what redeeming values does Young-do possess because, me I’m thinking bastard should not cross the street if I’m driving down the road.  These people-all of them-are pretty self involved and awful.  Wait a minute–oooh, it’s real life?

10/23/2013 Heirs Epi 5-Well that was CRACKtastic.

10/22/2013-I love Yoon Si Yoon.  i am glad he has a new role.  That it is as what I am assuming is the second lead in a drama i have no interest in, GAH!  Are the k drama gods trying to drive me crazy?  Aishing all over the place.

I do not think I am going to make Mirae’s Choice a priority watch.  I will watch, or not, as I feel.  That last episode, with the costume play, should have been really cute, felt awkward and forced.  I did love that Anchor Boy totally busted out the Mulan trumps Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella because she actually did something card, because he’s totally on point.


Secret-That’s a hot mess of wtf.  All the commenters on Viki are like, oh he’s falling for her, and oh, he doesn’t realize he’s got feelings for her.   That’s all grand, but does any ‘relationship’ between them hinge completely with his feelings?  That’s the way it appears, which is kind of annoying.  Doesn’t she need to have romantic feeling for him too?  Or is she supposed to automatically say okay if he starts feeling the warm fuzzies?  Because, hey, does she even she him as a guy?   Just saying.

Watched a couple of epi’s of the Suspicious Housekeeper, aka more like the Mary Poppins book than the Disney movie, but would anyone be surprised by that?  i liked it, but I can see some of the melo getting old quick, and that loser dad, ugh.


Reply 1994-i’m totally down for this show.

Barefoot Friends Epi 26-Yoon Si Yoon cu-short black hair wow, so different and just as adorable.

Wow, it is pretty evident I am exhausted and all synapses are not firing.  I totally forgot I was supposed to work yesterday morning-and no one from work called so evidently I was not missed, I totally forgot today was clothes washing day, and somehow thought I owned a book needed for a course that I in fact do not have on my bookshelf. Fortunately it is free online.  I did however manage to remember my son’s birthday, complete 2 coursework requirements this weekend, take care of some library business, returning and requesting books for course work, and have dinner with my sister to catch up.  I also bathed and managed to keep my cat in kibble, vacumed and washed dishes. I’m thinking forgetting a work shift outweighs all other productivity.  I only have one weekend shift a month and I managed to fuck up only once in over a years time…either that’s an excuse…or not.

10/19/2013-I revised the Lee Jong Suk seXFactor post and added the video from the OCT 2013 Cece shoot and a few text edits.  This kid is sex on a stick.

10/17/2013 Heirs Epi 4- It has a lot of characters but the transitions and coverage,  still choppy.  Glad to finally see Im Joo-eun.  I think after next week, the show will settle in.   Still a little choppy with scenes but just seems to be getting in the groove.

10/16/2013-Well I am kind of tired about reading about Jane Addams  and also European Religious Wars, so I was glad to watch Heirs Episode 3, and just be delighted with most of the epi.  Will try to post my thoughts this weekend.

10/15/2013-Mirae’s Choice- epi 2-Enjoyed this episode.  Not feeling Smoulder Shoulders.    I am enjoying Jung Yong-hwa as Park Se-joo.  He’s really stepped up his acting, much more natural.  But then again this role is more personable than his past roles.  I am not a second lead syndrome person, even in something like Master’s Sun in which I could not stand the lead male character.  However I am completely absolutely down with Dream High-esque lead switch in this.

I really wish Outside Seoul was on WordPress because I’d totally reblog this, just HA!  A Guide for K Drama Characters in America

10/14/2013-Mirae’s Choice Epi 1-It was okay.

 10/13/2013-Unemployed Romance Epi 2-omg the chickens.  And the Zombie MV, and the class of idols. Hahahaha!

Can we have  the Heirs The Kang Haneul and Im Joo-eun Hot For Teacher thing now please? Trying to wait patiently. Sigh.  Tick Tock Tick Tock.

10/12/2013-Does anyone else get weirded out by comments or blogs of k drama viewers that cannot separate the actors from the characters?  The posts talking about scenes in a drama epi, just for a hypothetical example- “Woo Bin and Park Shin Hye Meet Outdoors” and it’s a scene from a drama?  Or people that think two leads look good together and hope they are a couple in real life, or that because the actors kiss, they are probably a real couple?  Or  how about fans that do not like drama castings and name who they prefer in the role,  like they have a say?  Or think that their bias has been slighted by not being “given” the lead role?

I’m going to just say it: All of these people scare the crap out of me.

10/10/2013:   LOTS of thought, mostly positive and interesting thoughts,  after Heirs Epi 2.    Will save thoughts for a Week in K Drama post this weekend.    I am tired, glad the weekend is coming up even though I have to start a paper.


Heirs First Impressions on Leads:

1-Cha Eun-sang- Would you like some cheese with that the world owes me and my Mom is not good enough attitude?    You know, I can take abrasive and hold the world at arms length female leads.  I even like cranky female leads.  But treating your hardworking Mom like an embarrassment, not cool.   Welcome to the club of people that have loser siblings.  Here’s a clue, life is not fair.    Way to go making your lead female character totally unlikeable.

2-Kim Tan-Totally a little more broody  but a little Logan Echolls flavored as I’ve said before.  I’m okay with that.  Lee Min-ho speaking English.  I was totally hot for okay with that too.

So, the writer said in an interview that the director is changing her dialogue.

Go Here for interview

Well that is just scary and bad.  That offends ME, let alone how that negates the role of a writer.   That only works if your, say, JOSS FRIGGIN WHEDON.  And I’m pretty sir this Directornim  is not  Joss Whedon.   Oh, dammit all, I just had the thought what the hell would happen if Joss Whedon did work on a K drama?   Me and my fantasies.


This page is where you will find my daily and weekly commentary that randomly spews forth.  Feel free to comment/open discussion.  The old Random Thoughts from the Sidebar are found here: Random Thoughts Archive.

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14 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Caitlyn Burton
    Oct 11, 2013 @ 06:40:52

    Oh, Logan Echolls, totally! Also, I like the new layout. I’ve always thought that the sidebar/random thoughts needs a comment section because I always see your thoughts and want to reply to them, lol


    • randomsoju
      Oct 11, 2013 @ 15:14:42

      Actually probably a combination of Logan and Duncan. Something about the mood of Heirs reminds me of Veronica Mars. Without Veronica Mars and the brilliance of course. But the mood-The cynical disillusioned inertia of the young people, that masked simmering anger and discontent. Thanks, I agree on the sidebar comments needed! I am sure that if i paid for services I might be able to add get a widget, but hey, a static page works too.for free lol


  2. Caitlyn (@miss_kayti)
    Oct 14, 2013 @ 07:13:51

    The fans who get upset that their idol wasn’t cast in something are scary, lol, especially the ones who love an idol who can’t act. They’re watching him through rose coloured glasses, urgh.


  3. Caitlyn Burton
    Oct 16, 2013 @ 23:05:37

    I really liked Yong Hwa in Mirae’s Choice as well, and he’s a bit improved since his last acting venture. The love at first sight thing was cute.


  4. Caitlyn Burton
    Nov 03, 2013 @ 02:56:54

    “I keep seeing a trend lately on the threads, a LOT of people that seem to come to a thread for the purpose of bashing on actors or writers, instead of people interested in the drama whether for simple viewing pleasure, fans of cast members, or those that are into filmmaking/theory/crit analysis.”

    Okay, I’m so glad you said that because I thought I was the only one that had noticed it. It’s totally gotten worse, right? Way more negative commentary and not enough people actually writing about the good things.


    • randomsoju
      Nov 03, 2013 @ 03:42:44

      It started to escalate about the time Good Doctor began and/or Heirs was first announced. And then it got weird when Heirs began. I noticed it was not so much I hate everything about Heirs and especially LMH on epi 9, but still a lot of hate, and there was less hey watch Secret instead comments. I am going to be curious to see how much of it declines in 2 weeks when Secret wraps.

      I’m hoping mid point of Heirs is kind of like middle of term at uni–a lot less people around due to drop-outs lol.


      • Caitlyn Burton
        Nov 04, 2013 @ 08:08:58

        You know what Dramabeans thread is really cute? Reply 1994. It’s just people talking about how adorable the boys are, and wondering what Oppa is really feeling. It’s a nice comments section to be around. As to Oppa being gay, I would absolutely love it if he ends up with Binggeure in the end. Won’t happen, but it would be awesome if it did! Plus, that would be a good way for Oppa and Na Jeong to stay on good terms and not be awkward even if she ended up confessing and he rejected her.


        • randomsoju
          Nov 04, 2013 @ 21:38:22

          I think it would be absolutely great if he is gay also. Even if they tread lightly and not have he and Binggeure together. I think it would have the most impact if Oppa is a mystery and the reveal would not come well until the end of the show, quietly, as almost a throwaway moment involving a scene with the parents (having always known) after NJ has already committed to CB. She’s already confessed to Oppa, right? -he blew it off as an April Fool’s Joke.

  5. Caitlyn Burton
    Nov 05, 2013 @ 06:23:22

    Well, yeah, but i don’t consider it a confession unless he takes it seriously and gives her a proper answer, lol.

    I like that idea, that it’s just a thing the parents know. I guess it would be a bit more meaningful if Na Jeong fell for Chilbongie before finding out Oppa was gay, but it’d also be a good way of getting over him. I’m not sure which one I prefer, in this hypothetical situation, ha ha


  6. Caitlyn (@miss_kayti)
    Dec 06, 2013 @ 08:32:32

    If that was a commercial for cigarettes, i’d buy cigarettes, lol. Lee Jong Suk could literally sell me anything. Except a medical drama. If his next drama is a medical drama, I’m going to have issues..


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