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Don’t say Yoon Si Yoon did not warn you.







January to March 2014:


Well another quarter has come and gone.  I was going to do a blog post on my impressions, but I really do not have a lot of good to say so:


Lets Eat was delicious!

Can We Love:  Oh Boy was a great male character and Jung Wan was a great female character.

Age of Feeling.  MO. IL. HWA.     I never thought I’d think the words skirt fluffing or skirt swag, let alone say them or type them.





03/23/2013-The Season of paper Writing Hell Begins!

Has a meet up with fellow addicts yesterday, so great!

Enjoying Bride of the Century. Lamenting the end of Let’s Eat, and  well, Mo Il Hwa, yeah, I likey.

I’ll be doing a post on the wrap of Can We Love—eventually, it’s slow going.

02/20/2014-Where has February gone?

Completely dropped Miss Korea.

I Need Romance 3 is boring.  The little Yoo Boy is adorable though.

Hot Star Guy sucked me in with a couple of good episodes and then lost me again when Song Yi started planning marriage and living together in her head.  Sometimes I really hate this show.  I’m in it for the ending at this point though.

Can We Love?   Not sure where any of this is going and I really hate they turned a strong career woman into a psycho.

Age of Feeling- I’m behind and probably will not catch up anytime soon.  What the hell is the point of this drama?  It’s like watching a bloody dirty version of Heirs without the awesome coats.  Mo Il Hwa.  Yum. That’s the only reason.  When he gets killed off I’m probably done.  Cause you know everyone is probably going to die, right?

Emergency Couple- Do I care at all?  Not really.

I have to catch up on Let’s Eat and Golden Rainbow, but I only really care about Let’s Eat.  It’s happy making.

Yes, I m not liking much of anything.    I am not even sure what else is on or is coming on.  And going into March, paper writing commences until  May.

01/20/2014-So I see Empress Ki has killer ratings but I’m wondering  who is watching it?   I know of one person.  There doesn’t seem to be much chatter in my realm of existence.  I haven’t been on Dramabeans open thread in months though.   I see that The Talking Cupboard, Couch-Kimchi, and Koala’s Playground are recapping.   I’m not a Sageuk person so it would have to be a killer cast of my absolute favorite people to get me to watch it, and well, it doesn’t have that lol.

As of Epi 21, yeah with Golden Rainbow I’m watching scenes with Jung Il Woo and/or UEE in it only and skipping through the rest because that’s all I’ve got left to give this drama.

Sometime last week lol….

Hot Star Guy-Do you know how quickly that guy would have been nekked if I was Song-yi?   Remember in Heirs when Eun-sang said she should have looked?   Song-yi, yeah, FAIL.

I said this in the first episode, at least they told us up front that sexual intimacy was not going to happen.  That we got a kiss at all was amazing.  You put one of the most beautiful men on the planet in a drama with a really sexy woman and you make it deadly for them to even kiss?  Only in Twilight and k drama could this whatthefuckery exist.

01/15/2014- I Need Romance 3 Episodes 1 and 2-

I have not been crazy about the other 2 INR and I am not particularly fond of either male leads. But as this one seemed a little different and the female leads were compelling, so I decided to check out this drama and was liking it…until the cat fight.  That was pretty disgusting.  One thing I cannot stand is women fighting over a man instead of addressing the real issue, the guy is the problem.  You can’t “steal” anyone from a relationship.  People cheat and leave by their own choice.  The former best friend cheated with the high school boyfriend, AND also took up with the current boyfriend?  And people want to see this friendship develop?  How do you redeem someone that morally flexible?

I really liked what the were doing with the female character development, with her trust issues.  I however hope they stop with some of the  cute and girlish acting.  The actress is  beautiful, but she is a woman, elegant and patrician, well beyond acting like a little girl.  It just looks silly.

Yes we are getting some dramas that seem a little different and the female leads are promising, but, I seeing some still disturbing stuff that is driving me crazy.  This is nothing new, do not get me wrong, but in the midst of female characters taking fem steps forward, we are still getting the message that women have a certain role to fulfill.  It’s sometimes these small little moments.

Reply 1994- Moms’s role was what?  In the kitchen, doing laundry, or getting the eye from Dad.  Na-jeong ends up a housewife.  Yoon-jin complains about having to work.

The Prime Minister and I- Reporter Girl is most attractive to the PM when she is with the kids.

Can We Love-The Interior Designer’s employers conversations about how she is mest because she never married, implying she has an unnatural libido and hormonal issues (crazy and cranky) because shes not having married sex and having kids.

The Thrice Married Woman- Eun-soo marrying a man she did not even like because he was handsome and rich. Living in a relationship where she is basically a house elf and is told she doesn’t need to know stuff…and she’s totally okay with that.    Joo-ha telling to really think hard about leaving her cheater husband because she’s already once divorced and he’s handsome and rich and she might not find such a comfortable situation again.  Hyun-soo, the unmarried woman,  considered too serious and bossy in a negative way by other characters, when in fact she is is just a strong, serious person  that tells it like it is, but that is considered unfeminine?

HotStarGuy- Song-yi attempts to entice Min Joon by aeygo and batting her eyes.  He kisses her and is poisoned by her saliva and is weak and sick.  In case you don’t get that, that is saying women are evil seductresses that tempt men and make them weak and suck the life from them.  When she got stuck in the sleeping bag and he wouldn’t let her out and dumped her on the couch=women need to be controlled and put in their place and they should stay there until wanted.

01/14/2014-Can We Love Epi 3-

Ex-hubby already lying to his college age chippie fiance.  Tsk tsk tsk.

Girlfriend might get a little help in not being so tired if she stopped working manual jobs in high heels.  Just saying.

01/12/2014-Hot Star Guy this week-The spoonworm craving , well cannot call that subtle innuendo eh?   Gold Rainbow-Well that was one ugly second kiss but points to Baek Won for grabbing Do-Young by the lapels for the first one.  Literally lol.



I just started watching Thrice Married Woman.  I had no clue what was happening during most of the first episode, most of the time I was like wait what is happening who is with who and was with who and who has a kid and, yeah, that happened.    My take away from the first episode is that I kind of wish  the older sister was the main character because she is way more interesting and relatable than the sister that chose a 2nd marriage over her daughter.  When the older sister was yelling at the younger in a flashback and the younger sister said was she supposed to give up everything for her daughter–wow that made it really hard to like her going forward, because you know, the answer to that is YES.


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  1. Caitlyn Burton
    Jan 24, 2014 @ 22:38:23

    You must only be watching about 5 minutes of each episode of Golden Rainbow, if you’re only watching the Do Young/Baek Won moments, lol. I agree, they’re pretty much the only people worth watching the show for. I like the older brother too though, although I don’t care for the girl they’re trying to get him together with.

    I was thinking about watching Empress Ki when people were talking about it early on, but a long sageuk spanning several decades? Urgh, not my scene at all.


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