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Don’t say Yoon Si Yoon did not warn you.


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AND now to the increasingly occasional commentary…..

April to June 2014



June 16, 2014

So, here is a disclaimer of sorts.  You know, I don’t even know all the people in SuJu, & never will.  Their music does nothing for me.   I know Siwon and Donghae and Heechul from drama stuff.  I know Eunhyuk because he dances like a stripper and I am extremely okay with that.   But I just can’t deal with all of them.   So Exo, I can remember checking out that Howl video randomly, and thinking, meh, these people give me a headache.  Exo is just not going to happen.  There are TOO many of them and I just do not care.

Someone recommended I check out Boyfriend.  They look like they are 12.  No.

Okay now that I’ve  got that off my chest….

I’ve noticed a lot more crits or negativity about Coffee Prince from random comments on boards and tweets etc.  So, is it becoming ‘cool’ to hate on CP like it is to hate on BOF? WAE?  Seriously?    You know, people can get away with crit-ing BOF because as much fun as it was, it legitimately was a hot mess.   But CP?  It was pretty good all over from cast to production to satisfying wrap up, and  it definitely did it’s own thing.  AND it had good, realistic kissing scenes AND it had sex, gasp.  it also had compelling and interesting side stories with the secondary and tertiary characters.   The center romance message was love is about the person, nothing else, not gender, not status, not social or cultural or gender role expectations.   That’s a friggin awesome message.  You had a girl that wanted a better life and was working her brains out to get it for her family, trying to figure out what she wanted out of life,  and a guy that said okay, despite my love for toy making,  my family and my love come first and I have to make that work. Throw in sex/gender confusion hijinks and best friends falling in love.  Did I mention the kissing and the sex?   What more do you want people?



June 6, 2014:   I’m going to have to start countdown widgets:  Yoon Shi Yoon enlisted as do Park Ki-woong.  Word is Jaejoong and Yoochun are enlisting later this year.


Fall in Love With Me:  Arron Yan is pretty and he cockblocks himself.  Other than Butler Fu Butler Fu-ing, not much else happens lol.

Started another T Drama,  Love Me or You.   The male lead is a beta male.  The female is strong and independent-a bit of gender role lead subversion.  I’ll take it.


You Are All Surrounded:   It’s okay.

Grandpa Detectives:  Meh.

Rock and Road-Behind.  Might stay behind lol.

Dr. Stranger-Still wtf.  Lee Jong Suk and Kang Sora rock.

Triangle-I ran away from the banty rooster detective brother.  Jaejoong, I liked,  but I could not hang with the rest.

Witches Romance-it’s still got cute, it did a good job with the old love arc, love the Mom romance, but the main characters totally backed off the heat, which was important to the characters.  Wae K drama Wae!

May 17:

Enjoying the T Drama,  Fall in Love With Me:  No one is a complete moron, well except for the fact that characters have bought that there are two people that look exactly like Aaron Yan running around.  Has no one noticed the same mole on the ear, copious use of bb cream and the hair color of  both “versions”  changed at the same time?

I need someone to Butler Fu my life.

NewKDramaAddict tweeted that Netflix has Taiwanese Dramas!  I could not believe that Autumn’s Concerto and My Queen are on Netflix!  Wow!

4 epi’s in to You’re All Surrounded, and I’m okay with it.  Like most k dramas, it’s not the comedy it was made out to be, and it will get more ugly as we go along.  I think one character may be gay which would be great.  I like that the big boss is a woman, even though I am totally expecting her to go political machinations darkside.  Another woman is the head of Missing Persons, but they totally destroyed her by her second scene, as she acted like a crazy scorned woman, slapping her former lover in the middle of the squad room.  FAIL.  They have written Go Ara’s character as a kind of stupid bossy girl with a heart of gold.  The Puppy spends most of his dialogue telling her she is an idiot.  I can’t get enough of that over used trope.  NOT.  So tired of the stupid girl bs.  YAS scored major points with me for using My Chemical Romance in the closing scenes of the episodes.

A Witches Romance-We have entered into the season of angst.  I hate to tell viewers that have dove into this because of the great rom com part, that the majority of the rest of the drama will likely be angsty if it follows the original My Queen.

Grandpa Detective Agency- IDK.  I want to like it.  I ‘ll give it another episode.

Rock n Road-I’m behind.

The first 2 episodes of Dr. Stranger were hysterically BAD.  Especially the 2nd.   Not as hysterically funny bad as Cubic.  The logic was OUT the window. It was like someone was putting together a Covertly Greatly City Hunter Medical Top Team mashup.   If City Hunter had plot holes Optimus Prime could walk through, Dr. Stranger needs to watch out for Godzilla.    Lee Jong Suk however was his usually awesome.  I will leave that show to a maybe later despite that I hear the next 2 episodes had some really cute stuff with LJS, and I love me the some King of Shoulder Porn.

Triangle-Watched 2 episodes.  Jaejoong was very interesting to watch.  A lot of people toot the horn of Lee Beom-soo,  but I just don’t get this actor.  He bug eye acts every scene, and just, no.  I found myself laughing in his scenes, that were not supposed to be funny.  When he stalked into the restaurant private room like a  puffed up banty rooster trying to be bad ass…in his socks, I just cracked up.  He’s just not doing it for me as the tough weather beaten cop.  Not at all, I’m laughing just writing this.  And the profiler lady, ha, she wore white pants and heels to a crime scene.  Yeah….NO, credibility there.    I do not know if I will go back to this or not.


It’s April 16 and this is my first comment.  Yeah, so that tells you I have not been in the blog world much.  This semester is almost over, whew.


Unfortunately k drama world has not improved much for me. Nothing is really good to me. BOO.

I have come to the conclusion that I just do not like the same stuff most people do.  I’m totally okay with that, I just end up going through periods of tuning out because I cannot relate to some of the net conversations/blogs/comments/tweets.

This year I end up dropping more that I am watching.

I do miss my sexy weirdo Mo Il Hwa.

Dropped Sly and Single, Emergency Couple, and I cannot even remember what else.  Oh,  Secret Love Affair is a snooze fest.   I was thinking today, if that is what passes for steam these days, geez if they aired something like Scent of a Woman now, it would practically be porn.  The tango scene, good stuff.

Wrapped Bride of the Century.  Started with a bang, lost me with personality changes in the middle and the circular plot, but the lead actors kept me watching.  I can’t say I loved it but it had it’s moments and I liked the end game message-commitment is not about a piece of paper.   It’s also a rare drama that wrapped almost all of the plot bunnies.  I did not particularly care for the redemption of the homicidal crazy ladies, all of them, but that’s nothing new in kdrama is it?

Tried Angel Eyes.  I don’t think I can take all the silly medical stuff, and if it’s going where I think it’s going, it will give a whole new level to falling in love with a girl like dear old mom.

Watched this totally insane Thai drama, Cubic,  It’s horrible.  I laughed and laughed…not supposed to laugh, but I was like omg this is awful, let’s watch some more!

Started the new Taiwan Drama- Aaron Yan drama, so far okay.  Checked out Rock n Road.  Hate the girl, love the rock hard party nipples on the lead guy.  Why  girl gotta be so dumb?

Witches’ Romance-HATE the title.  Hate they are demonizing a driven working woman.  The messages K drama sends out about women sometimes, sigh.   Like the connection with the lead characters, and damn they open mouth kiss.  I hope it’s not going to be just in a couple of episodes to hook us and then they go puritan.   The Taiwan drama this came from, My Queen, I really like alot.

Will check out Dr. Stranger, You’re Surrounded, Grandpa Detectives,  when they come out.    Might check out Triangle for Jaejoong, but probably will not watch, not my type of drama.





This page is where you will find my daily and weekly commentary that randomly spews forth.  Feel free to comment/open discussion.  The old Random Thoughts from the Sidebar are found here: Random Thoughts Archive.

This page  will be archived on a quarterly basis also in Random Thoughts Archive.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christina Rauh Fishburne
    Apr 27, 2014 @ 03:13:10

    Dr. Stranger looks good. I’m still catching up on, well, everything. Almost done with Coffee Prince and about to explode from all the intensity.


  2. Caitlyn Burton
    May 11, 2014 @ 07:10:17

    Ha ha, I knew you’d hate the girl from Rock n Road. They’re up to episode 8 now, and she’s finally become mostly watchable.
    Secret Love Affair totally ripped people off, I reckon. Like, the teasers gave people certain expectations that the drama hasn’t met.


  3. Caitlyn Burton
    May 17, 2014 @ 22:48:24

    Yay to Fall In Love With Me. I’m really enjoying it.


  4. Caitlyn Burton
    Jun 14, 2014 @ 05:22:29

    I think your blog is perfectly navigable…


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