My K Drama Year in Review 2016 PART 2 OF 2

lucky romance

Okay, let me say this up front, because you know I have to:  This is based solely on the Dramas I have WATCHED.

Best Drama- My Dear Friends-Drama of the Year, hands down


Most Enjoyable Drama-Let’s Fight Ghost

Best Female Lead Character- Cheong, Legend of the Blue Sea.  Smart, kind, funny, crazy sexy, cool.  She knew what was important and what she wanted.


Best Male Lead Character- Go Nan-gil, The Man Living In Our House.  Nan-gil, really, grew up well and was nothing but love.  He just needed to use his words, lol. When he did, pay attention.


Knock Out Performance-Lee Joong Gi as Wang So.  Cruel, kind, loving, loyal, crazy, evil, broken, strong. A hot lovely obsessive mess of a man.

Best Bromance-The Ghost Facers of Let’s Fight Ghost

Image result for let's fight ghost chun sang

Best Sisters Friends-The friends in My Dear Friends.  Oh Choong nam was a queen.

Image result for oh choong nam my dear friends

Most Unique Lead-Gong Shim and Ahn Dan Tae-these two darlings, with their own ways of looking at life.

andan tae

Funniest Lead-Cheong, Ahn Dan Tae and Louis

Related image



Dumbest Lead-both leads in K2 were pretty moronic.

Most Sassy Lead of The Year:  Note: this exists this year because of one person:

Image result for park bo gum sassy moonlight

Special mention from C-Drama-Best tertiary characters that we wanted to be leads-  KO and Beauty in Love 020.


Characters that need a spin off– See above, KO and Beauty

Memorable Supporting Characters-

Image result for another oh hae young  park soo kyung funny

Park Soo Kyung in Another Oh Hae Young-Soo Kyung was outrageous, and while comic relief, she’s also a cautionary tale, the future for Hae Young if she doesn’t stop being outrageous herself and stop living in the past, at the same time she shows a smart capable woman that can get her act together if she tried, and it is never too late.  I am not fond of the pregnancy plot as a wake up call for her and Roof Top Party Jin Sang however.

Yeon Ha in My Dear Friends-God almighty this man.  THIS MAN, such a beautiful soul.


Biggest Waste of Talent-

The cast of Mirror of the Witch

The cast of Entertainer

Lee Jong Suk in THOSE jeans,  and Lee Tae Hwan,  in W,  my stars  the lost potential for bromance was tragic.

Lee Joon in Vampire Detective.  VAMPIRE.  TEETH.  BITING.  LEE JOON.  What in the blue hell, drama gods?

Freshest Face/Notable Presence-

Lee Se-young  in Vampire Detective until they totally sidelined the character

Image result for lee se young vampire detective

Seo Ye-ji in Moorim School

Related image


Do Ji Han as Ban Ryu-maybe not completely fresh, but a stand out in Hwarang

Image result for ban ryu hwarang

Nam Joo Hyuk- he was in Cheese in the Trap as a tertiary character at the beginning of the year, then a almost secondary character in Scarlet Heart, and then the lead male character in Bok Joo, where his energy was just lovely.


Minah in Gong Shim-what a super job being a quirky woman


Best Sound Effect-

Catchphrase of the year- SWAG!

Fun Fashion-Lucky Romance-Between the cholo shirts and shorts, and the funky denim and the great earrings, such fun visually.  And Lee Soo Hyuk in that one scene in those jeans. Dude.

Iconic Scenes-

Scarlet Heart- I can pick only 2?

Bath Scene-


Rain Scene-


REALITY of Lee Joon Gi….


Descendants of the Sun-

Most Visually Beautiful Drama- too many, they all get it?

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds


Scarlet Heart

Descendants of the Sun

And the Gaksital Award Goes to:

Image result for Gaksital meme

Scarlet Heart- Wang Geon tormenting his family with rigid court laws and marriage and baby making as diplomacy, allowing the crazy wife to be crazy and evil for DECADES,  HANGING the love of his life,  and torturing Hae Soo and then later relying on her and telling her to live for the happiness moment and the future because life is too short.  Fuck you Wang, you set up and enable ALL of that misery.

Image result for scarlet heart torturing hae soo wang geon

Goblin-WHY was Shin being punished SO much?  WAE!? WAE!?

Biggest Surprise-

Lee Tae Hwan being the bright kid in Thumping Spike

How much I loved goofy Onew in Descendants of the Sun

How much I liked DotS

How much I liked Oh Hae Young

That I watched Oh Hae Young and Romantic Dr. Kim because I dislike Seo Hyun Jin as an actress.

Kim So Hyun as an action/fighting scene character

Mane of Glory

Wang So-early days, the more messy, the better. Not gonna lie.  It might have been the blood, mask, scar, and/or the crazy all over his face.

Soo-ho-Not gonna lie, it might have been the earrings.



Image result for moonlight in the clouds kwak dong yeon

Best Kisses-

Oh Hae Young

Runner up-Romantic Doctor Kim

Best Use of Guest Stars-Kwang soo, Jo In Sung, and Daniel Henney in My Dear Friends

Person that was in everything-Sung Dong-il


My Dear Friends-cameo


Legend of the Blue Sea

Scarlet Heart


Biggest Feels– Scarlet Heart Ryeo-all those poor tragic babies

Goblin-Shin suffered.

Both he and and Wang So ended up alone.  Bothers me so much, just like in Rooftop Prince, even more so that in Rooftop Prince.

This year definitely proved the favorite drama is not always the best, and best and favorites are not always what you might recommend to others.

That’s it folks, see ya next year, hopefully in January instead of March!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kwenzqoatl
    Mar 12, 2017 @ 21:17:26

    Let’s fight Ghost was really cute. I’ve seen almost all of these. 😀


  2. Chaerin
    Mar 12, 2017 @ 22:02:47

    That picture of Bogummy! Ha! I still find it hilarious that he took ages to get into the character because Bogummy in real life is basically a sweet little cupcake who doesn’t know how to be arrogant or sassy.

    “Special mention from C-Drama-Best tertiary characters that we wanted to be leads- KO and Beauty in Love 020.” Sigh. What could’ve been. Definitely ripe for a spinoff, we’d all watch it.

    I need to see Do Ji Han in something else to decide whether I like him or not, because after Hwarang, I really want to like him. I loved Ban Ryu but I’m pretty sure that had about 20% to do with the actor and 80% to do with the character. But the little smiles that I so loved, that was Do Ji Han, so that is something I want to see more of.

    So much Scarlet Heart in this post. Ah, the perfection that is Lee Joongi. If i was on my phone right now, I’d be putting little love heart emoji’s right here.

    Kwang Soo in Hwarang is one of my favourite guest star moments. I cried every time he came on screen in a flashback, lol


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