Seven First…mind effing in progress


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Beautiful Boys, a Sadistic Seraphim…mind effing in progress!

Apparently never been kissed Soo-jin,  customer service clerk at Lotte, meets a sadist angel?  Sadistic Seraphim sends Soo-jin on her own little spin through what could be  with 7 lovely men who offer a kiss…but yanking Soo-jin back to the present before the lips meet.

Lucifer was an angel too, you know. Just saying.

Soo-jin has met six bachelors and all we have left is Lee Min ho’s character. With LMH being the last character that’s a big clue, but there’s no harm in a little speculation on who would she choose out of the first six?

Note:  The characters are using the actor’s real names which is super weird and crosses into real people fan fiction which is a big NO for me, BUT this is also basically a  really long Lotte Duty Free ad using Lotte CF spokespersons.




I must admit I found the Lee Joon Gi and Park Hae Jin arcs a bit awkward, if not creepy. Especially Joon Gi the church oppa that secretly took pictures of Soo-jin as a child – WAY neighborhood creeper, sorry my lovely man.  Park Hae-jin was his trademark cold but compelling character.




Ji Wook’s episode was exciting, a tad silly,  but could he really settle down?




She was super thirsty with Taec, but that was escalated as  she’d been cockblocked by the sadistic seraphim with 3 super hot men. I mean seriously her panties were probably on fire after meeting Taec.




I felt she was most comfortable and had the most chemistry with Kai. Certainly the most sweet and charming arc.




Despite her happy arc with Kai, Soo-jin seemed the most honestly “herself” with Lee Jong Suk, I think, and almost as engaged in the kiss as with Kai.  But Jong Suk would have kiss chemistry with a light post so possibly I’m getting a false positive.




Based on comfort and chemistry, I  totally pick Kai.




Based on the Soo-jin character as a department store customer service person, I can see her being attracted to a hard-working middle management guy like Park Hae Jin’s character, but she never seemed comfortable with him.

Jong Suk’s arc was different from all of the others, he was not pursuing her but rather, it was an “Acting” kiss- but yet arguably the prettiest almost kiss.

So, best almost kissed? For me, Kai and Lee Jong Suk. As stated, LJS always performs.

I was most surprised that I disliked Lee Joon Gi’s arc, and that I really liked Kai’s arc and his chemistry with the actress.


What do you think?  Which arc did you like the best?  Which almost kiss?   And where will Lee Min Ho fit in as the wildcard?


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  1. Caitlyn (@miss_kayti)
    Jan 01, 2017 @ 03:09:14

    I wonder if Minho will be the only person that she doesn’t recognise. Like, he’s not Lee Minho, he’s just a regular guy. I’m with you about Kai and Jongsuk, that’s who I would put my money on. Lee Joongi was creepy, Park Hae Jin wasn’t anything special, Taec was makjang and Ji Chang Wook was too impractical. I liked Jongsuk’s episode and, if they kiss, it might turn into something, instead of the other arcs in which something was started that she wasn’t involved in.


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