My Year in Review 2015-Part 2 of 2…annnd now it’s May?




Better Later than never?

Best Drama

As always a tough decision, but this year I have a much wider field of dramas to choose from  than usual, so that means it was really a good drama year for me!

Contenders:  Hogu’s Love, Reply 1988, Producer, Kill Me Heal Me, Angry Mom, Mask, Heart to Heart, all lovely dramas.

It narrows down to Hogu’s Love, Reply 1988, Producer, and Angry Mom.  Producer was just technically so sound. All are worthy.  My ratings boils it down to Hogu’s Love, and Reply 1998. I enjoyed both of these dramas immensely.   Reply 1988 is very very good, solid and rich, and blends the warmth with the absurd.   Hogu’s Love is an important little underrated drama that had a lot to say. Gender role subversion, it had a beta male lead, it tackled subjects that you don’t see many k drama female leads tackle-ambition and career, rape, unwanted pregnancy, how the personal life affects a career, what to do when you are alone in the world, etc., done in a heartbreaking and warm way, right along with the wacky and crazy of Hogu’s nerdiness and family life. Not to mention the inside jokes and references on k drama, the puns, and art parody, it was a win for me.


I dearly loved Reply 1988, but I have to give this years ‘ nod to the quintessential underdog because it’s rich as Reply with some tough subject matter we don’t see addressed in a progressive way in K Drama:

Hogu’s Love


For my favorite drama…

ahh, another hard call from that same field.  What’s sticky?  Hogu’s Love, the themes are important. Angry Mom resonates.   Kill Me Heal Me rocked me, so damn entertaining and I loved the color themes and small things in the drama as well.  Producer was charming. Mask was delightful. Reply 1998 could easily be best and favorite drama, and deservedly so. All of these dramas I could easily sway towards and put in this spot.   However my favorite drama was not even a great drama, but I enjoyed it, because the weird and dark and crazy was all there for me. I Remember You has a lot of wtf, and the fem lead is really not what I would want her to be, she’s so overshadowed by the charisma and chemistry between the male characters, but the drama is oh so engaging.

I Remember You



With a Special Mention of oomph, and heart feels and crazy enjoyment of:

Kill Me Heal Me

 SeGi, so heartbreaking

Best Female Lead

One of the great things about 2015 were the female characters.   My ratings give it to Young Shin in Healer and I agree with myself haha.   She can support herself, even though she lives with Dad, hey, culture, she pursues a career, and she’s no shrinking violet.  And I want her shearling coat.


Knock Out Performance

Ji Sung in Kill Me Heal Me

A true fangirl


Kim Hee-sun in Angry Mom


Jung Kyung Ho in Falling For Innocence


Special Mention:


Best Bromance

Yo-na and Ri-jin

ri jin and yo na




Ji-an, Hyeon, and Min



Most Lovable Characters:


Ahjussi Unni Appa




Min-what’s its say when a sociopath is lovable?



That’s a lot of Bo Gum.  I’m okay with that.


Let’s Hear it for the Beta Males Leads, yes plural:


Healer-Yes, seriously.

Choi Joon-ki -High Society

Park No-ah-Angry Mom ?

Joon-mo and Seung-chan – Producer- argue over which one was lead if you want, both were beta males really.


The Guy that is in everything:

Choi Won-young





Best Female Friendships-Can I say how excited I am for this category?

Yoona and Ji-yi


Mi-ran, Il-hwa, and Sun-Young


Ahjussi Eunnie Appa and Jin Joo



Gang-ja and Su-hee


Joon Sung and Ji woong

song and heny


Most Unique Lead

Poor sweet Hogu


Funniest Lead

Kang Min Ho


Dumbest Lead

Poor sweet Hogu


Kim Soon Jung


Best Second Leads

Ji-yi and Chang-soo


Gang-chul and Ho-gyeong


Best Supporting Characters

Everyone in She Was Pretty

Everyone in Reply 1988, what a great ensemble cast

Everyone in Angry Mom

Wendy and The Secretary

Min ja

Diver Ahjumma, The Black Pearl, and The Mayor

Joon Sung and Ji woong


Best Supporting Characters that were really the lead characters

Ji-yi and Chang-soo

Noona and Sun woo

Related image

Diver Ahjumma and The Black Pearl



Characters that need a spin off

The Mayor and his family in Warm and Cozy


The I can’t even, facepalm scenes


Uneven Bars Routine and jumping through a glass window for no apparent reason-still never getting over the Stephen J. Cannell is punking me feeling


Biggest Personality Transplants

 What the hell happened to these awesome female characters after episode 8?

Biggest waste of talent

Lee Jun Ki and Lee Soo Hyuk in Scholar

Lee Jong Suk in Pinocchio


Most Over Used Trope:

Childhood Connection/Fated To Love You

This list is ridiculously long, for just from my viewing list.  Stop it K Drama!

Hogu’s Love

Reply 1988

Kill Me Heal Me

She Was Pretty


I Order You


Heart to Heart

I Remember You

Let’s Eat


The Girl Who Sees Smells


Most Beautiful Clothes

The Scholar’s


Biggest Moral Flexibility Question -Do We Want Them To Use Their Powers For Good Or Evil?



Gaksital Award

And the winner is…



Sexiest Drama…That Somehow Wasn’t




Sung Hoon

Kim Seul Gi-not really, but she leveled up to show she can carry a lead role


Ryu Hye-young-not really, because she’s moved from film into some tv roles, but yay for us in kdrama


Freshest Faces

(My fresh face from last year was Park Bo Gum.  Just saying…I have more choices this year, so who is having a banner year in 2016?)


Lim Ji-yeon -Not really a newbie either, but she’s been in more film roles but another win for kdrama.


Ji Soo-if I had to pick only one….

Nam Joo-hyuk


Lee Tae-Hwan


Lee Won-keon


Tae Mi


Image result for school 2015


Bitches NEED to Die:

Kang So-young in School 2015 –she needs to burn.


Kwon Soo-ah in Sassy GoGo –I really disliked this redemption of this awful character.  You can say I have no sympathy for the pressure she was under to her parent and culture, but pressure from parents did not make her mean, which she was,  and doing a personality transplant at the end of the drama doesn’t change that she was calculating and vicious, and violent, for the majority of the drama.

Great meme livinginloganland lol

Lee Joon Hee in Falling for Innocence, just shut up and die.  You know, by a  slow moving Fiat of Doom, so it’s ultimately fatal but you linger and suffer from your injuries.


Most Overrated

Healer and Oh My Venus and Pinocchio

Most Overhyped

Healer…and most over squeed and people would not shut the hell up over it, breaking into other conversations on various sites and blogs to bring up Healer.   The OTP was great, Minja was great, Dad and the gangster ahjussi’s were great,  but the drama in whole was not great, or entertaining.  In fact, a lot of the backstory was boring as hell.  I rate good on if I pay attention and how much I skip, and wow, I skipped or didn’t care about a LOT of this drama outside of the OTP from at least the halfway mark of the run.

Most underrated

Hogu’s Love


Biggest Disappointment

Let’s Eat 2

You are cute but you are not Barassi.  Go home.


You are no Noona and I do not like you, go away.


Biggest Surprise



Best Kisses

I Order You


Noona and Sun-woo Reply 1988




Guilty Pleasure

Noble My Love, or as I tweeted when I first watched it, Noble? My ass.


Shower Scenes of the Year:


Girl broody shower scene, hey, would you look at that.




And Last But NOT Least, Best Accessory or Real Star of the Show:

Hyeon’s Wardrobe, er, hair, er body, forearms, everything okay pick something okay, his Trousers?

Seriously, the Wardobe, Hair, and Make-up People along with Seo In Guk’s Genes and Plastic Surgeon/Skin Person and Trainer deserve all the awards and we thank them very very much.


Runner up:

Bo Gum’s Pout, Smile, Bottom Lip, Eyes, Face?  All of it, just take our friggin money, okay?


Thanks for viewing!


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  1. Caitlyn
    May 12, 2016 @ 06:16:23

    Yes to everything. I read this entire post just nodding and being like “Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep”. Bogummy just like, shot into my stratosphere last year (he was there before but kind of in the background, I guess) and hasn’t yet gone away. I hope he never does, he’s freaking adorable. And helloooooo Lee Tae Hwan, not just a pretty face. Love the fact that High Society was pretty shit but somehow ended up with such an awesome second pairing. HoGu’s Love was such a nice show, with Seulong’s thoughts and reactions still my favourite part of the show. And of course the bromance in Oh My Venus. I liked the whole show more than you anyway but at least we can agree on the boys, ha ha. Sung Hoon and Henry were just like, urgh so cute. I just really love Sung Hoon in anything, I think. He’s hitting it out of the park with Five Kids.


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