Vitality, or not?

So, Oh My Ghostess is stirring up some negativity and frustration on the part of viewers.  Once again, I’m on a completely different page than many of my peers.  I just do not get the Soon Ae hate.  Wow.  I get frustration with the writing but not hating on a perfectly entertaining character.  It’s like viewers think she is the mean girl second lead cock blocking Bong Sun lol.

It was obvious from the first few episodes this drama had something out of the norm going on.  We had two female lead characters and one male, instead of two male lead characters and one fem.  Everything in the story is circling around Soon Ae rather than Bong Sun.   People are wondering if Soon Ae is end game OTP with Sun Woo instead of Bong Sun.   We have Soon Ae, the ghost, inhabiting Bong Sun, portrayed the majority of the time by Park Bo-young. Soon-Ae is getting much more time than Bong Sun.  The question is why?  And why are viewers hating a perfectly wonderful character instead of enjoying that the drama is not following normal tropes or looking at why the writers have Soon Ae as such a prominent story line?

So what do the cast lists tell us?

Park Bo-young is the lead actress.  Okay, we got that.  That doesn’t help sorting out which character is the lead fem CHARACTER?  The Title is Oh My Ghostess.  Is that a clue to how important Soon Ae is in the plot?

But what about the characters?  Bong Sun is listed FIRST.  Not Soon Ae.  That’s a clue right?

What about the poster?  Another clue.



And lastly, Soon Ae is DEAD.  Do the math here.

Okay so now we can logically have some reasonable consideration that we are still confused and Soon Ae is important but Bong Sun is likely end game OTP?

I’d love to know the context of the character name meanings.  I’m pretty sure Ae is love. Anyone with insight on this?

But what about all the plot revolving around Soon Ae?  We have a dead girl that is more alive than the living girl, who lives a ghost like existence.  We have a dead girl with a life interrupted that wants to have fun and experience life.  We have a living girl that tries not to be noticed and is afraid of her own shadow-her life is being interrupted by Soon Ae, and it’s having a positive impact.  We have a ghost that in order to resolve her grudge and move on, is looking to have sex.  Sex is the creation of life.  But is she looking for life or to be loved as she would love? Will having someone love her resolve her grudge?  Why is the Soon Ae story more important than Bong Sun’s? Because Soon Ae GOES for it, and Bong Sun doesn’t?  What is the message here?  We also know that Soon-Ae once had a one sided crush on Sungjae, just as Bong Sun had a one sided crush on Sun Woo, so that is a parallel in their lives but they are more polar opposites than reflections of each other.  Was Soon Ae more like Bong Sun before she died?

I really wish viewers would focus on the interesting questions rather than why Bong Sun isn’t getting more Sun Woo time.  It’s not unimportant but we cannot change this,and hello,  what begs question is what are the writers doing?  What are they saying?  Or are they just using the more entertaining fem personality?  This also is not tightly written as it should be, which is normal with k drama unfortunately. We only have 6 episodes to resolve the death mystery, the evil spirit mystery, resolve Soon Ae’s grudge/why Soon-Ae is the dominant female character, when endgame OTP is Bong Sun. and to resolve who is Sun Woo in love with?

The answer as of Episode 9 (I’ve not finished 10 yet).  Sun Woo doesn’t really know Bong Sun, but he likes the real her he gets to see outside of the boss-employee roles.  Sun woo loves Bong Sun’s blog, which a part of her personality he’s never met in person.  He sees his former self in her, the bullied child.  But Soon Ae is full of life, and he finds her as annoying in a different way, and she draws him out of his shell.   The end game will likely be Bong Sun but how do we get there and is it going to make sense or is she simply a consolation prize?   This has been my concern from the first few episodes.  But I stayed because I liked the two fem characters juxtaposition of vitality in the dead girl and the lifelessness of the living girl. I decided to watch so I’m dealing with the likely rushed and wtf ending, which frankly is what happens with most dramas lol.  I’m loving that we have a little drama here that is pushing buttons to my brain, I just hope it doesn’t just drop themes like so many dramas do in the end.


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  1. Caitlyn
    Aug 05, 2015 @ 14:42:30

    I just think we want to see Bong Sun have some proper time with Sun Woo because we do know that they are endgame. And to stop it from being rushed, he needs to have time with her now. But because it’s all about Soon Ae, it means when we do get to the end, we won’t have developed Sun Woo and Bong Sun enough. Doesn’t mean we don’t like Soon Ae or don’t enjoy watching her, but just a few scenes without her would be nice.

    I actually really love the show though. Park Bo Young is acting her pants off, and I already loved Kim Seul Gi and Jo Jung Suk. It was always gonna be pretty hard to scare me away from this one, lol, so I’m really glad it met my expectations.


    • randomsoju
      Aug 05, 2015 @ 16:06:47

      If not the first episode, the second, I think I tweeted that Soon ae was going to be the main event, and Bong Sun was going to be the consolation prize in a way-this drama was problematic in this from the start. I understand the concern and agree because I was like wow this is really going to happen from the start. It’s done better than I expected in establishing a link between BS and SW, the blogging connection, and that SW felt a similarity to BS as the introvert bullied kid. As I said, this is the drama we have, and my question is WHY is it this way? Why are the show makers not establishing Bong Sun equal time? Not that any of the complaints OR questions do anything positive lol.


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