Poll- Your Random Guesses for the 2015 Hong Sisters Leads?

The Hong Sisters latest drama is on the horizon for late Spring.  No details yet.

What are your random  guesses for leads?  I’m not looking for a list of your favorite actors or actresses.  I’m looking for who do you think is viable for a Hong Sisters drama and  ripe for a big drama in late Spring?


I’m not much for speculation, I actually kind of hate that stuff, but for some reason  I just wanted to make a list of my thoughts.  I am not a major k ent stalker and some of my choices may already have movies lined up for the time period.  Feel free to inform me lol.

Note:  Song Joong Ki is probably due to get out of the military in May but I expect they will cast it and be filming before May.


Here’s my list:

1.Lee Min Ho-This will be a no brainer.  He’s ripe for a drama.

2. Lee Jong Suk-He makes a lot of dramas.

3.  Yoochun-Yes, I said Yoochun.  He can do silly, and he’s ripe for a drama.

4.  Jung Il Woo-He does funny and quirky well, and he’s just due.

5.  Hyun Bin-that’s just a maybe on account he’s not done Hong Sisters yet.

6. Rain-He’s so damn funny, this is kind of a wish for me lol.

7.Kim Soo-hyun-also will be due for a drama, but I kind of expect him to be more interested in movies,

8. Joo Won?  Same as Kim Soo-hyun.

10.  Ji Sung- No brainer, period.

Wild Card -Jung Woo Sung.  I doubt this will happen but I like a wild card.


The female lead, this is just a wide open field to me.  I do not even know where to begin, other than the rumor about Kang Sora.  I like her, and I’d love to see her as a lead in a big drama so….


1. Kang Sora

2. Kim Seul-gi.  It’s time.

3. IU

4. Park Min-young -A month ago I’d slap you if you thought I’d put her on a list

5. Jung So-min-I need to see her in a rom com lol.

6. Kim Sung Ryung- This woman is hot and can do wacky.  Hook an ahjumma up.

7. Lee Bo-young-No brainer.

8. Park Se-young-it’s time to find out if this girl can be really funny.

9.  Im Ju-eum-Oh yes, please.

10. Yoon Eun-hye.  It would do wonders for her career.

Wildcard-Kim Tae Hee-she hasn’t been in a drama for years and she may have a Chinese project, not sure.  I don’t like this actress, but she keeps popping up in my head as someone due for a drama.




9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. snow
    Jan 24, 2015 @ 03:49:25

    Lee Min Ho, Jo Jung Suk, Byun Yo Han, Seo In Guk…for actresses…Jung So Min, Park Ha Sun, Im Jo Eum…these are some of my picks 🙂


  2. Caitlyn (@miss_kayti)
    Jan 24, 2015 @ 19:56:15

    Do you think Seul Gi has the right look for a lead actress? Not from our point of view but from a producers point of view?


    • randomsoju
      Jan 24, 2015 @ 21:58:38

      I think she’s pretty but that’s me-I see your point though. but to me some of the most popular actresses are not cookie cutter barbies in looks either. I think her romance line in Surplus Princess was a proving ground enough for me. Producers, idk, but I think she’d be great. One of the most popular rom com actresses is Gong Hyo Jin, who is not a plastic barbie doll, you know? And good grief, Hwang Jung Eum is bloody off pointing she’s SO plastic. Why not KSG?


  3. Caitlyn (@miss_kayti)
    Jan 24, 2015 @ 19:56:38

    Oh, Byun Yo Han, I like that, let’s go with that!


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