Be Arrogant (Dodohara) Review


Be Arrogant (Dodohara 도도하라) is a 2014 SBS Plus Web Drama (10 episodes).


Yoo-ra as Hong Ha-ra

Shin So-yeol as Do Ra-hee

Yoo Min-kyu as No Chul

Do not let Yoo-ra, as an idol, put you off this drama, she’s quite good in this role.

Hong Ha-ra, a fashionista always looking for a bargain, meets Do Ra-hee, a savvy and experienced discount clothing mall booth owner. Both have dated the same guy, and both have been financially ripped off by the guy, who is an attractive and sometimes charming, but weak loser, No Chul. Ha-ra has dated him, and Ra-hee was in a serious relationship with him for 6 years. No Chul has cheated on her repeatedly, and she broke up with him 6 months previously.  The two women start out with antagonism, become frenemies, and start a online shopping mall.   No Chul the loser shows back up and things get messy.

Are the women competing over him? Is life more complex than that? Or is their friendship important?

This drama is a more modern chick flick girl power drama snuck under the radar. These are women, modern, liberated, living on their own. Ha-ra is young and naïve, but has an inner strength. Ra-hee is a a more cynical and fatalistic view of the world woman, with a heart of gold, and deep feelings. Be Arrogant is all about the sister romance. This is a drama, where the viewer really doesn’t even want a male lead to show up!   While the male characters bring real life issues into the picture, they are side characters, satellites to the female relationship.

We really need to see more of this kind of drama illustrating the complexities of female friendships. Watch it.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Caitlyn (@miss_kayti)
    Jan 24, 2015 @ 19:58:10

    I’m definitely watching this. A 10 episode web drama, so presumably it’s not too long. It sounds like a good watch.


  2. Harui Ali
    Apr 10, 2015 @ 03:07:46

    This drama is a must-watch!! And wow… Yura is really good in acting in this! It’s true that we don’t want any male lead to show up! I got really mad when No Cheol showed up. Out of 10, I would give this a 9.


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