My Year In K Drama 2014 Part 3 of 3 and the winner is…


My Favorite: Misaeng


Best Quality: Misaeng

Rarely do these two categories coincide, but as I said in Part 2, I have no complaints about this drama, other than some continuity issues, I loved it to bits, and that is a rare thing.

It’s Okay That’s Love is neck and neck, but I give it to the underdog.  Both had superb everything.



Best of…

Best Female Lead: Jung Wan, Can We Love-see original review.  I think if I could finish Marriage Not Dating, Jang-mi would be close.


And I want Jung Wan’s fabulous hair.

Best Male Lead: Kyung-soo, Can We Love-see original review.


Knock out Performance:   Jo In-sung in It’s Okay That’s Love






Most Unique Leads:


Hong Bin in Blademan blademan

Hoon in Dr. Stranger epichair


Koo Dae-young in Let’s Eat letseatwhat

The Three Horny Fangurls:    Bo-tong, Naeil, and Ha ni botongstocking naeil

mermaid1Ha ni preferred to have her ‘tribute’ photo ip from her viewpoint



Funniest and maybe dumbest Lead:  Song-yi in You from Another Star   songyi



Best Second Leads:

Han Yeo-reum in Marriage Not Dating-LOVE this character, he was just the best, big hearted guy. And well, he can cook.   Yeah,  that’s the main reason.  No, really. Jinwoon6

Sun-mi in Can We Love-This character got a lot of hate from viewers, but aside from the writers creating THE BIG LIE that put her character over the edge, she wasn’t any different than many MALE second leads. She was also the go to person for help in the female friendship, and a lot of people seemed to miss that.sunmi



Characters that need a spin off:

Jin-woo and mystery woman in High School King jinwoomystery

The Electric Fairy in Pretty Man electricfairy


OMG these guys are in every drama! (3 or more dramas that I’ve watched in 2014)– Choi Jin hyuk, Park Min-woo, Choi Woo-sik, Park Won-suk, Kim Kap Soo, Lim Ye-lin, Shim Hyung-tak, Jang Won-young, Shin Seung-Hwan!


Drama that was the biggest Waste of Talent: Doctor Stranger



And the Gaksital Award goes to


Age of Feeling

I can’t even with this plot, it was so mest and made no sense.

aofpoisionWhy couldn’t this happen sooner!



Abuse of Aegyo but in a disturbingly good way: Hoon in Doctor Stranger 1400650959-Doctor_Stranger_06.mpg_20140521_132028.961



Best Cryer:  Kim Soo Hyun.  Hyun Bin is making a drama next year, you are going to have competition, old son.



Byun Yo-han in Misaeng


Lee Soo Hyuk in High School King. jinwoochecking out - Copy One more, for back and neck porn leesoohyuk neck porn

Song Jae Rim in Age of Feeling mowink


Han Groo in Marriage Not Dating jangmi2


Lee Tae-Hwan in Pride and Prejudice pandp1



  Freshest Face: Park Bo-gum in Naeil’s Cantabile parkbogum



  I’m sexy and don’t know it: Jang and Kang in Misaeng Misaeng_13_19 misaeng1600292 kang and jang Misaeng-2.7


Most Overrated: You From Another Star


Most Underrated: Let’s Eat Let's_Eat-022


Biggest Disappointment: Dr. Stranger and Pinocchio


Biggest Surprise:


Misaeng misaeng4




Modern Farmer modernfarmer




Park Min-young in Healer




Lee Han ui in Modern Farmer noonlover


Doo Joon in Let’s Eat doojoonle



Siwan in Misaeng- his innocence and just being overwhelmed by the world, juxataposed by the smile on his face in the last episode when Manager Oh suggests he should catch the sales guy that took the product. Wow.



Best Bro and Sista –mances:


The women in Can We Love


Ha ni and Hye-young in Surplus Princess hanihyeyoung

It’s Okay that’s Love iotl1

Dr. Hoon and Dr Moon in Dr. Stranger ghsff

Hong Bin and Secretary Go in Blademan blademan2

The Intern 4 –in Misaeng misaeng8

How does this keep happening to Kang Sora? 89d7f18d27c21227a2c6da9e680f44ae



Let’s Hear it For the Parents, biological or surrogate:

Manager Oh in Misaeng

Mom in Witches Romance

The families in Modern Farmer

Doctor Uncle Jo in It’s Okay That’s Love

Il Rak’s Dad and Milk and Yoo Jin’s Mom in Naeil’s Cantabile




Best Supporting Characters:


Barashi in Let’s Eat barashi2


Dal Bong-Oh, come on you know most of us that finished Loveable Girl did it because we knew the dog was going to die and Rain was going to cry. dabong


Soso-Age of Feeling soso




Lee Woo-young- I Need Romance 3 inrwooyoung




The entire cast of Misaeng


Man-goo-Modern Farmer mangoowife_modernfarmer1



Dr. Uncle Jo-It’s Okay That’s Love




Best Kisses:

The Mermaid’s Apple Bottom Kiss-The Mermaid



Oh Boy Kiss-Can We Love



Exes Gonna Hook Up Kiss-I Need Romance 3



I’ll Stop the World and Melt with You Kiss-You From Another Star



Hottie Hoon and the Most Boring Woman Alive Kiss-Doctor Stranger




She was this close to putting on her cowboy hat and spurs Kiss- Witches Romance





What I have learned:

I found more pleasure in some of the smaller dramas.

I have given up on finding another crack drama. Hoon really was my crack moment of the year.

Lee Tae-Hwan is 19 years old. If there is a hell I’m gonna burn for those thoughts.

I did not do a stellar job of being more female character centric.  I think I was conscious of it, and improved, but I find myself becoming increasingly angry with the portrayal of women in media, and korean drama.


REVISITING MY WISH LIST FOR 2014 My wish list for 2014 (I had to throw in some k pop stuff too because, hey, it’s my wish list):


Lee Jong Suk in a really sexy role. Weeeel, Hoon was sexy…be careful what you wish for?


Jung Il Woo in a really sexy role. Didn’t happen.


Yoon Si Yoon in a mature role and where he gets to open mouth make out with his co-star, so basically Yoon Si Yoon in a sexy role. Well, I’m not sure what’s happening in the Marines, but yeah, my boys serving his time.


The death of the lip press and bug eyes. Did it get any better?


A lesbian character. Didn’t happen in my watch list.


Lee Min Ho and Kang Sora in a bickering couple rom com. Lee Min Ho can’t seem to stay off the tour circuit long enough to make a drama. Did he join the rodeo or what?


Even more awesome female characters. A female lead character that:  is self sufficient, is not a virgin, having had mature relationships, doesn’t need saving and may be even saves her guy,  makes herself a priority,  shreds anyone that tries to wrist grab, slap her, put her down, bully her, make her feel ugly, or get her fired, and opens her mouth and kisses the crap out of her love interest. We got some of this, I think Jung Wan was the closest.


TVXQ reunion.  Just thought I’d throw that out there as it is a wish list.  No?  Okay, how about a new JYJ album? We got JYJ and a pretty good set list, but an unfortunate choice for song lyrics in the single/MV they put out, not to mention Yoochun’s fail in saying backseat. I am not a Engrish critic, I think it’s perfectly fine to have an accent, but you need to be able to enunciate the title of your song. JYJ sings a lot in English, and does it well in my opinion, so I have a higher bar for them. And I mean seriously guys, let’s get someone to vet this stuff okay, so you don’t write a creepy rapey song.


More Jonghyun and Taemin fanservice? Oh, we can so dream, right?


Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin as the leads in a bickering couple rom com. KWB is off making movies and LJS has been being awesome in not so awesome dramas.

Rain taking his clothes off on stage. I AM SURE THAT HAPPENED.


So what do I want for 2015? Some of the same things? And…

Hyun Bin’s drama return to be something that makes me happy but I have doubts.

Lee Min Ho to go ahead and do his military service or make a friggin drama that knocks my socks off!  


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