My K Drama Year in Review 2014 Part 1 of 3


It’s that time of year again. This year I’m doing things a little differently. One of my goals for this year was to learn to drop dramas. And wow, I dropped a lot of dramas. This first post for end of year touches on the dramas that I dropped, and some brief thoughts.

Part 2 will cover completed dramas, and Part 3 will address my “best of”  thoughts and wish list for the coming year.

The greatest thing about some of the dramas I watched this year were the comments on Viki, as you will see. That was my disclaimer that there will be screen shots from Viki comments. As always, assume spoilers.

For dropped dramas, I look at my thoughts and comment based on if someone asked if they should NOT watch, would I say say yes or no? That makes the post seem a little bi polar, but I really have to step back sometimes,  I feel a lot of dramas are a waste of time, but yet other people enjoy the heck out of them.


Prime Minister and I: It just did not click for me, and I thought Yoon Si Yoon was wasted. I thought Yoona was funny but the drama just did not interest me much. Don’t watch unless you like Lee Beom-soo or Yoona alot.
Triangle:   This helped me to confirm what I thought in TPM&I: I don’t think I care much for Lee Beom-soo. As the cop bro, he was absolutely miscast, and I could not take one more bug-eyed, strutting around looking like someone brought a Pug to a fight with a Rottweiler. It was funny when it was not supposed to be because of that.  Jaejoong seemed pretty awesome, and there was a different vibe to his acting. Maybe watch.

triangleDo you think there would be any other screen shot other than from the first episode when Jaejoong ran around half nekked?

Miss Korea: I liked the cast, but I was not sure what this drama was doing, and well I got bored. And really The Voice playing his teenage self was a tad weird. I understand that it really was a better drama acting wise than plot wise, and the female characters are pretty good.  I may revisit this drama.  Maybe watch for the cast.
Cunning Single Lady: I didn’t like the characters much. She was annoying and he was schizo. It just got on my nerves. And seriously the lady without a leg, really, they needed to make that call before she walked around with really short skirts. FAIL. I however think the bashing of Na Ae-ra as a gold digger by a lot of viewers was uncalled for and obviously they did not understand her character.   Don’t watch.
Glorious Day:  I couldn’t take the family members. If you like longer dramas, maybe watch.
The Woman That Married 3 Times: I really liked the sister but I just did not find this drama entertaining. Don’t watch.
Fated To Love You:
I do not know how they got away with this frame, but it was definitely a Twitter Event:

janghyuksjunkThis was a clue:  this drama is quite about the penis and male virility.   The guys name was not Gun by coincidence.  Yes, I know, a Korean name, that sounds like a western word.  Not a coincidence.

I liked the cast and the acting for most part, but I am not a fan of Jang Hyuk, so that was a challenge for me. But what annoyed me most about Gun’s character is what also was awesome-the laugh. I thought it great character development, but it was grating. But I also had some serious issues with this drama, beyond the penis and baby making and the snail thing.

1)The viewer bashing of the second lead for making her career a priority really pissed me off. No I did not like her. Yes, she executed the decision badly, however, she was a dancer, and there is a short shelf life on that career and she’d worked years trying to succeed.  And Gun was a chabeol, don’t tell me for one moment he could not have traveled to deal with her tours, and handled business remote. Yes, she should have used her words, yes she was not a likeable character, but I was totally behind this character saying, hey, wait a minute, something just happened with my career, let’s re-evaluate.

2)We got the pro life and nuclear family is the best no matter how a child is conceived message okay?  I call bullshit, but to each their own.

3)What was extremely disturbing was that Gun and Mi-young were roofied. They were roofied by people they knew. And an animated comedy scene was inserted using the euphemism of pounding rice for having sex.   Being. Roofied. Is. Not. Funny. Basically, this was rape. I was horrified and just could not get past that feeling.

I do like that the writing and directing used the required k drama separation wisely and grew the lead female character.   That she did it with the help and companionship of the 2nd lead male, that loses points.  The cast is great, maybe watch.
Golden Rainbow:  I skipped the kid part, watched Jung Il Woo be a charming rascal and UEE try to keep up, and it just lost me with all the silly over the top drama. Don’t watch.
Angel Eyes: So, no. Being in love with a woman wearing your Mom’s eyes is all kinds of fucked up. Gives a whole new meaning to marrying a girl like dear old mom. The leads actors are likable, maybe watch.  A lot of people do not like Ku Hye Sun due he Jandi character acting in Boys Over Flowers.  I liked her in BOF, so I was glad to see her in this, but unfortunately it just was not for me.
Emergency Couple:I liked this lead casting but when aired I did not feel that couple at all and just had to bounce out. I tried, and stayed as long as I did for the second lead. One of those dramas you waste your life watching hoping for better things. Maybe watch if you like rom coms, don’t watch if you want more for your time.
Marriage Not Dating: I really liked Han Groo in this but when you don’t like the lead actor, nor the blonde guy, it was time to say no.  Jinwoon, however, is smoking sexy.  I kind of got tired of the lead female character pouting and also the marriage whining. I seriously was looking forward to this drama because of it’s modern approach-these characters are no shrinking violets.   They are not celibate. If not for the I need a man attitude of the lead female character and the whole oh marriage is the end game of life theme, I’d probably give high marks to the lead female character.   I may try to watch this is small doses.  Watch, it could be fun at times and it’s probably better than most dramas out there this year.
Secret Love Affair: I watched about 6 episodes. When I say watched, I started, and fell asleep during each one. To understand the importance of this, understand, I NEVER fall asleep watching tv. I don’t care what anyone says in praise of this drama, “mood,” “sophistication,” writing, acting, the supposed chemistry, it was one of the most boring things I’ve ever seen in my life. Don’t watch unless you like dramas where unlikable people talk about nothing and do nothing.
I Need Romance 3: I disliked the lead characters so much. I don’t like Sung Joon much either, but I thought I’d try it.   Kim So-yeon is too patrician to act girlish and cute. I liked the supporting cast and characters immensely, and the kiss between Tae-yoon and Se-Ryung is one of my top kissing scenes in 2014.  Park Yoo-hwan, you so dimply cute. But really, don’t watch unless it’s for the secondary cast.
Secret Hotel: the same thing happened each of the first four episodes. No. Don’t watch!

The Night Watchman: This has to be the worst drama of the year. OMG do not watch. Except on Viki for the comments.


Pinocchio: I love Lee Jong Suk. I could care less about the characters in this drama except Grandpa, he’s my homeboy. Park Shin Hye opened her mouth in a kiss. Yes, you saw that correctly.   She gets to be a real girl now!  Lee Jong Suk feels was just not enough to make me stay. Maybe watch.  It has some of the same interesting themes as in I Hear Your Voice regarding juxtaposing lives-Dal Po could easily be his hyung, or vice versa, but for where life took them.  But IHYV was awesome, but this,  it’s kind of boring and angsty. The second lead character is weird and off putting.  I have no idea if the thing with his mother was supposed to be played for laughs but the guy just comes off as a weirdo stalker.





pincomentdalpand hoon

Not enough of oh, say, Dal Po taking a BATH with his GRANDPA.


Um, other?

Age of Feeling: That drama was a mess. I skipped the kids. But there was chatter, and I peeked at the show and figured out pretty quick why there was chatter.  Why? Read this.  The whole thing with Kim Jae-wook bouncing was wtf until we found out the cast and crew were not getting paid. Another Faith happening?   I thought So So was adorbs and Mo Il Hwa was awesome.  Seriously, how old was this dude?  Was he a vampire?


But  supposedly his character was done,  he left, and I was done with no Mo Il Hwa. But he came back!  What to do!  This drama sucks!  And I was like okay, I am going to try something new, I’m only watching Mo Il Hwa scenes. I knew who Song Jae Rim was, but wow, he was crazy sexy, weird, cra cra,  cool in this character.

mo il hwa yum

Oh Soso, I totally feel you.

I did watch the last episode and yeah, so wtf.   Mo Il Hwa, you are, wait for it, legendary.  Again,  WATCH MO IL HWA SCENES. Who knew that skirt swagger and skirt fluffing would become part of my vocabulary?


Looking at Mo Il Hwa makes me thing of WGM and ask what the hell did you do to your face Song Jae Rim!  WAE?

Ahem, wiping the crazy off my face and moving on.

Doctor Stranger-Skipped the 1rst epi, watched the second, wanted to throw up, went back to it for Lee Jong Suk and Kang Sora, about half way through I generally applied the Mo Il Hwa viewing method, only watched scenes with Hoon or Quack.

hoonandquack1Hoon was a Quack Tease

This drama confirmed what I was feeling in Age of Feeling, Jin Se-yeon is as interesting as air in a showbox.   But, Kang Sora is very good.  This drama wins for a total waste of talent and awesome characters in a crap plot.


I have no interest in you Quack but let me touch you every chance I get, because you know I am in love with another woman so this is not fucked up at all.


20140528_seoulbeats_drstranger_leejongsuk_adorableBut I get away with a lot of stuff because I do things like this.

Good grief, I loved Hoon, emotional fuckwittery and all, so much. Skip the first 2 episodes. I recommend to watch only the Hoon scenes. That is all.



Hi School Love On: Cute at times getting really long in the middle on walking in circles angst.  It was too long and lost me midway. I am not sure what I watched or did not watch but I decided to watch the end and watched Episode 18-20 Final, and I don’t feel I missed anything lol. Maybe watch.

The second installment will cover completed dramas.  Stay tuned!


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. DDee
    Dec 24, 2014 @ 05:36:19

    OMG the Jang Hyuk Junk Twitter event, how could anyone forget! So awesome you have immortalised it in the annals of Kdrama in a post. Thumbs up Mar! XD


    • randomsoju
      Dec 24, 2014 @ 11:32:32

      I’m sure I’m not the only one, lol. That was hysterical, the buzz that promo created,and just so funny in light of all the censoring in k drama.


  2. Caitlyn Burton
    Dec 25, 2014 @ 11:33:26

    Yeah, what has Song Jae Rim done? Cos he looks different but i don’t know exactly why.

    Also, Viki comments ftw!


  3. Caitlyn Burton
    Dec 25, 2014 @ 11:36:00

    Oh, also, Hi School Love On was pretty cute but killed itself with the schedule. If it was a 2 episode a week drama without the constant breaks, it would’ve been better.


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