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Just a few thoughts.

I understand Surplus Princess had low ratings. It was funny, quirky, charming and the characters rocked.   It also had a female lead character that actually had lady part feelings and went after what she wanted without being colored as a man eating biotch. So of course, no one in Korea watched it right?  I mean seriously,  cut 4 episodes and end it at 10?

AND it has Song Jae Rim.

TVN, you used to be cool.  That was NOT cool.  That’s kind of an ass-hat thing to do to the cast, crew, and show makers.


Random Song Jae Rim Skirt Swagger because I need it.


On to other things on my mind.

I love Lee Min-ho.  I love watching Lee Min-ho in dramas.   That is why I am writing an open letter:

Dear Lee Min-ho,

I think diversity and a wide range of opportunity to add to your repertoire, and portfolio,  is great.   I think trying to make as much money as you can while you are young, and before you have military service,  is generally a good plan. I think the Ads/CF’s are fine.  I think making movies is a good thing.  I think doing music if you are musically inclined and are doing it because you want to expand your repertoire or because you just love music is cool.   I think it’s great that China and the Philippines love you.  I think doing fan/concert tours and fan service is neat.  I understand that I do not know you, that perhaps you have business contracts that I cannot comprehend.



I understand modeling/CF’s are your money makers,  and you are trying to take advantage of being young and beautiful.  But you also need to be honing your acting skills, for when you are no longer young and beautiful and need a damn job as a character actor.

The music thing, it comes off as you and your agency are just trying to make a dime off fan service, because while you’ve worked hard to do a good job, it doesn’t come off that you love music for music itself.

What is up with the constant touring?  I mean seriously, do fan tours rake in the cash or what, because overkill, dude.  I mean yeah, I know you did a movie in 2014 which is a great thing,  but that does not take up the whole year.  You only make one drama per year generally, I see that, but you know, that’s kind of not cool either.   Other actors make movies and back to back dramas, so what’s your trauma?

Bottom Line:  I think you need to keep your ass in Korea and take care of your home court advantage as well as  your other international fan base and do what got you in the limelight, crazy k dramas.  And movies of course, but one movie and no drama in 2014?  I understand wanting to be a hot commodity, and set yourself up in a good place of supply and demand.   But, really, if you don’t have a passion for acting, then get out,  model or whatever to make some money, and find something to be passionate about.   Because eventually drama roles may quit you, fame and demand is fleeting, and you know there is someone always ready to take the drama roles, and we the fans are an attention deficit, fickle,  bunch, out of sight, out of mind.  Just saying.

Don’t make me bring in the big guns.

junpyos sister

Hugs and kisses,



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  1. Caitlyn (@miss_kayti)
    Sep 27, 2014 @ 03:20:48

    I’m really upset about SP, lol. I am really enjoying this show, and now, to know that it’s gonna end rushed with half a resolution is actually making me not even want to watch the remaining episodes. Which isn’t fair. But argh, it’s just ruined now. I don’t blame them for cancelling it if it’s rating so poorly, but it’s frustrating because it’s just another example of someone actually trying something new and fresh (relatively, for Korea anyway) but it not working, so they’ll just keep doing shows like Heirs which for some inexplicable reason rate really well.

    And as for Lee Min Ho, i just think he’s trying to get as much money from his Chinese fans as possible before he loses his looks and isn’t as popular anymore, lol


    • randomsoju
      Sep 27, 2014 @ 11:26:41

      I agree, SP was fresh and funky and more please!

      Heirs did well because it had a gadzillion young actors/idols to pull in a young demographic, but it was also very old fashioned in a way (women were really just pawns) and it was a sageuk in disguise, so it would pull in other demographics.

      LMH – It does appear that way at this point, sigh, but I’m sure it is a bit more complex than that. This last announcement of another cd and music tour was the last straw for me on “diversification.” After Faith, I cut him a break because hey, maybe he didn’t get paid, and dude has bills to pay, and the fan tours are a way there people make a quick buck. Which is sad but it’s true. But he just keeps doing this bs. I scratch my head and think does Lin Lan Ser and Hong Kong Phuey have your junk in a vise? Who owns him, really, that he’s doing all this crap instead of acting?

      He’s supposed to be coming to the “Americas” with this recent fan tour. *this is me making a chincha? face*


  2. snow
    Sep 27, 2014 @ 12:09:07

    Everything you wrote about LMH…I agree to it completely…I mean..he is continuously doing these fan meets, CFs, photoshoots etc and he is forgetting that it was his acting that made him what he is today…and it doesn’t take much time before people start forgetting you…too much exposure is also bad and I think he should just act and stay away from rest of the endeavours for some time now…I hope he takes up some great project that will give him good opportunity to hone his skills and do something different..


    • randomsoju
      Sep 27, 2014 @ 12:30:26

      We can hope. It looks to me like he’s recording a new cd soon and then touring again. I’m assuming he has to do some kind of promo for Gangnam Blues also, which releases in December I think. I do not expect he will do another movie or drama until next year.


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