Shit People in Relationships say to Single People

True story. This happens.


Friend: Are you seeing anyone?

Single Person: No.

Friend: Why not?  You are too young to be single.  You have so much to offer. 

Single Person: Um, haven’t met anyone I want to see?

Friend: There is someone out there for you, you just haven’t met them yet!  You probably need to get out more!

Single Person: Okay. Where should I go?

Friend: (puzzled look) What do you mean?

Single Person: Where should I go, to get out more?

Friend: I don’t know, you just need to get out more! Go have a drink or something?

Single Person: So I should meet people in bars?

Friend: (slightly panic struck) No not really, Oh!!  I  don’t know! Oh, don’t be silly, just go out! Somewhere is better than nothing! How do you expect to meet someone if you don’t go out and look!

Single Person: No, really, I need some suggestions. How did you meet your significant other? Did you meet them in a bar, through going out somewhere and doing stuff?

Friend: 99% of the time the friend will say: “We met at work or met through family or friends.”

Single Person: How many people do you know that met their sig others by going “out somewhere?”   Because almost everyone I know met their SO through their job, or through family or friends.


Friend: (shifty eyes, looking for escape hatch) I don’t know! Just do it!

Single Person: Well…do you know anyone single? How about your SO? Do they know someone single?

Friend: (tense fake rueful grin) No, sorry, we only know other couples. Well, except for you.



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