AfterHoon Delight

Doctor WTF StrangeLove  City Hunter meets The Good Doctor Stranger was so mest it was impossible to follow or care about the plot.  I am not sure there has been another more disliked female lead than Jae-hee in my viewing experience, but wow was this character just one of the most awful plot devices ever.  But what it did give us was another standout performance from Lee Jong Suk.  Didn’t make the drama worth a toot though.   Someone edit it down to just scenes with Hoon, that would be awesome lol.  I think maybe I enjoyed this drama way more than I should because the first two episodes were SO bad I just said this drama is NOT going to make one ounce of sense, even with my love for Lee Jong Suk and Kang Sora, I can’t  deal.  And then I circled right back to it and said to myself,  I’m going to watch the Hoon scenes because they are going to be crazy entertaining.  And I was right.  I think it might have been worth in for the getting lost in the hospital with the little girl scene and the epic hair.

 screen-shot-2014-06-09-at-7-52-39-pmOh dear lord that’s dangerously cute.





I loved Hoon’s wardrobe.   Did he borrow a sweater from Jo In Sung from That Winter The Wind Blows?




Just give this kid kissing scenes.   All of them. Lee Jong Suk,, Lee Min Ho, and Yoon Shi Yoon should just do all the kissing scenes.


ljscollarboneCollarbone porn!



99111b84b6c771e644f6a9a98ab8ceb8Knee porn in a ovary shields activate cute guy with a kid moment.






20140528_seoulbeats_drstranger_leejongsuk_adorableDr. Aegyo  Potter



Happy Drunk Dr. Aegyo




Shoulder porn with homo erotic potential?




I’m City Hunter, no wait…darn it.







doctor-stranger-lee-jong-suk-kang-sora-2-e1402297819178I’m in love with another woman and will never look twice at you but I want to take every opportunity to put my hands all over you.  But it means nothing.


DrStranger11-00091Nothing like waking up with almost all of the men you work with, except your boyfriend.


DrStranger11-00296Fan fiction gold



DrStranger13-00577Yes, I need to capture the coffee spitting stomp on it to kill it scene but I’m lazy.

DS8avi_002242342Dr. Emotional Fuckwit at his best


fhskcmcdeor maybe not, there was so much emotional battery










ghsffIf all else fails, sell out you partner in crime.



hoonandquack1I did mention he’s in love with someone else and the level of emotional fuckwittery perpetrated on Quack?

ljsdsHoon Hair of the Dog?



And now behind the scenes stuff that make this drama fail all the more tragic……




Chomp.  Just saying.  *blinks innocently*









Okay okay you got me TBS was really just an excuse for more tank top shoulder porn but there is this….



I think they just try to kill us, right?



5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Caitlyn Burton
    Jul 17, 2014 @ 07:34:55

    “Lee Jong Suk,, Lee Min Ho, and Yoon Shi Yoon should just do all the kissing scenes.” Agreed!


  2. regiya19
    Jul 20, 2014 @ 09:43:10

    How bad was this show?
    It’s on my to-watch list 😛


    • randomsoju
      Jul 21, 2014 @ 10:48:56

      The acting and cast are fine other than Jin Se-yeon is a limited actress. It’s the plot and the writing. It’s just complete and utter nonsense. The political stuff is CRAZY but not in a fun good way and the medical is of course not right but nothing ever is in a medical drama. My advice, skip the first 2 episodes, read recaps if you must but you could probably get away with just reading the for the 2nd epi. Going forward from that, just watch the Park Hoon scenes (Lee Jong Suk). I mean really you can watch the entire thing and still not understand why of the why lol If for some reason you must know about an element, supplement your Hoon scene viewing with recap reading. Do not waste your time on trying to watch the whole thing because you will hate yourself lol.


      • regiya19
        Jul 24, 2014 @ 12:52:54

        hahaha, I questioned myself why I even watched Dream High 2. Ahh, but something I really want to watch does Jin Se-yeon die in the show? (yknow like Gaksital and Inspiring Generation) hehe


        • randomsoju
          Jul 24, 2014 @ 21:12:20

          I liked Dream High 2, maybe more than the first. Do you mean does Jae-hee, the character portrayed by Jin Se-yeon in Dr. Stranger, die? Yes and no and no. If you want to know what happens in the drama before viewing it you can always read recaps. Both Dramabeans and Koala’s Playground recapped it!

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