Fall In Love With Both Of Me: It’s ALL About ME -Mid Series Commentary

Now this looks like a job for me

So everybody just follow me

Cause we need a little controversy

Cause it feels so empty without me

-Without Me-Eminem


Fall In Love With Me is now at Episode 11, but where is it going and do we care?   It’s heading into a hokey melo spiral (okay okay it already spiraled) and it’s got some problems.  By Episode 7,   it should have been looking to move past the faux doppelganger conflict device. But it didn’t.

But it’s failed in multiple ways to progress.  Here are my thoughts on some of the issues:


#1-The Faux Doppelganger Dilemma,  and negation of the female lead character: It was amusing to watch Super Ass Ad Man cock block himself. But by episode 7ish, it got tired. Not only tired, but started walking in circles. This plot device lingered way too long into the series run. The major problem?   Le Si went from being a moderately with it woman to an idiot that cannot tell that she’s being punked when she sees the two versions of the guy almost daily? I mean really, hair color, hello ear mole? Even the stupid Paris Hilton Wanna Be was smart enough to realize the “doppelgangers” had the same scent.


arondeerDear Drama makers please don’t let this be the best scene in the drama.

arronshowerOr this one.  But there can definitely be MORE of these.  Without the pretend  face covering.  Like you wouldn’t look Le Si.  You ARE breathing, right?

#2-Who is Le Si ? There is no character development for Le Si. Le Si is keeping her deceased brothers company alive as a tribute to his memory. She self admits she sucks as the advertising game. But she keeps plugging at it. Her parents run a martial arts studio, but she does not seem to have studied martial arts. Who is Le Si ? What does she like? What is/was her dream and ambition other than her brothers wishes?

#3-Conflict #2: The drama has derailed from that the Super Ad Ass Man knew the brother as a child, and the brother died because he was playing around near a shoot.   How’s that going to play out for Le Si on top of the doppelganger subterfuge? Super Ad Ass Man has not been transparent from Day 1. How can someone get past that?

#4-The Credibility of Leo:   Who is Leo and do we care? He seems to be a mouth breathing wallflower, but this is an ad agency and he’s supposed to be the guy that executes the plans. He can’t even come up with an idea?   They have to get some guy off the street supposedly doing intern work to come up with ideas?

#5- The All Aaron Yan Show Part 1: Well, he is the star, and he’s awesome, but, the show could have used its secondary and tertiary characters to take create a more complex world on top of giving the lead female character a personality  We’ve got secondary story lines that could add substance to the show:   Miao’s crush on Leo. The conflict between Miao and Allergy Guy that could easily turn romantic (me, I’d kill that bitch, allergies are no joke).   Le Si and Miao as besties. The Player Wanna Be and his crushes.    Lance and Paris Hilton Wanna Be and Super Ad Ass Man’s childhood friendship.   The parents and Butler Fu.   You hired an entire cast of people, show runners! Use them!


mrdarcyOh look it’s MR. DARCY.  Oops, my bad, I was momentarily confused by the giant  creepy bow on a guy in the 21RST CENTURY.

xiao-lu-or-lu-tian-xing…because I’m both of them and it’s all about me….

#6-The All Aaron Yan Show Part 2: It’s all about the Ass Man: Nothing else seems to matter in this drama except the Super Ass Ad Man. He’s spoiled rotten but has a good heart and he’s fallen in love with Le Si and that makes her problems his problems. Great, fine, but let’s see, everything he does is to benefit himself, no matter if there are also altruistic reasons.  He knows he’s crossed the line, but does he stop the emotional fuckwittery? No. We can all deal with and sometimes love the jerk face heart of gold lead male trope.   But it’s getting harder to love a character that keeps justifying emotional fuckwittery.


We’ve watched this drama already about the same guy in two bodies, twinning, er, “two” guys that were just alike that wanted a girl because of the way she made him, er, them, feel, no matter what.  It was called Heirs. Just saying lol.


twins3heirstwins2 heirstwins6


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Caitlyn Burton
    Jun 23, 2014 @ 23:34:25

    I’m so sad! Lol. I was enjoying this drama, so it sucks that it’s become so pathetic and ridiculous. I actually still mostly like Tian Xing, but i admit that I don’t know if that’s just because of who is playing him. I know that I’m now only watching it for him, that much is certain. I’d totally forgotten that he caused her brother’s death, lol.

    And Leo, yes! He was supposed to be this great Director guy, but he can’t do anything! Xiao Lu comes up with the ideas, and Tian Xing gives Leo directing advice! He’s supposedly the reason everyone chooses to go with OZ, and people are trying to scout him? Pfft, whatever.

    And seriously, Miao is so freaking annoying with that dog. He doesn’t just ‘not like dogs’, he can’t be around them! Whenever they have those stupid scenes, I want to slap her.


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