State of My KDrama Catch Up




A Witches Romance-Yet another drama that started off with a bang and worked it’s way into play it safe middle of the road.  It was cute, it was sweet, and it really pulled together and straightened out the flaws and unevenness in the original Taiwan My Queen.  It told the story in a more cohesive fashion and it dealt with the old boyfriend in a more cohesive fashion, and really did a great job with giving the secondary characters life.  It also gave us a more empowered ending, with a female character saying hey, I have a career and things to do.  It however did what K Dramas are famous for,  promising heat and chemistry and then turning the characters into saccharine sweet I have no actual sex drive besties. No.  Any healthy 39 year old woman would not be playing passive aggressive cutesy games, she’d be getting hers.

Dr. Stranger-It’s completely nonsensical but not in an Alice In Wonderland good way.  It makes City Hunter look logical and realistic.  Don’t get me wrong I love City Hunter, but  hello huge plot holes.    Don’t be surprised if Godzilla and Mothra show up in Dr. Stranger plot holes.   Lee Jong Suk is absolutely delightful and the shoulder and collarbone porn is not gratuitous at all.  Don’t stop.  Ever.   And Kang Sora, I love her.

You’re All Surrounded-I like the cast and characters and the performances.  Well except for Lee Seung Gi and his character,  just do not do much for me.  The entertainment value may not sustain.   Do I care about this drama?

Not sure The Joseon Gunman is going to live up to its posters lol.

Fall in Love with Both of Me has backed itself into a corner.  The doppleganger device should have been resolved several episodes ago, it’s dragged on and it’s just got annoying.

Kind of dropped off on Grandpa Detectives and Rock n Road.

I’m probably going to check out Seo in Guk’s new drama King of High School and  also Trot Lovers.

I hear the lovely quirky Song Jae Rim that knocked it out of the park with his crazy creepy cool Mo Il Hwa (I called dibs) in Age of Feeling had been cast in some weird funky mermaid has to get a job to stay human drama (Mermaid.  Job?  Well that’s a step up from The Little Mermaid and Splash, right?)   Do not know if he’s the lead male or what.  I’m totally okay if he gets to do another 2nd lead gets the girl dealio as in Nail Shop Paris.








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  1. Caitlyn Burton
    Jun 12, 2014 @ 06:57:14

    I agree with every single word you said about Doc Stranger. Fall In Love With Me is utterly failing at the moment but I’m hoping it comes back to the cute it was before at some stage. Aaron Yan is still very pretty, lol


    • randomsoju
      Jun 12, 2014 @ 19:35:07

      Aaron is very cute, I really like the show at first, but I did not expect the drama to draw this out this long. it really makes the lead female character look like an idiot. I forgot about that Puff drama I started, the restaurant one. And I also forgot the Night Watchman with Jung Il Woo is coming up too. Woot. I’m a little wtf about the Yunho factor, but I gotta give it go because I love me some Jung Il Woo. I just even like saying Jung Il Woo lol


      • Caitlyn Burton
        Jun 14, 2014 @ 05:24:02

        I really hope Yun Ho can act now, seriously. I’m so looking forward to Night Watchmen, and I don’t want Yunho to ruin it, ha ha. That said, it sounds pretty crazy so it might ruin itself.


        • randomsoju
          Jun 24, 2014 @ 20:57:48

          Weeell let’s hope he has limited scenes. I am not one of those idol actor haters, nor do I dislike Yunho, hello, I really like the work of TVXQ5, but I am not a fan of him in dramas.

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