Random Bits Part 3 of 5 Hot Legs

This was the most difficult segment to find photos for, who knew?  Who said ripped jeans would go out of style?  LIARS.

 kanghaneulboxTotally had to bust this one out again

 Let’s just get this out of the way…  The WTF section brought to you by Jang Geun Suk:

tumblr_mvo1zkXTM21qhwguzo1_1280Okay, I’ll vote NO on this particular style on ANYone, not just our favorite Mr. Personality.



riptrousers1_zpsd90e9bc9Why screw up a decent photo up with ugo hats?  And well, it’s obvious KWB fans find he has other assets than his legs.


lee-jong-suk_1379990645_20130923_LeeJongSuk_2Knee porn.


 2a38d37eb24bfa507885786e6b9815ccSweet shin porn.




gdragonlegsLike a Boss




jjong lucifer pants 2010Peek a Boo with your dood skirt

1395915947544Beanie and shredded jeans double Mar whammy.


junsubuttlegssHello,  Junsu.  This photo is all about the legs.  Really.   “Bats eye innocently*


  sjrthighsCannot unsee.




rainripThis man is hot.

yoochunripOh Mickey

hongkiripJang Geun Suk, please consult with Hong-ki on how to do it right.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Caitlyn Burton
    May 30, 2014 @ 06:44:38

    What is going on with Song Jae Rim there? Ahahahahahaha

    That Vogue photo of Lee Jong Suk? I loved that whole photo shoot. Oh my God. He looks so freaking good!

    You know how you know Hong Ki didn’t choose his own clothes? He actually looks good. His personal fashion sense is one of the worst you’ll see from an Idol, lol


    • randomsoju
      May 30, 2014 @ 11:29:46

      Photo shoot for the sweet little Lime I guess. I also like that LJS Vogue shoot very much. Ha, Hong-ki, that is funny. I have never paid that much attention to the groups or idols fashion sense over time except to say Shinee often looks like someone vomited Starburst on them and at some point I wanted DBSK-5/JYJ’s clothes, usually Yoochun’s and sometimes Junsu’s. The HK outfit from that photo did it right so kudos to the stylist. I do recall thinking who the heck thought that buddha bun in YB was a good hairstyle idea and then I realized it was part of the worshipping idols religious parody plot and not an actual fashion statement lol.

      I’m doing shoulders next. I’m thinking I’d like to extend this series. I’d like to think about doing hands and/or forearms, and well, eyes, or jaw line or…ears? lol okay maybe not ears.


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