2014 State of My K Drama

I’m a bit late for a quarter review, and almost at a 6 month point, but here I am covering a few thoughts on 2014 up to this point. Some kpop included.

First, let me look at my ‘wish list’ from my 2013 end of year review:

My wish list for 2014 (I had to throw in some k pop stuff too because, hey, it’s my wish list):

Lee Jong Suk in a really sexy role.  Okay, that is still a possibility

Jung Il Woo in a really sexy role. Okay, that is still a possibility.

Yoon Si Yoon in a mature role and where he gets to open mouth make out with his co-star, so basically Yoon Si Yoon in a sexy role.  Not going to happen as Mr. Smarty Pants enlisted and is doing his duty for the next 2 years. 

The death of the lip press and bug eyes. Still alive and well. 

A lesbian character. Not so far to my knowledge.

Lee Min Ho and Kang Sora in a bickering couple rom com. Oh drama gods….pretty please.

Even more awesome female characters. A female lead character that:  is self sufficient, is not a virgin, having had mature relationships, doesn’t need saving and may be even saves her guy,  makes herself a priority,  shreds anyone that tries to wrist grab, slap her, put her down, bully her, make her feel ugly, or get her fired, and opens her mouth and kisses the crap out of her love interest.  Bride of the Century had potential and quickly FAILED.  Secret Love Affair – Not a likable drama or lead, but she  lived by her own rules.    Let’s Eat  had potential but never quite got there because it totally failed on the kissing requirement.  Jung Wan in Can We Love was a pretty strong lead.

Drama Plot:  A 40 year old Prime Minister widower with 3 kids marries a 20 year old something tabloid reporter.  Shenanigans ensue. Oh, right, that’s being done, but what if, say,  the  PM is played by Lee Mi Yeon and the reporter is played by Kang Min-hyuk?  🙂   A Witches Romance  and Secret Love Affair both featured mature career women in a May – December romance.  No kids though. Can We Love’s Jung Wan was a divorced mother restarting her career and she almost hits the mark. 

TVXQ reunion.  Just thought I’d throw that out there as it is a wish list.  No?  Okay, how about a new JYJ album?  Pipe dreaming of course. 

More Jonghyun and Taemin fanservice? Not so far to my knowledge.

Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin as the leads in a bickering couple rom com.  That’s another pipe dream.

Rain taking his clothes off on stage.  I’m sure that’s happened lol


Stuff that has happened:

Can We Love was an okay ride.  I love Oh Boy, he was really a great male lead character, and Jung Wan was a pretty good female lead.

Mo Il Hwa quirky character goodness and  surge of Song Jae Rim popularity, Woot woot!  Give this boy quirky roles and let him run!

Kim Jae-wook bouncing out of AoF.

Some actors and idols becoming extremely thin.  Does Junsu even have his duck butt anymore?   That’s a crying all night shame.

Production issues in dramas, like AoF people not getting paid.

Kang Haneul and Choi Jin-hyuk rising in popularity.   KH still in mostly secondary roles.  CJH scoring a lead, but I did not much like the drama (Emergency Couple) and dropped it.

I had hopes for You From Another Star and it had it’s moments but it never quite delivered for me.  I however want to take that damn uni course lol.

My Girl lead reunion in a not so great drama-be careful what you wish for?

I Need Romance 3 leads left me still needing romance, and kinda barfy.  Secondary and tertiary characters ruled.  The Tae Yoon and Se Ryung kiss ranks top kiss so far of 2014.

EXO explosion:  Not sure why.   I don’t feel them, I never have.  I have no clue on that Chris thing but it’s being compared to the DBSK split.  I think that’s a little conflated but whatever.

Jaejoong in an interesting role, not so sure about the drama as a whole, but he’s working it.

Doo Joon in Let’s Eat, a charming run in a drama from another B2ST member.

Yoon Shi Yoon and Park Ki Woong off for military service.

Ji Hyun Woo back from service..with braces and probably a jaw realignment. I liked his bit of a goofy smile.

My House Thai was a pleasant and welcome surprise.

I find myself still struggling to focus on the female characters in dramas, which is one of my goals for the year.  I need to work more on this, but wow, is it hard.  Having this focus really makes one realize how male focused dramas really are.  Did I even talk that much about female characters in this blog?  Soso was fun and underdeveloped.  Loved the Let’s Eat female cast as well as in Can We Love. Song Yi in YFAS had her moments.    Miss Korea had surprisingly interesting female characters-l I never finished it because of other priorities and I had some issues with the plot but I was digging the female characters.


My K drama has passed drought status and has entered famine.  I want to see more female character driven dramas, and not poor and/or stupid girl driven.  Would it kill to give us more females with female friends even?

I really appreciate some dramas more and more over time, like Flower Boy Next Door, which I was unhappy with at the time because I wanted something specific in a YSY role, and at the time did not appreciate it for the gem it was.  Just tweeting with K Drama Laws as I am writing this makes me realize how passionate I was about the characters in Rooftop Prince despite it’s many flaws.   I want to feel that passion again.


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christina Rauh Fishburne
    May 18, 2014 @ 23:09:07

    You didn’t love My Love From Another Star?! I thought her character was a nice departure from the usual. And now I love Kim Soo Hyun. I will second your motion for another Jung Il Woo sexy role. Flower Boy Raman Shop almost gave me a coronary, and I’m on Moon Embraces the Sun right now (win-win situation for that woman).


    • randomsoju
      May 18, 2014 @ 23:39:19

      Hot Star Guy-No, something was missing, I never figured out what. I though Song yi was a hoot but really she was a cloaked version of the poor stupid girl with street smarts. I also felt it was very Twilight influenced and was really a re-worked vampire script. It also was rather misogynistic. I think it has a lot of great moments tho, and maybe I will like it more on a second viewing, idk. FBRS is one of my favorites, it is hysterically funny and all about girl power lol. TMTETS is chockful of some of my favorite people but I don’t like sageuk nor all that political crap so I’ll not watch it.


  2. Caitlyn Burton
    May 19, 2014 @ 04:33:07

    You lose marks for calling him Chris instead of Kris, ha ha. It’s much more similar to Hangeng leaving SuJu than TVXQ’s split but they’re all in the same vein. You know how in Finding Nemo, Dory has a jellyfish and is like “I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy”? That’s how I feel about EXO. Of course, then the jellyfish stung her…

    I should watch Full House Thai. I didn’t because I didn’t really think much of the Korean version but, I saw quite a few reactions from bloggers I follow and you all seemed to enjoy it so, it’s on my list now.

    I loved both YFAS and Emergency Couple, but with the first one, I didn’t love it originally. I liked it, but then I’m fairly certain I fell for the buzz, lol. That, and Kim Soo Hyun is sooooooooo good looking and adorable in it.

    I’m loving Jaejoong in Triangle. His character is pretty much my favourite. I love his voice, I love his clothes, I love how he looks in his clothes, and I’m looking forward to seeing how his relationship with the girl progresses.


    • randomsoju
      May 19, 2014 @ 21:04:16

      Girl, I couldn’t tell you any of Exo’s names, the only reason I know about the Kris with a K guy’s name is internet chatter about this being traumatic like DBSK. i know they are very popular but I never could get into them.

      Full House Thai-it’s loads better that the K version, has a lot of heart, is rather charming, makes more sense, and really fleshes out the two leads much more. But honestly the last 3-4 episodes are a lot of filler. They could have wrapped it easy in 16.

      I did not like Jaejoong much when I first discovered DBSK. But over the years I have come to appreciate him as performer/actor. He’s kind of a weird attraction for me, I don’t know exactly why I find him compelling.


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