Nail Shop Paris Revisited-NOT for the Nail Art!


I’m stealing Caitlyn’s line from As I Watch and saying just assume anything I talk about contains spoilers.

Nail Shop Paris.


When this aired, I gave it a go, but this is what happened when viewing the first couple of episodes:

-I found the lead actress flat and not interesting.

-I found the lead male character flat and not interesting. (Alex character)


-I found the second male lead character way more interesting (Kei).

Actually I was confused on who was the male lead—the Alex guy or the bad boy quirky guy Kei?

-The guy with the orange hair scared the crap out of me.

-The show seemed like a You’re Beautiful wanna be.

ImageYou will never be Jeremy!

I had more than enough on my plate at the time, so I never went back to it.

With all the Song Jae-rim buzz with his Mo Il Hwa character funny weirdness, NSP is being resurrected in the buzz, so I thought okay, I’ll check it out and if I cannot make it to the 3rd epi, I’ll call it a day.

Here’s a clift notes premise:

Net fiction blogger is looking for new material.  Sees random guy, she’s intrigued,  so she stalks him.    He works at an exclusive nail shop that only has male techs, and they cater to rich women.  By the way, even the ghetto fabulous would not wear those sketch ass press on nails.  That was one of the most wtf parts of the show.



UH, NO.  Even Sheneneh would tell you get the hell out with those bourgy ass wannabe nails.

Said stalker girl cuts her hair (wig, lame), and as you know in k drama logic, is immediately assumed to be a guy, gets a job at the salon to stalk the interesting guy.  No one seems to notice she wears girl jeans and boots, make up and false eyelashes, has no facial hair and no hair on her legs.  They nickname her/him…Bunny?

Start off with a You’re Beautiful/Coffee Prince gender identity and sexual orientation issue for the second lead.  Add a little we are the neighbor therapists of the week stories.  Now sprinkle a little gumiho mystery and Alex has special intuitive powers and can figure out people’s problems,  except you know, Alex doesn’t notice anything about the girl that is pretending to be a guy and has a giant stalkerish crush on him, and that his good friend Kei is going through some stuff because thinks he might be gay because he has a crush on the girl pretending to be a guy.  Oh, let’s not forget a little angsty back story, the eventual love triangle, the writer stalker guy/girl imagination as she writes her story, and general cute.

ImageOops a little Mo in training snuck out.  That’s dangerous.

I liked the cast, well, the lead actress was still less than inspiring, as was her character.

It was a funky little show, with this random but non big deal supernatural quirk to it. There were some continuity issues, one epi she leaves to guy shopping with You Are NOT Jeremy, and the next scene she is shopping with Alex and Kei.   The second lead, Kei, portrayed by Song Jae-rim,  his mannerisms were quirky too.  He was part old guy, part metrosexual, part young thug, part might be a junky, and part regular k drama asshole. Most of the time he looked like he was jonesing for a hit.  He had these nervous ticks and stuff, and I’m like what the hell is he doing?  I like it!    I also kept thinking good grief shave that shit off your face.  I hate facial hair. HATE.

ImageYeah, is right.  For one hot minute, he cleaned up nice.

And no wonder I was confused on the male leads.  The second lead gets the girl, except he’s really a first lead personality so it was lead subversion going on, which, yay, love.


And then I had an aha moment and realized what the show was and then the entire weird quirky supernatural what the fuck made sense:

It’s a fan fiction parody, or an internet blog fiction parody.   The lead female character is an internet blog fiction writer-it’s a friggin fiction within a fiction.  Basically it’s something you’d read on the internet, say that’s cute but the supernatural mythology needs some work and the lead female character, kind of a Mary Sue. Not sure if that makes it kind of neat, more weird, or just wtf.  Me, I thought that was pretty amusing.


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