It’s late March, and it’s friggin freezing in Virginia.  I nor Sunbae the Cat are amused.  Sunbae, being an indoor only cat, only thinks he is cold.

I have entered the season of paper writing hell.   I’m just tired.  This semester has been weird and unsatisfying.  I am a nerd, I love learning, but this semester, I do not even want to leave the house.  This may have something to do with it being friggin cold.

I’m cranky and people are getting on my nerves.  Might have something to do with it being friggin cold?

See the theme?

I can say on a positive note that I attended a meet up lunch with several regional peeps, Shukmeister, Wei, MissNelly, and NewKDramaAddict.   It was great fun.

So, on to just some drama catch up briefs:

Let’s Eat was completely and utterly charming.  My only issue with this drama was that a supposedly divorces lady acting like a shy virgin kissing.  NO.  Other than that, I think this drama rocked.

Full House Thai-Quite charming, much improved over the original, which you know, should not be that hard.  I love Rain, but that show was bad.   Anyhoo, FHT was fun but the last THREE episodes were TOTAL filler.

Cunning Single Lady:  It would be better if the show had not shown the 2nd female lead walking around in short skirts BEFORE they decided to give her a prosthetic leg.   This show has not really done much for me.  Like the cast, except the second female lead.

Age of Feeling:  I’m not going to lie, I’m not even  watching this show, I kind of said that from the start. See: What is Inspiring?  and Mo Fan Service.  I like Kim Hyun Joong, I think he’s probably not the smartest guy in the world, but I like him, but this drama was never going to do it for me.  I like Kim Jae-wook even more, and he was in the wind a long time ago.   I just don’t like gangster bullshit drama, and frankly I could not figure out what the hell was going on in the first few episodes, or find a reason to even care.  The only thing I cared about was I thought Mo Il Hwa was a cool quirky character.  and compelling in a sexy creepy funny way.  Song Jae-rim has been on my radar, but he’s really doing something fun in this role.   So frankly, I watch Mo scenes, and that is it.



Bride of the Century:  I liked the female lead character, a lot.  I liked the supernatural element.   I think Hong-ki is adorable, even if I’m not crazy about him as a lead.  I was hoping this drama was going to be a lot of fun.   And it was doing okay until the two leads had personality transplants.  She’s no longer kick ass, and he’s suddenly not cranky and stand offish?    The clincher for me was they had a “spiritual”  marriage…. and went to bed fully dressed.   You know, even neutered pets have urges now and then.

bocnonoYou are doing this WRONG.

So, kind of over it.

Emergency Couple:  Never warmed up to Chang-min.

Am I watching anything else?

Oh, Secret Love Affair.  It’s moody and weird.  Not seeing how this is going to end well.  I ‘ll give it 2 more episodes, but probably not a go for me.

So, basically, nothing is making me happy.

I want to be happy with my K drama dammit.

I’ll check out Hotel King.  I’m not even sure what else is on the radar.

Dr. Stranger?  Love Kang Sora and Lee Jong Suk.  Not sure what this drama is doing.

You’re Surrounded?  I’m not a huge fan of either Cha Seung-won or Lee Seung-gi but this sounds like it could be quirky fun and the most promising.   I liked Go Ara a lot in R94, so we will see.

But one thing I’ve learned is that Korean Dramas are NEVER what they appear to be going in.

Based on stalker fan and publicity photos Lee Min Ho is still dressing Kim Tan-ish, but his hair is a bit longer.   I’m assuming he should be filming Gangnam Blues soon.  We will know that he’s started a new project when his style changes lol.


Happy viewing people, I hope you are having way more fun than me!


Seriously, I called dibs back in what, Feb?  🙂

mo il hwa yumLeader Mo, your lips look chapped.  I have some awesome lip balm….





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