K Drama Lightning Round

What is your first immediate reaction (moment/scene/dialogue) when you think about the dramas listed below?  Keep it short, just a few words.  The point is the first thing that comes to mind.

If you haven’t viewed the drama, you can comment on it’s ‘reputation,’ or why you did not watch it, or type “pass, ” etc.   Example:  Dr. Jin:  I saw the recap pics- no way, eww!


Arang and The Magistrate

Best Love

City Hunter

Delightful Girl

Emergency Couple

Flower Boy Raymun Shop

Good Doctor

Haeundae Lovers

I Hear Your Voice

King of Baking Kim Takgu

Let’s Eat

Me Too Flower


Oh My Lady

Protect the Boss

Queen Inhyun’s Man

Rooftop Prince

Stars Falling from the Sky

To The Beautiful You

Ugly Alert

Vampire Prosecutor

Wild Romance

Joseon X Files

You’re Beautiful

What did you learn about yourself/your k drama viewing?


9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. snow_white
    Mar 17, 2014 @ 03:37:47

    Arang and The Magistrate: Can’t wait to watch Lee Jun Ki + Shin Min Ah + fantasy

    Best Love: The cutie pie Ding Dong

    City Hunter: Lee Min Ho!

    Delightful Girl: Jae Hee and my most favorite drama.

    Emergency Couple: not interested…sounds too meh

    Flower Boy Raymun Shop: looks cute and colorful…haven’t seen yet

    Good Doctor: boooring…haven’t seen

    Haeundae Lovers: No idea!!!

    I Hear Your Voice: a well written show with values and ideals and message and entertainment!

    King of Baking Kim Takgu: a hit drama starring Yoon Shi Yoon

    Let’s Eat: food and the screen caps

    Me Too Flower: hmm

    Nine: want to watch it…sounds like great suspense drama

    Oh My Lady: Choi Si Won!!

    Protect the Boss: cute and fun…plus two OTPs—always a great thing in my book.

    Queen Inhyun’s Man: truly romantic…with an awesome hero who thinks and acts…

    Rooftop Prince: hmmm

    Stars Falling from the Sky: Kim Ji Hoon

    To The Beautiful You: a bad remake

    Ugly Alert: daily drama

    Vampire Prosecutor: style and substance

    Wild Romance: can never add this in my plan

    Joseon X Files: sounds intriguing

    You’re Beautiful: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


  2. Caitlyn (@miss_kayti)
    Mar 17, 2014 @ 06:59:07

    I didn’t learn anything about myself. I’ll usually always think about the male characters before the female, that’s nothing new.

    Arang & The Magistrate – Shin Mina is so pretty in Sageuk clothes, and Yoo Seung Ho was awesome as the God. That’s my favourite role of his.

    Best Love – Dok Go Jin! And the 7 year old kid being constantly left alone in his house and no one having a problem with it

    City Hunter – Lee Min Ho looks hot in black. I always remember an interview where someone said that Gu Jun Pyo’s laugh is Lee Min Ho’s laugh and for some reason, that always comes to me when I think of City Hunter. It should come to mind when I think of BOF but there you go, lol

    Delightful Girl – pass

    Emergency Couple – petty Changmin is adorable, ‘kissing girls while they’re asleep’ Changmin is creepy

    FBRS – Main girl walks around with a plunger at the end and storms into Jung Il Woo’s dad’s house to free him, ha

    Good Doctor – pass. Sounded boring.

    Haeundae Lovers – pass, meh

    I Hear Your Voice – first Lee Jong Suk comes to mind and straight after that is product placement. She does a load of washing so that she can use the sponsored washing powder

    King of Baking Kim Tak Gu – haven’t seen it but… Yoon Si Yoon!

    Let’s Eat – Barassi had his own Goo Dae Young moment, omg!

    Me Too Flower – pass, was gonna watch it, never did

    Nine – walking down the stairs reading what his past self wrote, and watching the past self write it

    Oh My Lady – pass

    Protect the Boss – the second lead girl became friends with the lead, and slept in her house!

    Queen Inhyun’s Man – he writes her address down in Hanja and then she wakes up and sees it and thinks it’s a note he left behind and then she’s like “what is this? I thought you left” and he’s like “…I wrote down your address…” #embarrassing

    Rooftop Prince – the boys freaking out when they started changing in the lift and it opened to a bunch of girls who started screaming, ha ha

    Stars Falling From The Sky – pass

    To The Beautiful You – the really pretty dorm rooms. That must have been one expensive school!

    Ugly Alert – pass. I wanted to watch it because I liked the cast but it’s just too long

    Vampire Prosecutor – really popular but not my thing

    Wild Romance – pass

    Joseon X Files – pass. Sounds awesome though, I want to watch it

    You’re Beautiful – Hong Ki crying on the bus. And the limes.


  3. Christina Rauh Fishburne
    Mar 17, 2014 @ 11:45:43

    CIty Hunter–(finding out the toilet doesn’t work) “AH, Kim NaNa!”
    Flower Boy Raymun Shop–(haven’t seen it but want to.) “Flower Boy” reminds me of “Boys over Flowers” which is what I am smack in the delightful middle of. (…SO wish that were literal…) ((not in an X rated way, just want to be Jan Di))
    Good/Great Doctor/Faith– “Imja!” (and immediate resentment of reality with the red hot intensity of a thousand suns)
    Rooftop Prince– (haven’t seen it yet but am told it involves Time Travel so I want to see it)
    Vampire Prosecutor–(haven’t seen it, but “prosecutor” reminds me of City Hunter)
    Let’s play this game again when all roads don’t necessarily lead to Lee Min Ho and I have more intelligent observations…


  4. randomsoju
    Mar 17, 2014 @ 22:11:41

    I’ll put mine in now too. I don’t like to put it in the post to avoid influencing people.

    Arang and The Magistrate-Really, Lee Jun Ki was kind of boring.

    Best Love-When the lead female character muttered snarky comments.

    City Hunter-Lee Min Ho was melt your panties hot.

    Delightful Girl-Uhm Force was kind of pedophiley.

    Emergency Couple-I’d rather watch the second leads.

    Flower Boy Raymun Shop- I’ve been diagnosed with being angry! This is THE funniest drama EVER.

    Good Doctor- Si on’s fist pumps. I need to watch this again.

    Haeundae Lovers-The lead female has huge knockers and her uncles are hilarious.

    I Hear Your Voice- Tank tops and shoulder porn.

    King of Baking Kim Takgu-I want to watch but it seems so angsty.

    Let’s Eat-Can all of the B2STie Boys act? i want to live on this floor with these people.

    Me Too Flower-Best Drama Kiss Ever. Yoon Si Yoon’s bottom lip. Dayum.

    Nine-I want to stab both the leads with the incense.

    Oh My Lady-Siwon’s abs in one scene. The end.

    Protect the Boss-Three thoughts came at once!: Great female lead. Ji Sung was friggin hilarious when his Dad was smacking him, and Jaejoong in the black t shirt kissing the second lead was hot.

    Queen Inhyun’s Man-Hoodies and Slouch beanies on tall hot extremely smart men send me.

    Rooftop Prince-Power Rangers, stab that bitch, and Yoochun’s fingers were creepy.

    Stars Falling from the Sky-The second lead looked like a troll and the kids were awesome.

    To The Beautiful You-Totally beautiful to watch and I’d like to drown that cross dressing girl damn she was stupid.

    Ugly Alert-haven’t watched yet but hate the name.

    Vampire Prosecutor-the female prosecutors nostrils were very distracting.

    Wild Romance-the fight scene between the leads was disturbing

    Joseon X Files-Never made it through the first episode

    You’re Beautiful-Jeremy,oh Jeremy.

    What did you learn about yourself/your k drama viewing? I feel kind of angry and simultaneously want to squee while thinking about these dramas. That’s about right, it’s what K drama does to you.


    • Caitlyn (@miss_kayti)
      Mar 17, 2014 @ 22:24:49

      I don’t think I’ve met someone who didn’t think Lee Min Ho was hot in City Hunter, ha ha

      And Jeremy is totally always what people think of when they think of You’re Beautiful, right!?


      • randomsoju
        Mar 17, 2014 @ 23:02:07

        No kidding. And you know when I liked LMH best-as Buchai, the holey shirts and the muscles and the crazy hair, yeah.

        YB was so fully of iconic stuff, but the first things you think of are Jeremy both the silly and the heartbreaking, and then …Piggy Bunny!


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