Oh, Mo, and Other Drama

Just a brief catching up post as I have not been very active of late, and probably won’t be until May.   This semester is tiring and weird.

Let’s Eat has continued to keep my heart.  It’s just been a charming little show with wonderful characters.  I really love just everything about it.  How can you not love a show about foodies,  with a dog as a character, and with a side of who done it?  It’s like Scooby Doo with better hair and no stoners.


My Love From Another Star did not sell out in the end, which was nice, it had a not so perfect ending, and did not make a lot of sense but at least they did not try to come up with some silly turn him human after 400 years ending.  The show never really won me me over despite it’s moments of charm and that I really love Kim Soo Hyun.   I still stand by my first thoughts that it was a re-worked vampire script and was seriously pulling “inspiration” from Twilight.


I’m totally going to the wrong university.

I Need Romance 3 is not exactly titillating.   In fact, the leads are quite boring.  The second lead male character, Kang Tae-yoon, is one of the least likable second leads, edging close to Biscuit Teacher Ji Hyun-woo unlikable.  Even Heirs Young-do was more likeable even though he was a total sadistic psycho.    I do enjoy the  more realistic female characters, and the side characters. Park Yoo-hwan, love him in this, he’s just adorable. I also give kudos to the kiss between Kang Tae-yoon and Oh Se-ryeong, it’s probably one of the better kisses I’ve seen in a drama.

Unless someone tells me Song Jae-rim or Kim Jae-wook are back on Inspiring Generation, I’m in the wind on that drama.  Mo Il-hwa was especially, uh, inspiring.  I don’t know the dealio is on that drama but obviously there are some issues.

ImageGives a total new meaning to OMO.  Here, just take everything I have, it’s yours.

Emergency Couple has moved on past some of the mean spirited stuff, thank goodness.  I am behind on it, but I’m seeing a totally lack of connection between the two lead characters.

Also behind on FH Thai.  It started out charming but I really felt annoyed with the male lead character after the fake marriage and his annoying mean behavior and picking on the female lead.  What was refreshing about this drama was that the male lead was fairly likeable, not the typical rich jerk character.

Checking out Single Cunning Lady.  They are shooting with a diffusion filter that is totally softening the actors facial features into smooth masks, ugh.  Personally, I like laugh lines on people.   Kim Myung-soo and Seo Kang-joon are in this, well, yay!

 Can We Love?   Enjoyable, and pretty even.  It’s just consistently good without consuming my soul.  I like the characters.

Happy Viewing!


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  1. Caitlyn (@miss_kayti)
    Mar 01, 2014 @ 20:38:24

    Let’s Eat is pretty much my favourite drama of the year, lol. Unless something goes drastically wrong in the last two episodes, it’s gonna be a hard one to beat, for me.
    I loved You From Another Star. I loved the entire cast, and every single character and actor, even the bad guy even though some people didn’t like how ridiculous he was. I totally did though, ha ha. Plus, Kim Soo Hyun is so damn pretty. I think they ended it as well as they could.
    I like what you said about Can We Love, that’s how I feel about it as well. Ditto for I Need Romance 3.
    Emergency Couple is great, I’m enjoying it. There isn’t necessarily chemistry between the leads but i find at this point, that doesn’t really bother me. At least they’re heading towards the actual romance now. Both lead characters can be a bit much sometimes but Chang Min can be really adorable too. In the last couple of episodes, anyway.
    I’m not starting any new shows til I get back so Single Cunning Lady and also Bride of the Century are going to have to wait.


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