I Want My Thrill and I Want It Now


I am in need of drama crack.  I haven’t had any in a long long time.  The closest think I have had to drama crack was I Hear Your Voice.  I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out.  I was trying to think today, when the last time I had a full on high.  I miss it.   I miss sitting on the edge of my seat, devouring the screen with my eyes, can’t wait for the next episode to hit.  Forgiving the flaws easily. Bottom line, I want to fall in love,  ya know?  I want that omg I love this, the male lead is so friggin hot and he’s a jerk or mest and I don’t care I can’t take my eyes off the screen, feeling. It’s been a really really long time.

What I have been watching:

Let’s Eat is absolutely charming.  I look forward to it each week.  But there is no heat.

Kim Soo-hyun is one of the most beautiful people on the planet, and he’s so appealing, and Song-yi is endearing in her role,  but You From Another Star is just missing something.

INR3, I’m still on reserving opinion, but it’s not going to be crack.  I am having a feeling that a lot of people are expecting more heat then this drama will deliver.  I hope it proves me wrong.

Miss Korea, spectacular cast. No heat.

Pretty Man was a total waste of idea and cast.

I really like Can We Love?  I love the more realistic female characters and Uhm-Force’s character is awesome, but still, not crack.

Golden Rainbow-Sigh.

I am not going through the viewing past that and say why or why no heat-you can check out My Year in Review posts if you wish.  Instead I am going back in time a bit.


Monstar was charming and Kang Ha-neul and Da-hee had smoke up the screen fascinating potential, but it was a teen drama.  Before I Hear Your Voice, the closest thing to love for me was Flower Boy Next Door, and my love for that drama was more cuddly than crack.  So that puts me back at 2012 Faith where the heat potential was through the roof, unfulfilled. Before Faith, Big, which we all know what happened there.  That would have been my last crack like feeling, but it was never quite there either.  Rooftop Prince.  Lots of love for those lead characters,and wow did the sister make me angry.    Answer 1997 was pretty fantastic.   Padam Padam, Me Too Flower, oh I do love the cranky grumpy cop and the bottom lip of Jae-hee.    2011 was a banner year, some of my favorite dramas come out of 2011.

I had to go back in time and look at my viewing history, and that is what is missing in my drama viewing, I want to not only enjoy the drama, I want to fall head over heels for a drama lead. I figured I have to go back to Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and City Hunter to find my heart beats faster cannot get enough thrill.  This isn’t about if the drama was great, or if it was the best drama, or my favorite drama, but about being in love, wanting that adrenalin high.

I want that feeling that shimmered pretty high in I Hear Your Voice, flickered for Sun woo and Kim Nana in Monstar, that I felt and lost in Faith, in Big,  that spiked for Jae-hee in Me Too Flower,  that made me stare at the screen in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, that made me sit on the edge of my seat with City Hunter and fall in love with Buchai and think save Bad Daddy he’s so smouldery.  I want that rush, that made me want to be friends with the characters in The Woman that Still Wants to Marry (2010) and want my own Min-jae,  to the score in finding Coffee Prince and thinking how could anyone not fall in love with Choi Han Gyul,  and finally back to my first K drama, Boys Over Flowers, that made me roll with laughter, cry my eyes out, and scream at the idiocy on the screen.  So I took a little visual trip down memory lane.



faith7-00284kang big

jaehee 1







   bofunaired kiss
(This is a still from the street kiss scene sequence that was censored/cut to show only the sunglare portion)

I’m not sure whom I was more in love with in Boys Over Flowers. Yi-sung pushed my buttons,  Ji-hoo was a great person, Woo-bin had a heart of gold, and Gu Jun Pyo was just hysterically funny.  Can we every catch that high again, the hit we took from our first crack drama?  Is that what keeps us on the quest?  At what point do we come down, beat the dt’s and get clean?  Do we want to?

What are your crack dramas?


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  1. snow_white
    Jan 26, 2014 @ 00:55:30

    Lovely post! All my crack dramas are the oldies: You’re Beautiful, Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, Boys Before Flowers, Coffee Prince, even Fugitive Plan B was my non-stop marathon and I loved it, City Hunter, etc….I think in recent times, there is a serious lack of crack dramas…maybe it also has to do with this live watching thing….earlier I used to just marathon and that made me love a show a lot more….now I have so many options and shows each week…


    • randomsoju
      Jan 26, 2014 @ 01:11:18

      Thanks, it’s been a while since I took time to write anything. I too wondered if marathoning was a factor, but sometimes I get behind and watch several episodes in a row, so that doesn’t seem to be it. Is it the plots, the characters, the cast chemistry? Whatever it is, it’s not clicking for me! You’re Beautiful, gosh I cringe thinking about the Mi-nam/nyu character she’s really an awful female character but over time I have come to appreciate that the rest of the drama was just fun. Fugitive Plan B, oh the chase scenes were worth watching it alone lol. Well that and the hotness of Rain. Thank for reminding me of that!


      • snow_white
        Jan 26, 2014 @ 12:40:57

        Have you tried Prime Minister And I?….it’s really good and sweet…
        I found Go Mi Nam really adorable….yes, she was a bit dimwit but I liked her….the show was definitely fun and full of heart 🙂


        • randomsoju
          Jan 26, 2014 @ 18:35:26

          Yes, I’ve watched PM&I, not making it a priority. I like Yoon Si Yoon but the show really doesn’t interest me or excite me.

        • snow_white
          Jan 27, 2014 @ 03:11:38

          I think if you are a Yoon Shi Yoon fan, you might not like it much….because you’ll suffer from second lead syndrome or you’ll be disappointed that he is not a leading man 😉

        • randomsoju
          Jan 27, 2014 @ 18:37:37

          No,not really. I’m not that type of viewer. I never invest in a show purely for one cast member. Nor do I confuse a character with the physical appeal, or acting talent, of the actor. While I might enjoy various characters and enjoy the second lead as much as 1rst leads, I never buy into those silly Team whomever things…I lament the intellect of people that think that there is actually any doubt whom will end up together. Cast lists rarely lie lol.

          I might check out a drama I otherwise might not look at because of a particular actor or actress, but it has to have more to the draw than one person to make me invest. PM&I didn’t have enough draw to make me invest.

  2. Caitlyn (@miss_kayti)
    Jan 26, 2014 @ 02:32:34

    “Kim Soo-hyun is one of the most beautiful people on the planet, and he’s so appealing, and Song-yi is endearing in her role, but You From Another Star is just missing something.” Yeah, I find this as well. Like, i’m really enjoying it, and look forward to it every week but there’s something extra that isn’t quite there.

    I never know if a show I like is a crack drama or not. Like, I know that I loved it to pieces, and I know I waited impatiently for each episode if I wasn’t marathoning it, but I don’t know how to differentiate if it was a crack drama or not because I forget about it once it’s finished. Plus, it’s the dramas I used to marathon that I was addicted to, or it’s the dramas I enjoyed reading the recaps and comments of. So, that would be the first two Flower Boy dramas, City Hunter, Greatest Love. I marathoned CYHMH and Coffee Prince, and In Time With You, and they are my favourite dramas. It’s so much easier to be addicted to a show when you’re watching it non-stop.

    Cruel City had me on the edge of my seat the entire time, so I guess that counts as a crack drama.


  3. snow_white
    Jan 28, 2014 @ 03:00:08

    I agree….I do get attracted to a show because of the actors but the drama should have more than that to make me continue to watch it….as for PMAI, I liked it right off the bat…cute and simple…
    I never get second lead syndrome…I think it’s a good thing…it happened only once in Flower Boy Next Door even when I knew the end pair….and the other time was in Coffee House where nobody knew the OTP….the show kept on confusing us…and I rooted for the wrong pair…lol


    • randomsoju
      Jan 28, 2014 @ 14:41:17

      UGH! Holy crap Coffee House was a hot mess of confusing! I quit midway when I realized the assistant girl was not the end game, and that was because I ended up googling a summary because I did not understand what was going on. But that show did give us the cat fishing, which was hilarious.


      • snow_white
        Jan 29, 2014 @ 09:28:45

        lol….actually I read only little bit comments and I thought that the secretary will be the main lead and I started watching…..even till the last episode, I was thinking that she might be….and the drama came to an end…and I was so, so disappointed….even if the girl was kind of silly, but I still rooted for that unlikely couple 😀


  4. mpc226
    Jan 28, 2014 @ 05:15:11

    I guess I never had one for the longest of time since Love Story in Harvard & City Hunter, w/c kept me glued and made me fall in love to it’s leads! I was forever waiting for each episodes to come and hope it never end! And still keeping the feelings that Buchai will come back with Kim Nana on City Hunter part2,hayyy….And oh never to forget Jang Ok Jung Live for Love made me fell head over heels in love with Kim Tae Hee & Yoo Ah In, too! This drama made me invested so much emotion & made me cry till my eyes poked! It has given me the thrills & made me hate all those jerks that made life for my OTP hard! And wish it never had such tragic end but knowing it would only thwarted off history more…I’ve so much expectations with You From Another Star, but have to agree with u, it lacks heat & short of feelings to keep me on the edge of my seat!


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