Pretty Man and Quirky Woman


I can’t say anything particularly bad about Pretty Man, but nothing particularly good either.  It was a big ball of fluffy interspersed with Cruella Deville moments that in the end…what happened? Nothing much.  The plot fell apart about halfway in and the last four episodes felt a lot like filler.

The cast did a good job; that was the win for this drama, great acting, with not so much to do with the character development.


Character comments:

Ma Te:  I never really got this character.  He was a guy that just kind of skated through life.  Like the drama, he was not particularly good or bad.  Jang Geun Suk is a fine actor but he really did not have much to do here.  I think sometimes people get caught up in that he has a flamboyant media persona and they forget at the core he has always been a fine actor.

ma te1

David Choi:  This character was simply delightful. And I loved the hair and clothes.  Anyone that has read my commentary knows I could not stand this actor in I Do, I Do.  I liked him much more in this.


Bo Tong:  This was a fun character. I liked her a lot and IU was very good.  BT was quirky and funny and sweet and very much her own person.  It was easier to get caught up in the oppa crush thing and see her as a dim witted pawn…but was she?  No, she really was not.  Early on we found out that she read oppa like a book.   She was not being manipulated, she was a fully engaged enabler lol, but was not afraid to speak up most of the time.  And despite all of the assholery we saw with early Ma Te, we quickly learned that he was very much full of hot air and they were in fact, very good friends.


I liked at the end she worked with David and Ma Te was doing his own thing.  What could have made this character great instead of good?  More of those husky sexy laughs…in combination with the character being a horn dog the entire run instead of the beginning.  If she had put the moved on Ma Te and left him reeling.  If she had a couple of girlfriends.  I nominate Electric Fairy.


The female “targets.”  I really, really liked these women, warts and all.  After the actress arc,  things kind of fizzled but throughout, the character development was much more that I ever expected.  I particularly liked the real estate lady, the Electric Fairy fortune teller and the actress.  What would have been great?  If the Electric Fairy had been a character throughout the drama.  If the actress character had in fact been a lesbian character.  Because based on this drama, and well the lack of even the mention of lesbians in most k drama, evidently being lesbian is the worst thing one can be in Korea?    Dramaland logic:  M/m homoeroticism? Sure.  Premarital sex for women?  No, let’s make everyone as chaste as possible. Illegitimate children?  Bad, bad, but it’s not the child’s fault.  Lesbian?  What?  There is no such thing!

The meddling elders is a common trope in k drama, as is the wicked mother.  Nothing new here.  But what was the message?  Fate puts us exactly where we are supposed to be?  It is useless to have anger over  people that do you dirty because it’s fate?   That the status quo is what it is, and it was okay that all of these by blow children did not have it so bad and the Daddy Sickbed manipulations were okay because society says by blows have to stay under wraps?  But you know just like the good ol’ American way, the Korean way is that if you work hard and/or get lucky because you have a pretty face,  you can be successful…just pretend you don’t exist if you meet your birth ‘rent in public.  I say bump that.

The eye make up for the female characters was boss.

And for all the people that complained, and complained, and complained about this:

ma te hair 2

Thanks for this, because wow,  yeah this was totally better.

ma te bad hair

It’s an innocuous watch with zero level romance, does word play count- BUTTON and MATE?    I can’t recommend it, but I wouldn’t tell you not to watch it because it definitely will give you smile out loud moments.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Caitlyn Burton
    Jan 10, 2014 @ 05:13:13

    I would tell people not to watch it, lol. I waste my life on shows like this because I don’t have a life (as much as I say i should drop dramas, I never do and that’s clearly never going to change. Once I’ve committed, I’m in for the long haul) but if someone asked me if they should check this out, I would wholeheartedly say “no!” I liked David and I liked Botong, but I didn’t care one iota for anything or anyone else. I think i liked it for the most part up until episode 7-ish, and then I just stopped caring, and I found it boring. I didn’t understand why half of what was happening was happening, and then things basically just fixed themselves when the President decided to be a nice guy. And Hong Yoo Ra, who finally gets to see her daughter, just ups and moves to America? Yeah ok. I don’t buy the “i just wanted my daughter to smile” thing because the daughter was fine. We saw the daughter, and she was perfectly happy with her dad. It was Yoo Ra who wanted to be with her daughter! David became a bit pathetic as well, but he came around again at the end, which was sweet. Overall, the show just didn’t have a point. At all.

    I did appreciate how Ma Te was doing his own thing at the end. And I really loved how David’s older brother was so happy to have a dongsaeng. They’re going to go fishing together! Adorable.

    Your comment about his hair made me laugh. I wonder if he’s growing his hair out again.


    • randomsoju
      Jan 10, 2014 @ 15:22:47

      I think everything you said is valid lol, especially about wasting your life on this silly little drama and many like it. Unless I really hate something I hate to tell people not to watch something, because my tastes are not always mainstream. I would not even tell people not to watch BIG, even thou I will never get over the ending, because really if you look at the majority of it, there was a lot of enjoyment there. But bakc to PM, I came for JGS, I stayed for IU, but I really just watched this drama through simply because I was on winter break lol. I agree, but I could not pin point it as directly as you-somewhere between episodes 7-9, it lost me with the point of the plot, and really after the actress, there was not much going on with the ‘target’ women, than just went NOWHERE, and was stupid. It certainly went nothing like I understood the premise to be. The hair-I mean really, soooo many comments about his hair being long and he must cut it, and all I could think was this was with so many BAD male hair styles in 2013, do you really want to go there?


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