To Vax, or Not to Vax? Is it really even a question?

Okay, here’s the sitch.  It’s becoming trendy again not to vaccinate kids, or delay vaccination.  The reason being, hello,  trendy,  okay?   But seriously, some people believe preservatives in vaccines cause autism, and some believe it’s causing other health problems.  To each their own right?


Here’s why.  At what point do you have a public and community responsibility?

Each time a kid is inoculated, everyone around the kid gets a little booster.  Not kidding.  When lil Johnny makes a poop after getting the vax, Mom and Dad are getting a little dose themselves.   Each time a kid is NOT vaxed,  that kid opens a CHINK in the community immunity barrier.  Oh look, CHINK CHINK CHINK CHINK…HOLE.  Oh noes, measles outbreak?  Awesome.

All of the people that say oh I didn’t vaccinate my kid and they are perfectly fine, I say, fabulous,  pooper moocher.  Maybe your kid got a mini dose from some kids diaper in the bathroom at the mall here and there.  See, that’s cool, as long as the community in whole is vaccinating, everyone is just getting a little special poopy booster now and then to keep things rolling along.   But, you know, if more and more kids aren’t vaxed, guess what,  less and less mini doses are going out in the community.  CHINK CHINK CHINK BAM!  HOLE.  So your kid that is not vaxed may be the first one that runs out the mini dose prophylactic.    Hope they do not run into say, the mumps virus.   Not scary enough?  How about polio?

People are forgetting about these diseases because it’s not common for kids to die from childhood diseases anymore, or to see “polio kids”  as a normal everyday thing anymore.  Until we started vaccinating, it was NORMAL to wonder if your kid would live to FIVE years of age.  NORMAL.   It was NORMAL if they didn’t make it.

Normal to expect your kid to die, before the advent of vaccines, people.  NORMAL.

Vaccinate your kid.

And make sure your teen daughters are getting the HPV shots.  Run, don’t walk,  bitches.   Don’t make me write a post about that and scare the hell out of you.

Oh you can thank, or blame, my Medical Technology History Prof for this post.

This is a quote from my friend Pats, which sums up what I just said in a more direct way lol —-“My absolute favorite thing is when stupid celebrities who are missing about 1/2 of their brain jump on this anti-vac crusade like they are the foremost experts on childhood diseases. My favorite line? “There is no need for a vaccine against a disease that no longer exists.” Dear stupid celebrities – the diseases do still exists, and vaccines are the reason that kids aren’t dying left and right. Every time I hear some anti-vac crap I want to hunt down Jenny McCarthy and slam her face repeatedly into a table.”

Next random topic when I have another bout of insomnia: “How the Word “Alone” is Gendered.”


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  1. Caitlyn Burton
    Jan 03, 2014 @ 19:41:01

    I have a friend who is anti-vaccination because she thinks a.) it causes autism, and b.) the government and medical organisations are only trying to make money. So, her two children haven’t been vaccinated and will never be vaccinated. Ironically, her son has autism. That has nothing to do with anything but i do find it interesting that if she had been pressured to have her son vaccinated, and then he was diagnosed, she would have been screaming “VACCINATIONS GAVE MY SON AUTISM”. At least now, she can’t blame it on anything. My cousin is against vaccinations as well because she had some issues when she vaccinated her first child, so she didn’t vaccinate the rest. And luckily, all of her 5 kids are very healthy. My other cousin thinks vaccines have mercury in them so she didn’t vaccinate her kids either (one of my friends, who’s a nurse, actually got into a Facebook debate with my cousin on this topic, lol). You try to talk to my friend or cousins about this, and they just say that there’s plenty of medical research to support what they say. I’m not an expert but there’s probably a lot more evidence to disprove it. I think there is far more to lose by not vaccinating your child than there is vaccinating them. Plus, a lot of the diseases that we get vaccinated for; okay, they might not be common in the Western world, which is possibly why people think they don’t exist anymore, but you still see outbreaks in non-Western and third world countries. We’ll probably never be rid of a lot of the diseases we get immunised for, but at least if we keep on immunising, there’s more of a chance that we’ll see less and less of it.


    • randomsoju
      Jan 03, 2014 @ 20:30:25

      Yes, the point is these people that do not immunize MIGHT prevent one of their children from having an issue, but they DEFINITELY put their community at risk. That is the problem. The percentage of risk is small compared to the benefit and as you said nothing is completely proven in the risk factor. However, outbreaks have been linked to communities that have higher rates of people that do not vax, like in the UK- due to an anti vax movement in the 90’s, only like 50% of the teens in the UK now have been vaxed and they have a measles problem in that age group.


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