My Year in K Drama-Part 3 of 3


My Favorite: Flower Boy Next Door: because I will watch it again and watch all of it.

Best Quality:

For cinematography, I have to give a nod to That Winter The Wind Blows because it was gorgeous to watch.

Reply 1994: because over all, writing, directing, production, acting, heart, themes-win.


Best Characters:

Female Lead:  Hye-sung and Dok-mi: Neither owned their sexuality, but they were both the most interesting plus enjoyable characters for me, and broke some tropes. I loved Dok-mi as a person that we can all relate to in our tired, emotional, lonely moments.  Hye-sung is the bluffer in all of us, even when we don’t think we are all that, we pretend we are and make it so.

0008_4a0aThis is so totally me.


Male Lead:

Enrique and Su-ha: Enrique-Part 5 year old, part wandering mendicant. I’d laugh at him and hate him and then strangle him in his sleep, and then miss him desperately.  Su-ha-Just a lovely character, an old soul.



Most Unique Leads:  Trash,  Si-on,  and Gong-shil, and Bok-Nyeo

Smartest Leads:  Si-on and Bok Nyeo

Most Relatable Leads:  Dok-mi and Hye-sung


hyesung leaf

Second Leads:

Lil Sun was pretty entertaining.   Kim Nana was a win for me. She gave good glare and good sneer.   Her drop dead comment to Sun-woo was priceless.



Chilbongie is most beloved, and Jin-rak would be the most entertaining to watch. I’m not someone who gets mushy and cries during dramas.  But Chilbongie’s heartbreak and loneliness, yeah, I’ve been there, and I cried with him in that stadium.



Characters that need a spin off: Sun-woo and Kim Nana.

OMG these guys are in every drama I Watch:  Ahn Nae-sang, Kim Chang-won and Kim Mi-kyung

Drama that was the biggest Waste of Talent: Heirs and Level 7 Civil Servant

And the Gakistal Award Goes to:



Character that I was all about even though I did not watch the drama past the first two episodes because well it was horrible and just was not going to happen:

Hot Gummy Daddy

 hotgummydaddyI’m thinking of getting lost on a certain Korean mountain.  Seriously, why wasn’t the show about this character?

Most Aegyo:  Won Kang Hwi in Full House 2 (Again, yes it ran at the end of 2012, but I ran it over in viewing to 2013)


Breakout Talents:

Lee Jong Suk


More shoulder porn

Kang Haneul


Hottest moment in Heirs.

Kim Seul-gi


Most Improved: Yong Hwa, Go Ara, Yoona

Most Overrated Drama:  Masters Sun or Nine

Most Underrated Drama:  Acting wise, Medical Top Team  Character wise, Good Doctor.



Drama that people forgot about that was awesome: TEN 2

Biggest Surprise: Yong Jun-hyung in Monstar

seol chan

Biggest Disappointment:  Lack of mature relationship in Master’s Sun

Best Cameo:  Uhm-force in Level 7 Civil Servant and the most cute guy ever in Good Doctor.


Just for this scene.


Will you be my squishy?

Best Female Friendships:  The Prison Bitches in Secret


Best Male Friendships:  Reply 1994


And Jin Rak the dreamer and Dong Joon the truth speaker in Flower Boy Next Door

2013-01-10 21_16_11

Romulans and Vulcans:




rponfarrPon Farr???


And Last But Not least let’s hear it for the Moms:





masters_sun AUNT


What I have learned from K Drama watching in 2013:

-I’m an independent thinker and I will never go along with the crowd.

-Based on reading blogs and comments there are a lot of women in the world that perpetuate and enable female second class citizenship.

-Stop watching a drama if you are not happy with it or it pisses you off.  Just. Stop.  It’s not like a blogger or commenter will not put out alerts on anything interesting that you might want to check out.  Just don’t believe any hype on a kiss scene, ha.

-Don’t be afraid to try a drama that you are iffy about but see above.

-I learned from Barefoot Friends that Koreans must have mouths made out of iron to withstand crunching crabmeat right out of the shell.  Because my ass would be at the hospital getting stitches if I tried that with a blue crab.  Not to mention the dental risks.

-I realized how much Korean female characters and actresses are overlooked in discussion and commentary.  To include my own neglect.  And probably in this review.  I could not for the life of me think of break out female actresses, besides thinking of the work that some of the child actresses were doing.  It would be hypocritical to deny that I came to k drama for the hotties and the romance.  But how can I say I want to see more developed and more interesting k drama female characters if I don’t give them more attention?  I cannot do anything drastic about culture as a whole, but I can do something about what I do and how I comment on dramas to include more coverage of female characters and actresses.  And maybe that is how changes begin?

Happy Viewing for 2014!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Caitlyn Burton
    Jan 01, 2014 @ 00:26:01

    Ha, we both used the same picture of Gumiho Dad. That image is a win, clearly. He was the best character in the show, although if he’d been in it more, he would have lost his appeal. He was around just enough for us to marvel at his gorgeousness and pity him, but not get too into his character that he became boring.

    Enrique and Soo Ha – Yep. I want more of Enrique, I miss him. FBND wasn’t my fave drama but I really liked all of the characters.
    Sun Woo and Nana – Yep

    I’ve never seen Go Ara in anything else, but i’ve heard that there was criticism about her acting before. I thought she was great in Reply 1994 so i’m happy for her if she’s managed to silence some of her critics. I mean, that show was a boon for the entire cast.

    That gif from Secret is awesome. That scene was so cute.

    I love that picture from Reply 1994, of Na Jung and Chilbongie. Chilbongie looks so adorable and handsome there.


    • randomsoju
      Jan 01, 2014 @ 00:42:57

      Gummy Daddy pic- ha, yes, I noticed that when I read your blog! Go Ara- It’s like she’s a different person. And I love it when model type actresses and idols shock the hell out of you with a performance, especially when its characters that are not glamorous.


  2. DDee
    Jan 01, 2014 @ 12:16:40

    So Nine didn’t do it for you either I see!
    I know what you’re saying about the lack of fangirling over women characters and actors. And there was some great material character wise in dramas this year for women. I can only think of Lee Yu Bi in Gu Family Book but I’m not sure it that qualifies as a breakout if so much as making lemons out of lemonade.


    • randomsoju
      Jan 01, 2014 @ 12:41:34

      Gosh no, it just annoyed me mostly lol. Lee Yu Bi-I do not know either as I did not watch the drama. Lil Sun maybe? Kim So-hyun, the teen actress maybe? Out of those 3 I’d probably say Kim So-hyun because she was rather visible.


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