“Stop Telling Women to Smile” Art Project

I am reblogging this because this is one of my pet peeves and a lot of people do not see that stopping a woman and telling her to smile is harassment, and it is, and it doesn’t just happen on the street, it’s everywhere, the workplace, university, etc.

Pow! Femme Fatale

stop telling women to smile

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, an artist and women’s rights activist, created an art project that can be seen around different cities titled “Stop Telling Women To Smile”. The art project addresses the common occurrence of street harassment towards women. From cat-calls, to intruding a women’s personal space, to demanding a women to smile, and much more, street harrassment happens to many times to too many women around the world.

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh explains her idea on creating this powerful art project (from her website):

“The project is saying that street harassment is not okay. That feeling entitled to treat and speak to women any type of way, is not okay. That demanding a woman’s attention is not okay. That intruding on a woman’s space and thoughts is not okay. That women should be able to walk to the train, to the grocery store, to school – without having to cross the street to…

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