Monday Memes-Ode to Jung Il Woo

With Jung Il Woo coming back to the small screen, just thought I’d have some fun with him.  Not even going to play this time, no ode, no memes, just an excuse to enjoy  Jung Il Woo. There was no way this would not be Flower Boy Raymun Shop photo heavy.   I had to be selective, and for every pic, there are 3 more I did not include.



So here’s a theme…



mf - CopyThis photo refuses to allow me to resize it to a more modest size.  I take it as a sign.












49days4Not sure if hot guy, ahjumma, or Cha Chi Soo dressed as Eun-bi?

49-days-ep-18-7                                     Um, hello, I could have been City Hunter.

iljimae1-1024x819But that’s okay, I am Iljimae!

JungIlWoo11Only in Korea would this giant bag be in this photo.






   tumblr_livz8uuuN81qeiml6Oh, hello, I’m your psycho fairy-go…er reaper!

tumblr_lj8llehWHp1qbskc3o1_500Seriously, if I saw this in front of me in real life, there is no way this guy would not be going home with me I wouldn’t end up in jail.


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