My Week in K Drama 10/25/2013

I’ve watched Heirs and Mirae’s Choice and oddly enough somehow started watching Suspicious Housekeeper.   I caught Reply 1994, but have not had a chance to watch Medical Top Team.    I think I watched an epi  each of Secret and Unemployed Romance and Barefoot Friends but I cannot remember if I did that last weekend before last weeks post.

Mirae’s Choice-I am not going to follow this closely, I just am not engaged by the male lead, and I learned my lesson with Master’s Sun.

Reply 1994- Loved the earthiness and dynamics.    I am not going to be invested in the romance I do not think, but i think the show will be really good.

Heirs Episodes 5 and 6-

Episode 5 was really pretty good and even over all.   Episode 6 back to choppy, but okay.

We get that Kim Tan is an old soul.  Yah, costume design/writer/ director, you all do not have to beat us over the head with this the old lady clothes.  Even his fake mom has more fashion sense and her clothes scare the hell out of me. I do think the snowflake sweater did make a pretty picture.

Mean Girls:  Who cares?

Young-do:  I guess we are going to get the weekly who will he torture event.   Wow, this guy is totally wack and creepy.   Are we supposed to find him appealing?    He might be entertaining from a viewing level, but he’s quite horrible.     The I know you are illegitimate thing.  It is quite difficult to buy into this birth secret thing considering King Tam is openly living with his mistress.

That one boy has the smile of a noona killer, but gees what does it say about a guy that thinks his egocentric, possessive,  stalker girl friend”s behavior is cute?  Shudder.

Well this is not your typical poor but justice girl is it?  Enu-sang is definitely flawed.  Despite sliding into a tired trope, I would appreciate it if Eun-sang did stand up and say yeah, hello, I’m poor, stop stomping the geek kid, come at me bro.  At least we can respect a justice girl character.  We can understand why Eun-sang would try to slide under the radar, but she’s going to have to stand up for herself to Young-do.  She’s cannon fodder already, she’s just in denial.   She’s already pissed off the mean girls,  the resident psycho bully has her number, and no one is going to buy the new money story for long. She just needs to deal with it now because it’s going to blow up in her face.  I just want to say to Eun-sang, you might as well face that these people are going to try to eat you alive head on.   Kim Tan has good intentions, but it’s not going to work, and you have to be able to live with yourself.

Im Joo-eun’s character:  Is this a foreshadowing up what life for Eun-sang will be?  Tied forever to Kim Tan, whether you want it or not due to being a charity case?  The girl obviously has some true affection for Kim Won, but it also appears she feels obligated to him.  It’s a really odd dynamic, almost as servant and master, mistress and benefactor, definitely not a true friendship.  It was really uncomfortable watching them together.  She’s got a prestigious education, but at what price?

I get the staring thing, it’s tied to the dream catcher thing, but come on lets get real, it’s smacking of just killing time.  Use it judicially drama gods.

I am hoping the Kang Haneul storyline will begin evolving soon.

King Kim:  Manipulative, ugh.    This show has no where to go but ugly hot mess with the horrible parents.

It’s so scary what the message here is in this drama.  All these beautiful, wealthy, young, and mostly rich kids that have no dreams, disassociation from life,  and no wants or wishes or even thoughts to their futures.  They are totally entrenched into their roles in their families, in their culture, in the status quo.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Caitlyn Burton
    Oct 26, 2013 @ 01:40:47

    There are just too many shows on at the moment, lol

    Yeah, I don’t see how Tan’s birth is any kind of secret. Surely people were around when the mistress was bought in, presumably when she had Tan. I want to know what the kids will actually do when they find out though. Even if he’s the mistresses son, he’s still the recognised second son of Jeguk Group. He’s still more powerful, or at least equal to, the other main Heirs.

    I find I’m loving Young Do though. I have no idea what he’s actually thinking. Surely Eun Sang won’t stand the bullying for much longer though, and when she stands up for the kid or herself, Kim Tan will have to get involved. He needs to actually do something instead of just be staring and lonely all the time. And Bo Na I like because she likes Chan Young even though he’s of lower class than her. That doesn’t bother her, she just likes him for him. So I think that’s really sweet. She’s a nut job, but she has good qualities. I guess Chan Young is a nut job as well, so they’re well suited.

    Totally agree with you about Kim Won and the tutor girl; not quite sure what exactly is going on between them but it’s awkward. I don’t get what the dad is doing with his sons; why is he putting them against each other like that? He’s a confusing jerk, that guy. You can see exactly why Kim Won acts like he does.

    Reply 1994 – I really liked Jung Woo in the first two episodes so i’m already into the romance. I do think the show might go totally off the rails a bit later, as I think Mirae’s Choice probably will, but I’ll enjoy them both while they last.


  2. randomsoju
    Oct 26, 2013 @ 02:54:33

    The only way to wrap your mind around the Kim family and the brothers from different mothers is think of them as a Sageuk royal family. Then then the whole thing makes sense. Good grief, if it was a sageuk they would all die horrible deaths except Kim Tan who would have to man up and be King. And yes I just wrote the whole thing out in my head: Bio Mom would poison 2nd wife, (Eun-sang’s mom gets caught in the middle and dies trying to protect KT’s bio mom) the King would have bio mom beheaded. Rachel’s Mom would have an affair with Snogging Daddy AND Young-do simultaneously. Young-do’s pop marries her and tries to seduce Rachel. Rachel kills both Young-do’s pop and her own mother Snogging Daddy would betray the King in a conspiracy and assassinate the King. Kim Won would execute Snogging Daddy. Tutor girl would be unacceptable as a Queen so Kim Won would try to make her his concubine. She’d try to runaway with Haneul, and he’d be executed for it. Then she’d gank herself. The same thing would be going on with Eun-sang and Kim Tan, except Won and Tan would be engaged in a civil war for the throne, and Young-do would kill Eun-sang in a fit of frenzied jealousy and then help Won try to win the war. Won would wed Rachel for her wealth. Rachel would be pregnant with Won’s spawn but have a torrid affair with Young-do. Tan would defeat Young-do in battle, and plan to torture him but Young-do escapes. Won would have found out that Young-do boffed Rachel, and Won has Young-do tortured to death slowly. He let’s Rachel live until she pops out Won Spawn. However, Tan wins the war and Won falls on his sword rather than bow down to Tan. Tan ends up with Rachel out of both apathy and to secure the crown with her wealth. Tan ends up being this awesome legend of a King. Fifteen years later Rachel poisons Tan and puts Won Spawn on the throne.


  3. DDee
    Oct 26, 2013 @ 07:24:10

    Your point about Kim Won & his tutor friend’s relationship is totally spot on. It IS awkward and seems like any hope of a romantic relationship was corrupted long ago by daddy dearest’s plans because of the power imbalances inherent in this kind of dynamic. This is what Eun Sang and Kim Tan will be like in the future, if they continue along the same path. I always felt that Kim Won was alot like his younger bro until all life got sucked out of him by complying to his father’s wishes, by playing the role of chaebol heir. We see some of his humanity with Rachel earlier at the grave of his mum, but he seems to have buried it away. Eun Sang needs to start taking notes from tutor lady and the bros need to team up against daddy STAT!


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