My Week in K Drama 10/18/2013

I’m so tired I can’t remember what I know about K Drama.  I am going to have to start doing notes while I view.

Barefoot Friends-What happened to Eunhyuk?  He has not been on the show for ages.  I’m totally enamored with Yoon Si Yoon.  The eating shows are becoming quite repetitive, and well, off putting,  watching Ho-dong eat everything that does not move.  I appreciate Korean history and ingenuity, I understand much of the culture of cuisine came out of necessity.  When you have limited options for food, creativity happens.  Obviously, food preservation was THE paramount concern in Korean history as so many things are powdered, pickled, or fermented.  I liked how Hong Suk-chun has incorporated canning foods into his approach.  I also thought it was neat how Hong Suk-chun showed how Koreans incorporate and “koreanize”  international foods.  Just like all other countries make international food fit their palates.  Read old U.S. recipes, especially remote rural collections, and you will find many instances of edible plants and meats that people in the U.S. do not remember being part of the American experience.  All that said,  in BF, the various fish parts that are added to almost everything is hard for me as a non Korean to relate to.  Oh, great, look dumplings…in a fish paste sauce. Um, I’ll pass.  I like fish and seafood.  I love fresh fish and seafood.  But I do not want some fermented addition of fish in everything I eat.  When I eat at a Korean restaurant, I have learned to ask if something has any fishy addition.  American do not realize that even many kimchi recipes have fish sauce or oils added, and are thinking, okay pickled spicy veggie of some type, okay, and are then shocked with the decidedly fishy overtones.  I’ll never forget lamenting over a gorgeous Dot Sol Bi Bim Bap rendered unappealing to our American palates due to it reeked and tasted of fish oil from the pickled radish portion.  All kimchi is unique to the maker, and there are different levels of fermentation.  My palate likes fresh cabbage kimchi  or pickled radish, sans fish sauce or dried shrimp additions,  but really aged kimchi is beyond me.  Again, I am not trying to be ethnocentric here, I am both lauding Korean ingenuity and at the same time pointing out the difficulty as an American in relating my palate to the Korean custom of fermenting and pickling and adding fish parts to many things.

Unemployed Romance-quirky fun.

Medical Top Team Epi’s 3 and 4-Medical Top Team is like watching a group of superheros get together.  We have the K-Men, with Dr H leading the helm, a they duck into the locker rooms to change into their scrubs and masks!

Typical med drama, but with two lead males with a ton of charm.  I recalled I’d watched some Kang Sang-woo vehicles when he was younger, I specifically remember My Tutor Friend and Almost Love, so I knew he was attractive, but wow, I did not realize he was so charming an actor.  He’s quite natural and he and the little girl are just feeding off each other, it’s good stuff.   Dr. Seo, they are playing her character close to the vest.  Some quirky fun with supporting characters.  Dr. Han’s hair is right up there with Helmet Hair from Masters Sun, only to be rivaled by Kenickie’s Woo Bin’s hair over on Heirs.  The characters are entertaining, I’m up for another week.

What the hell is going on with Korean men and hair this year?  It’s BAD.

Heirs Epi 3 and 4-These episodes were a bit more cohesive.  I do not like the sageuk in modern times king and his women crap.  There is a reason I do not watch sageuks.  That’s one of them.  Unfortunately, the whole wife, mistress, brothers from different mothers and rivalry and the dad that sits back and lets it all unfold is all too actual real life than any of us care to admit. Doesn’t mean I don’t think Kim Won isn’t a butt munch, but he was allowed to be a butt munch.

I do like that  the show is in no hurry, but that can come back to bite them later when they realize they are going to do absolutely nothing else with secondary and tertiary plot bunnies and let them hop off unresolved as they make the leads go round in angsty circles for the last six episodes, with the prerequisite one episode of flashbacks.

The mom’s are funny.


What awful things they are doing to their children.  Kim Tan’s mother, allowing him to be a a pawn between herself and 2nd wife, and also between Dad and Kim Won.  Sell your jewelry and get a job bitch, and get your kid out of that situation.  Eun-sang’s mother-You sacrifice one child for another, sending the rent money to the slacker adult child, and your minor kid has no home?  NO.

It would be all kinds of awesome if ALL the Mom’s including second wife,  and Rachel’s Mom, ditch the Dad’s and move in together and decide to make raising Kim Tan, Eun-sang and Rachel as  emotionally functional human beings their number one priority.   But considering they themselves are not quite functional that is not going to happen.

I like the reversal of the lead males.  The second lead is the loud mouth jerk, and the lead is the tentative thinker.  The Lee Min Ho soulful gazes are being overworked.  Love him but move the hell on.  The flashes of fire in his soul, when he gets annoyed, ha, more of that.

Woo Bin’s  non existent ass and skinny legs  would make Jang Geun-suk look stocky.  No one should ever call Lee Min Ho’s ass scrawny after seeing those Woo Bin saggy pants.    Totally superficial moment of mean, it will pass.

Eun-Sang:  Cannot say I love her.  At least she stopped being a wretch to her mother, but then again, NOW we can understand why she was so pissy,  Mom tends to let big sis get by with stuff and Eun-sang suffers for it.  I do like that she’s not a total pushover although the mean girl torment hasn’t even started yet.   What she said in the airport to KT, right on sister.

The two rich girls are a total waste of good air.   Obviously Rachel, in her mind, owns KT, but also has a crush on his brother.  Unfortunately neither one of them has a suitable personality for her Paris Hilton pout…enter Young-do, to argue with her and abuse her in a way she secretly wants to become accustomed to, because at least he’s paying attention, right?   They should just start planning on raising the next generation of mean girls and bullies right now.  It was interesting to see Rachel and Kim Won interact and appear mostly human before the demons in them took back control.

The smart boy’s indulgent smiles at Bratty Heir girlfriend’s behavior makes me want to throw up.  By portraying jealous, demanding, egocentric behavior as cute is why girls think they should act like that.

Wishbone necklace?  Yeah, I’d want that.  I don’t care what it symbolizes in what culture, homeboy roll up with that for me, just no, dude.   Let’s see what happens with that, because I have a feeling im Joo-eun’s character is not exactly enamored with Mr. Freeze.

Really intrigued by Kang Haneul’s character.  What’s his deal?  Sickly or druggy or eating disorder or what? I like that Im Joo-eun’s character is not just an in school teacher, but his tutor, makes for more interesting Hot for Teacher situations.    Which will be thwarted by Kim Won.  I hope her character is not a shrinking violet because he needs a swift kick in his Hot Gummy Daddy nads.

Mirae’s Choice-I really do not have a lot to say.  Not feeling Anchor Boy Smoulder Shoulders.  Not really sure if I like Mirae-she’s a bit of a victim, but as future Mirae seems to be a strong personality, there is hope?  Despite the silliness of the clown fish fantasy scene, I did like the message,  that in the right environment Mirae will shine.  Really enjoying Yong-hwa’s portrayal of the heir in hiding.

I think Reply 1994 started up.  Will have to add that to my to do list.

Happy viewing!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Caitlyn Burton
    Oct 19, 2013 @ 19:10:26

    I actually find it quite cute that Chanyoung finds Bo Na amusing. Plus, you totally see that in real life.

    I don’t think Rachel has a crush on Won. I think she used to, but now she just likes his company. They seemed to get along pretty well, I think it’s just two adults knowing each other, rather than Rachel having a crush.

    All of the parents are awful (except for Chanyoung’s dad), they don’t seem to realise that once you have children, you stop being selfish and you start making sure your children get all the love and support that they need to grow up as healthy well adjusted people. And there’ll be no kind of growth for those characters either, they’ll just stay the same. Urgh.


    • randomsoju
      Oct 19, 2013 @ 21:08:01

      Yeah, you see you do see it in real life ALL the time. Guys like it because it feeds their ego, until it doesn’t and then becomes tiresome. usually a couple of kids later lol. A lot of times you see that kind of behavior from women that A) are with men they do not trust, and quite often rightfully so, but they have decided he is ‘the one,’ or b)are controlling women.


      • Caitlyn (@miss_kayti)
        Oct 20, 2013 @ 06:59:23

        I had a friend who dated a girl who wouldn’t let him have single female friends, and kept checking his phone to make sure he wasn’t lying to her. Yeah, took him forever but he finally broke up with her, and now he’s dating a perfectly normal girl who actually lets him have friends, phew. Bo Na reminds me of the ex-gf, except with a character in a drama, I’m much more tolerant of it.


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