The Business of Korean Dramas: Air Time

Reblogging this awesome breakdown of air time changes with networks and Korean dramas and variety shows, and how the advertising business and government (changes) ties into it. Thanks to Lore in Stone Cities for posting this, and with sources listed, that’s awesome. Disclaimer: This reblog has nothing to do with the Siwon content. No really, I mean it. Seriously! Okay, okay, so he’s so not ugly and he totally enhanced the educational content. Just consider the pretty a nice bonus! 😉

Lore In Stone Cities

An itsy bitsy news story has been appearing on Korean Drama and K Pop sites in the last week – “Networks agree to cut air time of dramas and variety shows” is the common headline. So why does this matter? Because it provides another opportunity to use Siwon KOD GIFs to learn about the business side of Korean Drama. Yep, that little news story seems much sweeter after you look at:


Told you. Cheers!

So they are cutting the air time of dramas and varieties – so what?!
Well, obviously you are going to have less time with your favorite shows. The time cut is not significant at first glance, but when you do the math….

For a one hour drama you are losing around 1 ½ episodes per a 20 episode show, which in my opinion can be pretty noticeable (given the sometimes complex nature of plots in…

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