Splitting Heirs

This has English subs.

I will not get to watch the first episodes until Thursday or Friday on account that I have to be a responsible adult and go to work and classes.  Who had the idea to take a grad class on Wed night?  Silly me.

This will be me this semester:


I’d try aegyo with my professor but I do not look like this:


Love or hate the director, writer, cast members, the pink lipstick and way too much foundation on guys, and sink or swim, it appears  Hairs Heirs is generating a lot of heat.    I like Lee Min Ho, he never fails to make me happy in his dramas so far, despite the other failings of the drama, such as in Faith with the production issues.   Kang Haneul jumped on my radar in Too The Beautiful You and really made me like him as an actor in Monstar.  His character tells us high school is hell and Kim Tan is Lucifer in the trailer, will he be exposition guy?  Do we smell a bad boy lurking under the pretense of a good boy, or do we have a Yeorim?  Well high school as hell has not been done,  and done well (Buffy, Veronica Mars) ha,  but  alas, I am still a sucker for it.

I want to know what is going on with Hot Mama, and the ass hat of a brother, Kim Won.  I want to see the Kang Haneul and Im Joo Eun teacher crush thing happen, because with those two actors, wow, if done right, could be bloody awesome.    I want to know why Kim Tan is so broken inside. Dream catcher?  Where you going with this writernim?    Color me intrigued.  We all know this writer does vibrant male characters. but often the female characters, even if created with potential (Secret Garden), often are overshadowed, are reduced in their agency,  negated to fulfill the fem role in a highly patriarchal society,  or just left hanging in character development.    That said, let me temper that  comment with that is not uncommon in dramaland, and not singular to Kim Eun-sook’s writing.   Also, the example I used, Secret Garden, as much as I like Ha Ji-won and think that it’s important that she’s been able to secure a role as the it girl for female action roles, I find her lacking,  she simply was no match for Hyun Bin’s range, especially with the comic aspect of SG.  Then again in contrast, you have City Hall, and Kim Sun-ah rocking the party.   Back to Heirs.

I’m scared that Park Shin Hye already makes me want to trip her, and that Kim Woo Bin makes me think of a snake.  The drama seems much more melo than expected.   Oh dear, birth secrets?    However this pans out,   I feel safe in making the following declarative statement:



That’s me investing in that happy glow one gets when starting a new drama  lol

I have several bottles of soju in the frig,  Nongshim Spicy Gourmet Raymun in the cupboard, and always the makings of some version of mixed rice.  Bring on the angst of being  young, beautiful, wealthy and having problems with the ‘rents.

Happy Viewing!


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Caitlyn Burton
    Oct 08, 2013 @ 16:13:29

    I can’t help it, when I see that stand off at the school, I just think of Boys Over Flowers. Now, are Shin Hye and Minhyuk friends already or do they meet at the school? I thought they were already friends. I’ve decided not to watch the 15 minute teaser and just wait for the first episode.


    • randomsoju
      Oct 08, 2013 @ 23:04:55

      There is going to be little room to get away with BOF comparisons, being rich kids at high school and LMH as the lead. That is why it would have been WAY smarter, as most people have said all along, if it had been set at university, not just because these actors do not look like teens and because of the superficial comparisons. We can say the same with regards to comparisons with School 2013 and Woo Bin, and even Monstar with Kang Haneul, and heck wasn’t that PSH drama Heartstrings at a school? I watched the long trailer, I am now afraid that I don’t even need to watch the first epi. Good call on skipping it.


      • Caitlyn (@miss_kayti)
        Oct 09, 2013 @ 06:14:24

        Heartstrings was set at college, although that actually made that particular show worse because the big production they were doing was more like a high school show than a college show, lol. And they all acted like high school students, pfft


        • randomsoju
          Oct 09, 2013 @ 14:50:16

          pfft is a good description of that drama. Except for the crazy hair guy, he was awesome. You have watched Meteor Rain-Taiwanese F4? That was supposed to be college too, and I kept thinking no way that is college lol, unless its some tiny redneck town 2 year college funded by the local used car salesman!

  2. Caitlyn Burton
    Oct 11, 2013 @ 06:43:11

    Ha ha, maybe Taiwanese college’s are just like that (maybe when I go there next year, I can have a look, lol). I think the issue with Hana Yori Dango being set at college is that… students don’t act like that in college. You wouldn’t have people ganging up on someone because the King of campus told them to, not like you get in high school.


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