This Week in K Drama 10/05/2013

Good Doctor-Wow for all the staring and lip biting, pursing etc., a hug?  That cracked me up.  The Peter Pan thing, cute, and way to tip your hat at your influences for the show dramamakers.  The boy that did not want to grow up.   I like the Si On character, but I am a little concerned  portraying that autism is somehow “changable” is a little off.  I am no expert though.  If the little girl lives, they need to all chip in and send her to uni and med school for Psychology so she can be an official, and paid, love guru.

Masters Sun 15 and 16 (Final)

I have spoke a lot on my issues and likes and dislikes on previous posts. Anyone that’s read anything I’ve wrote knows I think Helmet Hair was too close to Dokko Jin, and that the romance was simply too teenage for the actors maturity and all of the innuendo.  (The ice cream scene is priceless, and with the second lead, so that should have been a foreshadowing on how little they were going to allow in the romance department of the leads).  I will say that while I was never crazy about the over all product or the main romance, I do like a lot of the characters as one offs, and a lot of the layers in the dramas, the imagery, allusion, metaphor,  the use of color (pay attention to what who is wearing when), etc., etc.  I liked that both female leads owned their sexuality, well, until the last episode with Taeyang, seriously, she’s going to cross her arms over her chest in the last epi?  Can you hear me rolling my eyes?  That the Hong Sisters like shamanism is fairly evident. But they do some interesting things with religion in their shows, and I think that is one reason I say, okay, I’m going to see what happens in their latest show, even though I never love the full product. (except BIG, which I really liked and could have lived with the loose ends except they had to go with the ending that shall not be named) I mean, really, You’re Beautiful was a huge giant pun about idol worship.   In Master’s Sun, the futility of organized religion was pretty in your face, hard to miss, with the nightgown, all of the various religious icons in Taeyang’s apartment, not to mention the giant church looming in the background of her apartment, and all of it doing absolutely no good for Taeyang’s problem.  Then there was Helmet Hair surveying his opponent from his “kingdom” with his telescope.  Gives a whole new meaning to having your own personal Jesus, and hey look, she was fine when she stood on her own two feet as well.   Love layers.  That’s the happy making stuff in film and tv.    Ultimately, I never loved it as a whole, and should have known better to invest when I did not like the male lead character.  I need to get better at calling it a day earlier in the game, no matter how many episodes deep I am into a drama.

I checked out the first epi of Unemployed Romance.  It was fluffy good fun.


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