Fall Korean Drama Viewing-What will be on your Screen?

The Fall up and comers are lining up and many look appealing.   But if I have learned ONE thing from watching Korean dramas and movies:  NEVER judge it by its cover.  If you do, you’ll end up watching something you think is a comedy and suddenly someone gets whacked or has an incurable disease.   Let’s take for example, the not too long in the past I Hear Your Voice.  Anyone remember the initial premise?   -Lee Bo-young as a lawyer partnered with a cynical cop that take on unsolvable cases,  with the aid of a teen that can read minds.   –  So, not EXACTLY what happened, eh?

In other words, if you are squeeing over Heirs, be prepared to go wtf?  And if you are nay-saying and criticizing Heirs, be prepared to start squeeing.

Korean dramas, despite the overwhelming oh no,  not again feeling of the tired tropes, always have you tip toeing in and checking around corners.

Let’s be real, 2013, while offering some good products over the year, has been a bit of a dry year.  Happy making offerings have been doled out sparingly.  I really have not watched a lot of dramas this year, and generally it’s not been because I have been conflicted between two or more simultaneously airing shows.   Maybe I am also getting to be more selective, and a part of that is I have to manage my time, and I just value my time also, and I am just more cautious where I throw my favor. Upcoming shows include:

Reply 1994
Mirae’s Choice
The Heirs
Medical Top Team
Ghost Detective
Unemployed Romance

I’m committing to starting The Heirs.

The others, I really like the idea of Mirae’s Choice and Unemployed Romance.  Unemployed Romance is only 10 episodes.  Ghost Detective is only 10 episodes also.  I did not put any longer running shows on the list because I typically do not watch them,  but I’m adding Golden Rainbow to my maybe to do list, especially if we get an official confirm that Jung Il Woo is on board.

I’m not committing to anything else yet though.   My drama viewing, or lack there of, for OCT-NOV will be determined on how the rest of my semester goes.  I do have a ton of course work on my plate, and a prof or two that refuses to help a student plan a semester by keeping their assignments on the covert side,  and dropping 3000 word paper bombs.

I may eventually check out all on that list, but not during the actually on air runs.

Also we know that Man from the Stars is another one that sounds promising that will air after The Heirs wraps up in December.

What’s on your viewing menu for October – December?   Anything on the T Drama or J Drama side that looks promising?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Caitlyn Burton
    Oct 05, 2013 @ 10:42:53

    I’m watching 5 on that list. The only ones I won’t be watching are Medical Top Team and Ghost Detective; they’re both genres I’m just not interested in. I’m really looking forward to Unemployed Romance because it looks like it’ll be nice and quick and fun. I’d forgotten all about Golden Rainbow! I do like the idea of 7 orphans forming a family, it sounds like it’ll be quite sweet. But it’s a weekend drama, so it’s probably going to be 50 episodes or more, which turns me off it a bit. That one will have to wait and see.

    I have no idea what’s happening in Japan or Taiwan, lol. If you find out, let me know. I need a Japanese drama to add to my season.


    • randomsoju
      Oct 05, 2013 @ 19:50:55

      I took a dinner break from writing a paper and put on the first epi of Unemployed Romance, pretty cute! Golden Rainbow-I also do not generally watch longer shows. But gees, the premise, Bad Daddy from City Hunter, UEE, and possibly Jung Il Woo—JIL will be the clincher for me. T Drama-I hear their is an upcoming Ady An and Mike He drama. That could be…hot.


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