Coastal Impressions (Part 5 of 5)

317153_10150412490461667_1290888934_nSandbridge, VA

It has been a while since I posted Part 4.  You can find the other 4 post here.

I am a Tidewater native.  As a teenager, a song by The Outlaws caught my notice.  The song has nothing to do with coastal life, really.  However, some bits of the lyrics of “Green Grass and High Tides Forever”  put words to thoughts, memories about my childhood summers, growing up around beautiful green grassy marshes.   That lyric punctuated part of that life, of those that live on the rhythm of the tides in coastal communities.  I have learned over the years that coastal life is an intrinsic part of me.  When I need peace, or solace, or when I am happy, I turn to the waterfront.   Any travel I dream of, I go to the coast, I go to the sea.  As a young woman, my dream was to take a summer and drive along the coast, stopping at will wherever something took my fancy, until I reached the Florida Keys.  Life intervened; a childhood dream became a memory.  My daughter and I, when we have had a moment to break from life, we visited other coastal communities, usually tied to lighthouse “quests.”  It is something we found to do together that feeds both of our souls.  Those quests are less frequent now as life directs us on different paths.  But, maybe, one day, I will fulfill that youthful dream, not over one summer, but over a lifetime of experiences, “in a place you only dream of, where your soul is always free.”

bodie islandBodie Island, NC

58791_465715636666_3339082_nOcean View, VA

268805_10150316344501667_2813020_nTybee Island, GA

283850_10150316344376667_3144238_nHilton Head, SC


Currituck Lighthouse, Corolla, NC


Sandbridge, looking towards Virginia Beach, VA

This is the part where I say the photos on this page are actually mine.


Hatteras Lighthouse, NC


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