This Week in K Drama 09/26/2013


We all know that this Spock look is intentional, right?

Good Doctor-A lot of stuff happened and nothing happened.  It’s looking like the show might avoid the tired love triangle trope, and let Dr. TEN’s somewhat flirtation with Dr. Cha fizzle away and have him and Hospital Heiress renew their affection.  I’m hoping this continues.  I am totally down for diversion of boring tropes.  Not to mention, having him “cheat” (I use that loosely in the context of continuing his engagement, but falling for and pursuing someone else) on his fiance really would push his character over the line: it’s one thing for him to be the the arrogant doctor, or the strict uptight guy.  Si On and Dr. Cha can still hero worship him for his work ethic and skills.  But when you turn him into a cheater, that makes him fallible which is okay in character development, but not in the context of the role he is fulfilling in the drama.

Master’s Sun Episode 14 and 15-The Little Mermaid with ghosts, that is all you’ve got?  Bored now.  This show should be fresh, but it is not.  This show hands out the enjoyable in too many bits and pieces, I am just not loving the whole experience.   Thank goodness they anted up with new information to keep me interested, so now we will get some info. on what happened to Taeyang, and we get to see some layers in the Chinese Ghost Matchmaker,  who became a live people matchmaker lol, which is nice to subvert her from cartoon-like almost villainy.  The twins mystery is wrapped-and who did not see this coming early on, nothing to see here.  So what we have left is the wrap on Taeyang’s mystery,  the coffee guy in connection with the alien looking guy that can see ghosts too…maybe he’s a dead guy borrowing someones body?  Did he do a dealio like Taeyang did for Helmet Hair to get Taeyang back in her body?  is he really an alien and was Taeyang probed?  Ha.   With the lost in the mountain’s and the 3 year power nap,  not sure if Taeyang is Rip Van Winkley or we need to consult Fox Mulder.  Not to mention Joo-woong’s totally Spock channeling in Epi 15.  It’s got a bit late in the game to see any heat off of Lil Sun and Candy Kang, but that would be good to see to wrap this drama.  Anything else?  Oh yeah, the eunni and cheap mouth connection, and possibly Kandy Kang’s connection to Pimp Daddy?  The best thing about this drama is the nicknames, whether theirs or mine.

HAIRS Heirs-Park Shin Hye character appears way too coiffed and coutured a girl to be a poor girl in the sneak peeks.  By the time Heirs airs, we will have seen the entire drama unfold in blog posts.  Just saying.  I see a lot of squeeing that the casting is so awesome because LMH and Choi Jin Hyuk really look like brothers….but no one is mentioning the heavy make up used to make that happen lol.    I try not to say anything about other peoples crushes, too much, other than saying, hey, not my cup of tea.  But all the squeeing and the fact that I am going to have to deal with this guy through the Heirs run and the fangurl whining that he’s not in it enough is already making me want to pre game self medicate before Heirs even starts.  Okay here it goes.  Kim Woo Bin gives me mad wiggins.  I know he’s very popular, but he just does absolutely nothing for me.  I actually find him offputting.  I think his acting is okay, but I can only take so much of him.  He’s one of the reason I am not that big a fan of School 2013.  (I have other issues with that show  too)  And his hair for Heirs does not help.  He screams used car salesman.  Or creeper.  Okay,  both.

Does anyone else wonder are “they” blowing the entire Heirs budget in Cali and the rest will be filmed in three rooms on a set in Korea?


I love me some Lee Min-ho.  I thought I might need to explain just in case no one has figured that out yet. 😉  I think Choi Jin Hyuk is hot.  But you know what I am interested in at first glance on this drama?  Kang Ha-neul’s character crushing on Im friggin Soo-eun’s character.  And it doesn’t suck that Kim Sung-ryung (one hot mama) is in it, and also Kim Mi-Kyung (Lady Choi from Faith/Aunt from Master’s Sun).

It sucks that I’m kind of getting stoked on this drama and I’m getting ready to wade deep into mid semester and shit get’s real on campus.

Putting on to do list: Post on Communist sleeper agents as metaphor:  Homoeroticism and coming out in Covertly, Grandly.  Just the title is a clue, hello.


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  1. Caitlyn
    Sep 27, 2013 @ 08:51:48

    I’d totally forgotten about Kang Woo and Joong Won’s dad, lol. I don’t think that will be explained, it seems that it’s just gone out the window. And you know, I’ve never really thought of Gong Shil’s ability to see ghosts as something that needs to be solved. It’s just something that she can do. We know it’s because she was a ghost for 3 years, and I don’t think there’s anything more to explain. Of course, next week might prove me wrong, lol

    Heirs budget: yes.


    • randomsoju
      Oct 01, 2013 @ 23:27:10

      @Caitlyn, I totally thought I replied to this before! argh! I don’t think it needs to be explained either…if they set it up like that. But Taeyang mentions on occasion throughout the run of the drama why is she like that, and that she cannot remember what happened to her. So that is why i listed it in the items to wrap up.


  2. JJ
    Sep 30, 2013 @ 22:50:23

    I came across this page in a search for the night gown from Master’s Sun to show a non-kdrama fan how funny it was. I read a couple of your posts and you’re such a negative person in the few posts I’ve read. Cheer up, buttercup! Dramas are supposed to be fun. If they aren’t, you either aren’t doing it right, or need to switch to a more high-brow type of drama. Either way, reading your posts is like a “What sucky thing did dramas do that we can talk about today?”. It occurs to me, that that may be what you’re going for here, and to each their own. Just thought I’d throw in an outsider’s perspective.



    • randomsoju
      Oct 01, 2013 @ 18:14:14

      @ JJ-Bless your heart! You are just a sweet little Suzy Sunshine aren’t you? Look at you, worrying about some strangers’ blog content and why or why they aren’t happy with dramas right now! Would you like to discuss specific content in a post that you have opinion about? I’d be happy to discuss a specific drama or episode with you. The great thing about having ones own blog is being able to post personal opinion. It’s like the decor in one’s home, or the food one serves at a dinner party, it’s ones personal taste. And just as it’s bad manners to visit someones home and tell them you don’t like their decor, or their food, it is poor net etiquette to visit someones personal blog and tell them you do not like the content, style, their personal taste. But, now, I’m sure you were just trying to be helpful, bless your heart! It was really nice of you to stop by, y’all have a good night and enjoy your drama viewing.


      • JJ
        Oct 02, 2013 @ 18:47:15

        Do forgive me, won’t you? I find that I am not narcissistic enough to keep a blog, nor do I frequent them often, so I apologize for not knowing what proper form was for blogs. Here, I’ve been living my Internet life under the supposition that “don’t feed the trolls” was the only Internet rule. And dang it, wouldn’t you know the last time I went over to my coworker’s apartment, I completely called her out on mismatched vases in the foyer. But thanks ever so much for the saccharine-dripping lesson in etiquette! I’ve learned so much! Now, I just have to remember to spend what free time I have pointing out all of the awful things about dramas instead of celebrating the great things, and I will be halfway to having a blog myself 😉

        I’d likewise tell you to enjoy your drama viewing, but I’m not quite sure you’re capable of that. Carry on, negative Nancy. Carry on.


        • randomsoju
          Oct 02, 2013 @ 23:33:40

          @JJ- Gloves off then. I was responding in kind to YOUR NEGATIVE comments thinly veiled as a motivational cheer-leading. I have no problem with someone commenting with a different opinion or other perspective of actual content about a drama or point of topic in a post. I however do have a problem with someone coming on a personal blog and saying oh, wow, I don’t like the way you do things on your blog. If I choose sometimes to be critical instead of squeeing mindlessly, that is MY prerogative on MY blog. I actually think about what is good and not good about a drama, I know what I like and do not like, and sometimes I post my thoughts, positive AND negative. Based on your comments I could say that it appears that YOU spend your time reading drama blogs and making negative comments to the blogger. You feel I present a negative image, I feel the same about you. Thus, you might want to take a look in the mirror before referring to someone else as a negative Nancy.

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