A Kiss is A Kiss or is It? Version 2


Goong had a lot of not so good about it, but what it did have was a couple of awesome kissing scenes, with teen age characters.  Gasp.  This is probably not going to happen in a teen drama in 2013.  Or a mature adult drama either the way things seem to be going.  The mouth breathing in Monstar was the hottest thing I’ve seen in ages.

This is a repost with a few tweaks.   The reason I am reposting is because all of the comments I am seeing about Heirs, and The Park Shin Hye Factor.    I talk about the PSH Factor in this post.  And I  am just annoyed by the constant crits that people make blaming actors and actresses, usually the actresses, for the type of kissing scenes in dramas.  And the expectations that Heirs should have some sexy heat, when the damn show is targeted at TEENS.  In Korea 2013.  Not happening.  (And Drama Gods please feel free to prove me wrong, I am totally okay with that)  Just plan to enjoy the pretty, okay?

Maybe I am just letting silly things get to me.

Seriously, do people really think that every actress wants to do bug eyed lip presses?


So, back to the post:

A good lead couple kiss is a big huge deal for the Korean Drama viewer.  Physical contact is a big deal in K drama, and a good kiss is a large part of the viewing experience for a K drama addict.  Sometimes it is a declaration of romantic interest, and sometimes it is the culmination of the show, the finale, The End, the happy every after  or happy as we can be, when a show actually shoots for some realism haha.  A romantic couple kiss is never a sure thing.  There is nothing like the moment of resignation when you realize THAT moment is never ever going to happen. *Fierce glare at Pasta*

I am not going to cover all the K drama kisses or lack thereof in dramas.  Rather, I am here to talk about an interesting phenomenon I have noticed from comments to Korean Drama discussion threads.  Many posters seem to blame the actors for the chaste kisses and lack of sexuality or physical contact between the characters during the drama.  I find this assignation of blame quite bizarre and uninformed.  Much of this finger pointing is directed at the actress.  Seriously, this happens, some people think the cast gets to choose what gets on the air!

First, there are cultural mores, which inform the script, producer, director, and the lovely Korean Bureau of Censoring Things.  Seriously people, the government is all over sexual content on television.   What is allowed on air is generally conservative.  The LAST person that has a say is the actor, especially regarding sexual content that airs on public television.  Actors filming a kissing scene can open mouth kiss all they want but that does not mean it is going to make it on screen.


Whoa, calm down there big fella.

Yes, so this MIGHT be a bit too much even for me.

I’m pretty sure this could only get aired on cable today.

Boys Over Flowers (BOF) is a good example.  If you read blogs and comments on boards about BOF, many people criticize the kissing scenes, and blame the cast members.  However, an interview with the director revealed that the highway kiss was supposedly filmed as rather involved and passionate, but the director cut it to a rather short chaste scene.  The target audience was a teen audience, and the decision was to keep any romantic scenes rather chaste.  In behind the scenes footage (easily found on you tube if you are interested) filming  the snow cabin scene, showing soft slightly open relaxed lip kisses,  the director stops the scene because Lee Min Ho was opening his mouth too much for the directors’  liking, and they have to do another take.  The aired scene is a lip press.  As much as I wish I could direct you to the interview to read, I had no luck in searching it for documentation.  Feel free to google, I am not exactly publishing in a peer-reviewed journal here so I am not searching for hours on end.

Second, some actors/actresses seem to perpetually choose, or be assigned (because hey, the Korean entertainment industry appears to have rather, um, controlling, entertainment agencies and who knows what the actors are told to do), roles that will not call for any heat.  A specific example of this is the Park Shin Hye Factor.   She is cute as the dickens and fun to watch, but I groan when she is cast in a drama because I know it is going to be a perfect waste of a lovely actor’s luscious lips.  The drama will be cute, but it will not be hot. There is NO heat, none, zippo.    But, have you seen her model?  Photo shoots? Her tv image and her model image is just a tad schizo if you ask me.



pshljsShe’s been in a kiss embrace on a drama and this fresh off the farm thing is still more heated

For example

 ImageNot.  Hot. At. All.

flbnd2Yeah,  so, THIS behind the scenes  still is way hotter than anything that made it on screen

I am not down playing that chemistry between cast members certainly enhances the making of a drama.  Sometimes it is between the leads, and sometimes it is with other cast members.  Coffee Prince had an outstanding over all chemistry among the cast; everything just gelled on screen for that drama.  This is a rare thing.  In I Hear Your Voice, Lee Jong Seok and Lee Bo Young have some comfort level, not necessarily sexual, but just comfortable association, between them that is palatable and adds to the drama.  I am however arguing against some viewers tendency to blame actors/actresses for the dreaded bug eyed lip press kiss.  I mean,  really,  the comments you see on fan pages about the actress being shy, to not wanting to look like she’s easy, to that she must not like the actor,  to that the actor/actress has no on screen sexuality and cannot generate any sexual chemistry,  may possibly cause me to have a seizure one day from all the eye rolling that ensues.  These actors/actresses are paid professionals.  Paid, professional, liars.  If they were directed to kiss more passionately, they would comply.  Thus, the kissing scene = the actors are simply following direction.

That is why sometimes we get THIS:


And other times (the GOOD TIMES) we get THIS:


The only thing scarier in being a k drama lover than people thinking that these actors get to choose what airs is the people that think the lead couple is, or should be,  a couple in real life.   Yes seriously, that happens and it wigs me out.  Get a friggin grip here, dramas are a JOB.  Yeah, sometimes actors hook up, it happens, but just because people kiss on TV doesn’t mean they have to get married, SHEESH.  Okay, okay, so maybe the people that write fan fiction about the actors (not the characters, but the REAL people) are scarier.

That is my rant for today.


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  1. Caitlyn
    Sep 25, 2013 @ 05:44:05

    Yep, took the words right out of my mouth. Actually, I would give serious props to Park Shin Hye if she had enough clout to tell the Director how she was going to film something, lol


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