Monday Memes-Ode to Lee Min-ho


In anticipation of Heirs  kicking off in October, and with a fervent hope it does not suck, and to add to the plethora of spam posts about Heirs and Lee Min-ho, just because, well, I can spam post too.  😉     Okay, you got me, it’s not really an ode as much as it was an excuse to procrastinate on doing coursework and look at LMH photos.   Yeah, and I quickly realized this could get way out of control so I had to limit myself.  BOO.

Oh, Min-ho, how we love thee, let me count the body parts, haute couture, hairstyles, ways…

Thy smoochie boochie divine

hot  lmh6

Pouty mouth


Delightful dimple


Infectious Laughy Face


hanging out with a baby?   (Warning!  Ladies,  activate your ovary shield!)


I may have possibly created this post simply for that gif alone.

Okay haven’t even talked about the hair or legs or hands,  and only so many hours in the day, so we are just going to skip ahead,

to other stuff…

The, uh, yeah…, don’t even know what to say here

lmh13    morroe



At the airport (anyone ever notice he kind of has a wardrobe “style” for travel and public appearances based on what project he is working on?)  Alrighty, so that sentence told me I spent WAY to much time looking at photos and  I am crossing the line on the level of fan status I prefer to occupy.

leemin hotAnyone else trying to get used to the shorter hair and the fierce eyebrows?

The odd and goofy


squidI’m not up on my octopus and squid differences but hey, proof positive the man can wear anything and look  awesome.  (okay so Heirs ugly sweaters did him in.)

Lee Min-ho, did you stumble across the palace herb garden in between scenes?


In a suit


Must  stop! I’m cutting myself off!   That is all!

Okay, ONE  more,  in a wetsuit from Heirs shoot in CA.  Who would put those words together?  And I am okay with that.

leeminhosurfsuit. miumiu1120  via Iloveleeminho

Yeah, so it’s time to admit my shoulders fetish between my, er, thoughts, about LMH, Yoochun,  and Lee Jong Seok.

7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Caitlyn
    Sep 23, 2013 @ 23:58:12

    What is with that octopus one? lol. That baby gif is worth this entire post alone! Minho is good looking when he’s being all serious and City Hunter-ish, but when he smiles or is just being generally adorable, he totally slays me.

    I want to save all of these photos (particularly Minho in the mud) and just have them running on a continuous slideshow.


    • randomsoju
      Sep 24, 2013 @ 02:15:18

      I THINK its a commercial, but its definitely off the wall lol. That mud shot from City Hunter filming is one of my favorite LMH photos ever. I have another one somewhere where he is dressed as Buchai and is laughing that is another favorite.


  2. Divyrus
    Mar 01, 2014 @ 02:35:06

    I got so disappointed with heirs that I was cursing Lee min ho to myself for sometime but one random old photo shoot brought the entire addiction back !
    I love your post !!! 😀


  3. Christina Rauh Fishburne
    Mar 13, 2014 @ 12:08:15

    I should have given him up for Lent.


    • randomsoju
      Mar 13, 2014 @ 23:54:17

      Ha ha! Good one!


      • Christina Rauh Fishburne
        Mar 14, 2014 @ 23:43:23

        no really. But thank you so much for this blog! I’ve only recently discovered K Drama and am hesitant to venture out without Lee Min-Ho. I’m grateful for all the reviews 🙂 Next up is Feast of the Gods.


        • randomsoju
          Mar 15, 2014 @ 00:00:05

          Glad it is helpful! Check out the links page for some other website and resources, which can lead to other resources lol. Dramabeans has a really good ratings page on their website and their recaps of dramas are super helpful for newbies. I’m not sure Koala’s Playground is on my links list but I understand that site is another good source for recaps. It sounds weird to read recaps of episodes you watch, but as you are learning another culture good recaps give you insight to stuff that does not translate, such as puns or inside jokes or pop culture references.

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